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  1. Are you forgetting O' Hara?
  2. Also, from several sources I'm aware that his Scottish team mates think very highly of him both on and off the pitch. Yup, he ain't Cafu but for a club of our standard we should be happy he's with us. Then again there's no pleasing some folk!!
  3. Appreciate views on players can vary but to describe Mc Kimmie as pish!!! Footballers I've heard speaking about Mc Kimmie regard him as one of the best full backs produced in Scotland over the last 30 years or so.
  4. Although he didn't score yesterday it was interesting to hear from Exeter's opponents yesterday ( Orient) that Bowman ragdolled their entire defence throughout. No surprise.
  5. I'm probably wrong but I had always been led to believe St John was a FP of Muir St Primary. Happy to be corrected.
  6. Like others just before my time but his legacy is up there with the all time greats at the club. As our manager he increased our attendances big tim with a very exciting and attacking brand of football. I was really frustrated when he moved so soon back to England to manage Portsmouth as I felt we were fast becoming one of the best outfits in Scotland. He also brought to the club my hero of the time Peter Marinello. R.I.P. Sinjy.
  7. It is the general view that the Scottish Cup will not take place this season. Thus 5th secures a European place,
  8. Calm yer jets . 5 th place secures a Euro spot. Therefore Livi have a lot to play for. Also, considering they are only 8 points behind Aberdeen and have 2 games in hand there's a chance they could get 4th.
  9. Miles ahead of Mc Crorie. Clarke far to erratic. Only other possibility is Archer who showed improvement with us but now almost permanently on bench at Middlesbrough.
  10. So good has Kelly been he might just push himself into contention for Scotland's 3 rs goalkeeper at the Euros. Current guy Mc Laughlin at Rangers barely gets a game .
  11. Behave yourself. Entirely accidental.
  12. As Faddy said " No one left anything on the park". Magliore, Lamie ( yes Lamie) and O'Donnell all did well. Watt always a threat. Cole came onto a game. But a special shout out for Crawford and Roberts. Did very well. Grounds for encouragement.
  13. Even with the passing of a day or so (and I know others have mentioned it ) but I still can't get my head around the 4-3-3 formation when we had a severely depleted defence and midfield. Put another midfielder in place either by moving Watt into that area or pushing forward Carrol to left midfield and letting Mc Ginley go to LB. GA should also have taken a leaf out of Robbo's book when against the same opposition earlier in the season he set us up not to lose. Outcome 1-0 to us.
  14. Unsure of timeline surrounding concussion but was wondering if Mc Ginley might now be available. Could do a shift I feel at left centre back if as as we seem to believe Dec remains out. If so, he might have to wear protective mask following his nose break

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