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  1. Of all the question marks about our set up last night the main one for me is why the manager in Gallagher's absence played Mugabi--- a player who had repeatedly shown an inability to perform at premier League level. Instead imho he could easily have played Donnelly ( who he recruited as a central defender) alongside Hartley with O' Hara taking Donnelly's place in midfield. Donnelly and O'Hara's second half performances justify this view I feel. On a separate point and as part mitigation for Hartley's showing, I feel he had to spend a fair bulk of the first half ' nursemaiding' Mugabi--- rather than concentrating on his own game. Will be a real test of Robinson and the team to recover from last night. Fingers crossed.
  2. If Dec doesn't make it I would put Donnelly in his place and O'Hara to come into midfield. Rather this than Bevis who remains unconvincing.
  3. Also Katic's goal at FP + last Saturday at Livi 's goal when he looked as if he had his boots in cement. He'll no dae!
  4. Desperately trying to take something from today I would say that every team each season has a stinker. Today was ours. Also important to remember that we are 3 rd in the league and that the teams around us in the league ( other than Aberdeen) didn't eat into our points. Dust ourselves down and learn.
  5. I'm aware a few 'Well fans are thinking this will be straightforward. Word of caution. Accies will deploy same tactics that saw them unluckily lose recently at Celtic Park. We will I feel have to be very patient and be prepared to go deep into the match before securing victory. Can see a 1-0 victory for us which will send us all happy into the break.
  6. Some chat going the rounds in Dingwall last night points towards a Jamie Murphy return on loan.
  7. Sorry for confusion over the date. Alcohol already having an effect.
  8. Spoke with a Livi mate of mine who watched his team beat County 4-0. He said County were abject only managing 1 shot on goal. He believes Motherwell will destroy County. Appreciate that every game is different and yes County may have some of their ill players back but any confidence boost is always welcome. Plus we have a score to settle from earlier in the season when we lost a game we should have won. Pretty sure Carrol won't have forgotten the particular County player who feigned injury resulting in his sending off!!!!
  9. Wee shout out for O'Hara. Yesterday he looked fairly composed throughout and won the free kick from which we scored. Can see him replacing the injured Donnelly on Thursday with Polworth returning to his usual beat.
  10. Like every other fan I really want Mugabi to be a roaring success . Also IMHO I feel he gives us 100% every game. But I remain to be convinced about him . What I see is repeated poor positioning, wasteful when in possession and an overall uncertainty in his play. Add to that of the 2 set pieces leading to goals we have conceded against Rangers this season he has been mainly responsible. Also feel he was lucky not to have conceded a penalty for scrambling all over Morelos yesterday. What I can't get my head around is why he is being favoured over Hartley who by the very fact is on the bench has to be fit. Now, I ain't suggesting Hartley is Maldini but what he offers is sound reading of the game and a reliability which to my eyes breeds confidence throughout the team . He also doesn't require Gallagher to look out for him ( as is the case with Mugabi). Yup, at end of the day Robinson knows more about the game than I could ever hope to know. I'm just puzzled.
  11. Noticed in Saint Mirren programme last night that he is " being linked with a move to England in the forthcoming January transfer window". Have I missed something?
  12. As the disappointment of Saturday begins to ease I think there is a big learning point to take. If Motherwell are to be taken seriously as a top 6 side ( moreso top 4) we have to see off a Ross County type team which for large parts of Saturday sat in and frustrated us. We can I feel expect a similar challenge when St Mirren visit next whereas as against the Perth Saints we may have a more comfortable match deploying a countering formation. Just saying like.
  13. Often said that people can watch same game and have different conclusions. For example I felt we bossed the game for most parts and it was only through our mistakes that we lost. I really don't get the view that County changed the flow of the game through some sophisticated change in plan. C' mon they are 0-1 down and have to change. Even then they hardly had us under the cosh!! Instead I felt we were confident in seeing the game out but for 2 terrible errors as in not closing down the County player for first and O'Hara making a pig's ear of second. 2 very preventable goals. As for Carroll he made the referee's decision easy. As for subs I'll give Robbo the benefit of doubt. Certainly the Tait sub made sense on basis of 1 point better than nought. All in all I left game with view that we will play worse and win. As for County they must have travelled north in a state of disbelief that they won. Onto Perth with a few lessons learnt.
  14. DT now off crutches and walking pretty freely albeit knee heavily bandaged.
  15. Seem to remember Grimmy and Hartley being signed deep into August 2017. Aldred too came in late in August last year. Further back I think Bowman was signed just before the window ' slammed shut'. He was of course a Mc Ghee signing. Sure there are more but can't be ersed checking back.

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