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  1. Just missed seeing him play for us. From what I have been told he was a very highly regarded player in a brilliant team. Rest in peace sir.
  2. As with you Andy P I attended the Livi game and from these eyes there was little doubt that for application, determination and a nose for goal Louis was far in away the brighter prospect. Add to this was his modesty in not asking to be the number 9. Fletcher meanwhile let his mouth run ahead of him insisting on being the number 9 . Rest was history.
  3. According to BBC Northern Ireland it seems Baraclough is the front runner for NI post with terms being finalised. Here's hoping.
  4. O'Hara based on his second half of season performances is an excellent signing. Complements Polworth and Campbell really well and I suspectTurnbull until the time the great one leaves. I do believe though that with the amount of signings we are making( and with more to come) MFC are expecting a big fee from Celtic for DT before the transfer window closes. Also feel that with O'Hara joining ( + Mc Ginley) this perhaps increases the chances of SR staying. Whatever, we are looking good for the new season.
  5. With this stream of Livi players making their way to FP I'm beginning to feel like I'm the MFC mole here in Livingston!! Watching him at Livi over a few seasons Big Dec has not surprised me in the least how well he has done for us. Next season I can see him getting better, boosted in no small way by the increased confidence he'll get from his involvement in the Scottish squad. As for Lamie, whilst not at Dec's level I do feel with a fair wind and a bit of luck he could be a useful member of squad. On the upside I refreshed my memory by watching the highlights of Livi's 2-0 win over Celtic from last season. Lamie ( without the departed Dec and Halkett) was solid , unhurried and impressive. Grounds for encouragement. Anyway , turning to White . When at the Macaroni he proved to be a decent enough striker who linked up well with others. Wouldn't describe him as pacey or lethal in the box but he will provide us with a different option. At his best he could near ( but not reach) Chris Porter levels. Whereas if he struggles -- not that I think he will-- he could replicate a recent signing from ICT namely Alex Fisher. Now where did I leave that file on Stevie Lawless??
  6. Calm doon pal with the Mc Kinnon comparisons. Living in Livingston I've seen Lamie on a number of occasions. He is useful , pretty rugged and will give his all but take my word he aint special. Can see him as a decent back up to Dec and Donnelly who I see as a centre back next season. LB will be taken by Carroll and perhaps Dunne. Mc Kinnon was on a different level. Will back Lamie all the way and fingers crossed it works out for him . But let's be realistic and not set the bar too high for him.
  7. Seem to remember his last game for us against Celtic when he picked up an eye injury after being hit in the face with the ball . This lack of luck seemed to curse him at FP. When let go I truly felt with a few breaks here and there he might have made it with us. Truly tragic. R.I.P.
  8. In of all places East Berlin in 1977 when Scotland played DDR I met Archie Mc Person and Jim Reynolds of the Herald. Explaining that I was a ' Well fan both without any prompting said to me that Motherwell would never had won the semi against Rangers regardless of being 2-0 up!!!!This was confirmed some years later by the late Bob Crampsey. Interesting also that Bobby Watson a year after he signed for us stated his surprise that decisions which previously went Rangers way when he played for them now no longer applied when he played for us. Make of this what you will.
  9. livivoice

    Paul Lambert

    On Sportsound today giving his top 11. Although not included in his 11 it was nice to hear him name checking Jamie Dolan and Rab Mc Kinnon who he said had a " wand of a left foot". Totally agree. Also good to see that he included Gary Mc Allister in his 11. Modesty prevented him including himself. He was a grand player for us who improved further later on.
  10. Wee thought . Perhaps a further benefit of this site. If any of our fans are struggling to get supplies in during this crisis I wonder if others could help. I'm in Livingston and would be happy to assist as far as possible. Just pm me and I'll get back .
  11. Some points; Perhaps it was not your intention but you give the impression that the ' fans' only spouted 'Sieg Heil' not in its offensive context but due to some nuanced philosophical standpoint on the term's origins. Who is kidding who? As witnessed and heard by me and mates it was a sizeable group both inside and outside the ground. Fact. As to the club appreciating their support I think it's fair to say that some doubt has to be cast on this when we look at the club's position on inclusion ( family club) and us being a signatory to the SPFL's position on Unacceptable Conduct. Moreso as the club would be at serious risk of being brought to book. Finally, I attended the Hearts game in the company of a few guys of the Jewish faith. To say they were pissed off with these 'fans' is an understatement as is their anger with your apparent rationalisation of Sieg Heil crys from this group. Would have been interesting to see you justify your post to them!! MFC have now lost my mates potential support despite my efforts to persuade them to give it another try. This is really sad as they were drawn to the club because of its good reputation. As to my comments as you infer being holier than thou . Well if that means calling out offensive behaviour ( when it is clearly that) then I can live with that. Rather that description than that of an apparent apologist/ minimiser.
  12. Add to that is the fact that a sizeable number of our young 'fans' were letting rip with the " Motherwell Sieg Heil' pish. Wish these 'followers' of our club would stop attending our games as they are having a bad effect on our reputation.
  13. For a guy who came to us with a reputation of being moody and unreliable I feel he deserves great credit for his last 2 performances. Against St Mirren he gave his all for 120 mns and yesterday ran his socks off despite his lone striker role following Long's shall I say ' indiscretion' . Have also been impressed by his deftness of touch , imagination and creativity. Not bad either when heading. Early days I know but I see in his play a likeness to Ciftci and ( whisper it) Cobra Coyne . If he can sustain his early promise together with improved fitness I feel Watt could be a major influence in our drive for Europe.
  14. Of all the question marks about our set up last night the main one for me is why the manager in Gallagher's absence played Mugabi--- a player who had repeatedly shown an inability to perform at premier League level. Instead imho he could easily have played Donnelly ( who he recruited as a central defender) alongside Hartley with O' Hara taking Donnelly's place in midfield. Donnelly and O'Hara's second half performances justify this view I feel. On a separate point and as part mitigation for Hartley's showing, I feel he had to spend a fair bulk of the first half ' nursemaiding' Mugabi--- rather than concentrating on his own game. Will be a real test of Robinson and the team to recover from last night. Fingers crossed.
  15. If Dec doesn't make it I would put Donnelly in his place and O'Hara to come into midfield. Rather this than Bevis who remains unconvincing.

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