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  1. Fully understand the criticisms flying around just now and that there's only 10 days until the Hibs game, but I do think we need to cut GA some slack. For starters he is currently denied the services of O'Hara, Shields, Grimshaw and a fully rehab'd Donnelly. Also KVV, Woolery and the Maidstone boy are not up to speed as yet by their own admission. Meanwhile the " 3 or 4 additional players we need" , and targeted I believe, won't be available currently due to the English teams (being behind Scotland re preparations) still evaluating the offering of contracts. Thus GA is playing a waiting game. Yup , a delicate balancing act but an understandable strategy given our limited funds . Yes, while I would still have expected better performances by now I would wager that our starting 11 by window's end will bear no resemblance to the current 11.
  2. KVV. Looks like a combination of Dirk Lehman and Nick Cusack. Encouraging.
  3. Wee shout out to new guy O'Connor. He showed good positional sense and seemed pretty composed.
  4. livivoice


    Never knew the man. Always felt his posts were fair, balanced and polite----- features of his personality I would wager. Big loss. Rest in peace Sir.
  5. I don't think Craig ever got fully over the bad injury he got when playing for us against ICT. As often the case in injuries like this it was the result of an innocuous coming together with a player. Btw Luke Watt has signed for Linlithgow Rose.
  6. Just a bunch of old guys who share their views at the end of each season. Helps to pass the day. Therefore not to be taken too seriously and certainly shouldn't warrant any abuse from anyone. We award points out of 10 for each player who started games. Not substitutes e.g Crawford who came on at Tannadice after only 6 minutes. 1. Campbell 185. 2. O'Donnell 177. 3. Gallagher 162. 4. Watt 138. 5. Lamie 137. 6. Cole/ O'Hara 121. 8. Mugabi 102. 9. Long 101. 10. Kelly 96. 11. Polworth 93. 12. Crawford 86. 13. Carson 81. 14. Mc Ginley 78. 15. Grimshaw 60. 16. Maguire 56. 17. Carroll 55. 18. Magliore 35. 19. Roberts 30. 20. Hastie 27. 21. Seedorf 26 22. Lawless 23. 23. Chapman 17 . 24. Foley 15. 25 . Donnelly/ Johnston 4. Other players; Lang 61. Turnbull 27. Archer 15. White 13. So, there you go. Not to many surprises with Campbell winning quite comfortably. Then again SOD if he had signed at the start of the season may have pushed him close. Also Watt and Carson would have been much higher but for injuries . Many will question meantime how some of the players got awarded any points!!!
  7. Watched Forbes tonight for Dumbarton against Edinburgh City. 3 assists and won man of match. Clearly it's at a lowish level but Forbes was in his element controlling the game from start to finish. His lack of pace however remains . This held him back from making progress at the top level. Now 32. How time flies. Btw Carswell and Neil also played for Dumbarton. Brown played for Edinburgh City.
  8. Yup, lovely words and best regards to you and your country .
  9. Perhaps a bit harsh on Wright. He was very much a member of the ' make the ba' dae the work' school . Yup, he won't get in the hall of fame but he was decent.
  10. Jamie Hamilton has been getting a lot of plaudits this season. Not sure if he would cost anything but perhaps worth a look.
  11. livivoice

    Big Dec

    Now that it is clear Aberdeen announced Dec's signing rather than ( as some of our fans would have us believe) being the result of underhand behaviour by the player, I would hope that we could cut him some slack. Suspect this is a forlorn hope as Dec seems to have been prejudged throughout this season--- regardless of the absence of facts . It's sad that the big man , who admittedly could have handled some matters better i.e. social media, will have his time at Motherwell blemished without facts to back this up. This will be seen when he rocks up at FP with Aberdeen. Pity.
  12. Best not to jump to conclusions as possibly Dec had no input in the decision.
  13. From time to time here in Livingston I bump into Marvin Bartley ( and his Rottweiler ' Diego'!!!) Asking him this morning about his time at Burnley when GA was there. Marv said that despite him being 24 and GA being 39 he ( nor anybody else) could beat him for sheer endurance. Described GA as the model professional who was looked up to by everyone at Burnley. GA expects high standards from everyone and that slackers wouldn't be tolerated. Marv also said GA was impeccable at penalties with goalies unable to read him due to having " no curve in his run up". Marv was stunned btw that Lawless missed penalty against Hibs as his record at Livi was excellent.
  14. As with others I have nothing other than full respect for Campbell. And yes, with better players around him he will get even better. Sadly however his major weakness holding him back from going higher in the game is something he can do little about------ lack of pace. Unless you are a player with outstanding skills in other aspects of the game such as Faddy, Gary Mc Allister, Tommy Coyne ( neither of whom were Usan Bolt) lack of pace is a real hinderence. Wish Allan all the best regardless.
  15. Totally agree. My best wishes go to you.

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