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  1. Usually, I would have agreed with this but sadly can't as the boy's form has dropped off a cliff to the extent that many of the fans of a below average Hibernian regard him as the worst signing in many a year. As a follower of Scotland Under 21's I can also say that Scott having begun the current campaign is now entirely off the selection radar. Many people have theories on why his profile has diminished. But as a prospect to improve our team? Sadly, not for me.
  2. Motherwell Twitter has KVV and Tierney on the bench. BBC page doesn't? Strange.
  3. How to win friends and influence people has never been your strong point has it? Instead, your arrogance leaves you looking a bit silly. Why not just accept people can have a different point of view to yours without putting them down. Try it . You don't rate O'Hara. That's fine but for me ( in my humble opinion) I feel he is more than able to play on the left of a midfield 3 alongside ' roadtested' Donnelly and Slattery. As for Cornelius he will I suspect be someone we can count on next season and beyond but for the next 2 games I feel we will need stronger and more experienced alternatives. Just my opinion.
  4. From a very reliable source I hear SOD's injury is not as bad as first feared and that he has targeted the United game for his return. If however his recovery slows it may be that the County game is more realistic. Time will tell.
  5. No need for me to state the obvious that we are very poor at the moment and that skillful we aint. It is what it is. But regardless of this we find ourselves incredibly with a good chance of Euro footie. Because of this and the benefits to the club this would bring i.e finance, prestige and ability to attract players , I feel the club has to give itself the best possible chance in the upcoming games ( particularly Utd and County). Therefore, and in the absence of high skill levels, I feel we need to draw on experience , maturity and old fashioned dog eat dog determination. For me therefore ,starting Saturday, the likes of Cornelius, Goss, Efford and despite his recent improvement Tierney should be nowhere near the starting 11. Instead , we need a midfield 3 of Slattery, Donnelly and O' Hara and a forward 3 of Woolery, Shields and ( hopefully fit) Roberts. Hearing that SOD might be back for Saturday and SSJ too this is a team which would be able to physically impose itself on what is a youngish Utd. Yes, a team certainly not awash with skill but instead has the capacity to get in the trenches. That is all we have and it may be enough .
  6. livivoice

    Frank Connor

    Sad to report that Frank has passed away. Fans of a certain age will remember him as Jock Wallace's assistant back in the day.
  7. Didn't Brian Mc Laughlin get sent off after some ' underhand' behaviour by a certain Gordon Strachan?
  8. Of our starting 11 last night there was only 1 Scot ( Kelly). Is this the first time this has ever happened ? Also has there been a time when we've had no Scots starting? Regardless , it's a sign of the times and totally different from when I started watching us back in the day
  9. I agree with a lot you say but a bit of credit is due Goodwin who said it would have been a travesty if his team had won last night. Other managers , including GA, are not often as fair minded.
  10. Re Lamie/ Sondre chat this is as good a discussion as I've read for a while on this site. As a contribution and from a very informed source at the club who I trust, the simple explanation is that GA does not rate Lamie . Remember GA did not sign Lamie . Therefore the Lamie/ Sondre debate is I feel pretty academic. Same source claims that GA wished to punt Watt last summer and that despite TW's greatly improved form their ' frosty' relationship ensured Watt's departure. As for Kelly's booking yesterday I think this was because he threw the ball away.
  11. To be fair Bevis was clearly hobbling at the end of the County match.
  12. And of course it would have been 7 if Vigurs had made it
  13. Sorry to disagree re Barry on loan at QOS. After an encouraging start as CH he was quickly sidelined when found wanting. This was all the more significant as QOS were desperately trying to avoid relegation . They clearly didn't see him as part of their plans . Presently though as a midfielder I see steady improvement and last night he certainly wasn't the poorest performer.
  14. Different takes on international situation. I certainly go with the First Minister of Wales who is clear in his view that it is the Westminster government that is the " outlier" when compared to other countries ( including Scotland). He adds that Johnson as seen by his disregard of the advice of scientists and medical experts who advocate the retention or increase in restrictions does not regard the health of English people as his priority but rather keeping his backbenchers happy . The next few days should be interesting.
  15. Al B argues his case well but I'd suggest we all look at the comments of the Welsh First Minister who hits the nail on the head regarding the buffoon that is Johnson and his acknowledgement that Wales as with Scotland have got it about right

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