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  1. livivoice

    Livingston vs Motherwell 03/08/2019

    Was pretty early and it looked ( to my weakening eyes) that he was being separately put through his paces by the physio.
  2. livivoice

    Livingston vs Motherwell 03/08/2019

    Don't know if it was my imagination but I thought I saw Sloth warming up before the game. If so I take it he failed a late fitness test and Cole/ Semple brought in. Can anybody clarifify ?
  3. livivoice

    2019-20 League Cup

    Think I heard we pick up £40,000 by getting into 2nd round.
  4. livivoice

    2019-20 League Cup

    Apologies if covered elsewhere but was wondering if Polworth is available tonight following his suspension?
  5. livivoice

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Took opportunity to go to Wembley on Sunday. ZFA was very tidy and played game within his limits. Fylde fans certainly rate him. Griffiths was unused sub. Brill was a bit flat footed at Fylde`s goal. Otherwise dealt comfortably with everything that came his way. O`s fans have a high regard for him and certainly feel he is one of the major successes in their championship winning season. Clay. Got to admit I am a wee bit biased as I I felt he did ok for us without pulling up any trees. Watching him in this match and an earlier game this season at Hartlepool [ yup , I do need to get out more!] I can fully understand why he was voted player of the season by O`s fans. I felt he was the main creative force in the O`s team showing a greater level of freedom and confidence than he displayed for us. As for the game it could have gone either way. Winning goal for Fylde was worthy of winning any final. On a final point the Fylde fans must be best mannered fans I have ever encountered. Even when under the cosh I never hear heard one swear word or a profanity. The most animated comment was to describe a referee decision as " Rubbish". It will never catch on you know!
  6. livivoice

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Also important to note Robinson`s comments suggesting Carroll aint necessarily a `shoe-in` for left back and that he will have to prove his worth. With this in mind I would ask those who are downing Carroll before he sets foot in FP to wind their neck in and put trust in Robinson.
  7. livivoice

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Noticed that Keiren [ or was it Kieran] Kennedy scored the winner for Wrexham in the National League on Friday. Got me thinking about the number of `Well players currently playing in the National League . Leyton Orient - Dean Brill and Craig Clay. Both players are massive favourites with the O`s fans [ No laughing at the back]. Wrexham---Kennedy. Fylde-----Zaine Francis Angol and Russell Griffiths. Barrow-----Steve Jennings and [whisper it] Jacob Blyth. Btw the National League comes to an end over next 2 games with top 3 teams still in running to win the league. Massive game tomorrow with leaders Orient away to 3rd place Solihull. 2nd place Salford [ with Adam Rooney] and bankrolled to the hilt are at home to 5th place Fylde. Yup, I need to get out more.
  8. livivoice

    2019-20 Rebuild

    For those of a certain age there is a resemblance I feel with the signing of `Buff` Martin. Similar age when signing and been round several small clubs beforehand, Gallagher like Martin will I am sure regard the move to Motherwell as his biggest opportunity to make a mark. Add to that and apart from his range of skills Gallagher will almost certainly be a hungry player intent on making up for lost time. Congratulations to DG and well done the club in getting the deal done.
  9. livivoice

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Declan Gallagher spotted today in Cooper Stand hospitality suite. I think we can safely say he is one of the 2 players Robinson has signed for the new season. I took in Livi`s game last week against the Accies. Gallagher again strolled through the match showing good defensive and attacking skills. Methinks we have a player here.
  10. livivoice

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    3 times but 1 was a shot from way out which was more of the ` hail mary` variety, another by Boyd looked a misplaced header and the other so irrelevany I can barely remember . By contrast Livi cut through the Killie defence on several occassions. It was only down to Livi trying to walk the ball into the net that prevented them from winning 3 or 4 zilch. At the end the Killie fans looked a sorry bunch.
  11. Appreciate we have the Celtic game to navigate first but I took in the Killie game today at Livi. Normally I dont give us much hope at Rugby Park but after today I think we will have a real chance. Bottom line is that Killie today were really poor. This was mostly down to a number of first team players out leaving them down to the bare bones. They actually had little option but to bring on from the bench the already injured O`Donnell and Burke. Team had little threat up front albeit Brophy tried his best. Jones played as though he had his move to Rangers on his mind. Other than Mulumbu Killie were pretty impotent in midfield. This was largely explained by the absence of Power and Dicker. In defence they were forced to play some reserves. In a match which Livi could have won by more I left the ground with the feeling that Killie`s exertions of late have caught up on them and that we could be getting them at the right time particularly as some of the absentees may not be back for Wednesday. Time will tell.
  12. livivoice

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Spoke to some Livingston fans yesterday re Gallagher. All strongly believe that he has signed a contract with Motherwell. They also believe he will be an important player for us. For my part whenever I have seen him play I have been impressed.
  13. livivoice


    Very much the young Lambert who often played in a much more advanced position than he would later on.
  14. livivoice


    Not wishing to run too far ahead of ourselves but its interesting how many supporters [ of a certain age] are seeing a similarity in style between David and a young Paul Lambert. His poise, guile, distribution and ability to play with his head up are examples given. Some go further saying that David`s comfort in shooting from distance puts him ahead of Lambert who seldom threatened from outside the box. For my part I see the resemblance but can also see a bit of Gary Mc Allister. Whatever, its just a joy to have him on our books.
  15. livivoice

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Fair chance we may also see a goalkeeper signed as I dont think Robbo will want to rely upon Ferguson as main back up. Seem to recall that Robbo was looking at a German goalie when team was in Tenerife.

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