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  1. As Dec I believe stays in Dundee I can see the attraction of a move to United.
  2. My god the doom merchants are out in full tonight and that's despite us not even playing today!!!! Turn today's results around and see-- if you want to--a better picture; Accies didn't win and neither Killie or St Mirren got away from us. Yup the County result was unexpected but we have 3 games in hand on them. Meantime ,whatever happens tomorrow happens. Remembering that it's a free hit the worst case scenario is we lose ( as expected) but we move on knowing that GA will have had another look at his team in action. There is also 2 weeks left of the ' window'. No need for wrist slitting yet.
  3. Paul Lawson ex Motherwell is manager at Formatine. They seem to be a well run club and I understand are bankrolled big time. Wouldn't say it's a formality that Annan win this tie.
  4. Wee shout out for Kelly. Although barely troubled I thought he looked pretty well assured.
  5. I may be wrong but my recollection of the ` penalty` was that it was Gallagher who tangled with Erwin.
  6. I think it may be Neil Mc Cann, Gary Holt or David Hopkin
  7. Accept that we don't know how he is faring in training nor what his attitude is like but at the time of his signing there was fan fare around him being an accomplished left centre back. Something must be wrong if he is behind Mugabi and Lamie in the pecking order--- as now seems to be the case.
  8. Danny Johnson scores winner for the O's . Never thought I'd say it but we really miss him.
  9. Hearing that the players are strongly behind Las.
  10. * Proven managerial track record. * Knows Scottish football. * No nonsense ( and how!!) * Desperate to rekindle his managerial career. * Ex - Motherwell player. * No compensation involved. Step forward Billy Davies.
  11. Make that 3 I think? Didn't Mc Glinchey play for us?
  12. Anybody else feel that Grimmy is getting closer to his first goal for us? In last few games he's not just getting further up the park but he is getting shots on target.
  13. Agree re Crawford but not Lamie. On 3 perhaps 4 occasions he conceded unnecessary fouls. Also, he sadly had his customary wild clearances. Certainly not his worst game but again below average. Meantime, brief comment about Lang. I do like him but today I got the distinct impression that he was regularly looking for an out of this world finish as a going away pressie to the club. Selfish.

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