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  1. I don't see any lack of effort. What I do see is Celtics players being far ahead in terms on skill, speed of thought and movement. We're chasing shadows. The gap will only get bigger with the money the Mould Firm get for being in Europe.
  2. You are joking right? Celtics budget dwarves ours so they have far better players. What really do you expect?
  3. I seem to recall that John Boyle spent £8-9m of his own money trying to improve us. It didn't work out but I appreciate him trying. Compare this to the Glazers at ManU who bought the club with the clubs money and now have a huge debt.
  4. Me too! I have visited countries I would never have gone to otherwise had it not been for following Motherwell in Europe. I have some great memories which will live with me forever, especially our game in Nancy which was a wonderful experience. Being part of some 3,000 Motherwell Supporters was something I will never forget.
  5. My problem with VAR is that we will still have the same incompetent referees looking at incidents and making odd decisions despite what the footage shows. Can only see it adding to the controversy.
  6. Problem is very few players get a run in our first team!
  7. And rightly so. He is one of the few players we have who has genuine quality. Given our track record for signing average players I would not be confident of us bringing in an adequate replacement.
  8. Something has to change. We're on an awful run and the players and the manager are simply not good enough.
  9. I would love to see what they do in training. Must be an easy shift. Tell the midfield players to sit out while the defenders launch it to the forwards. Some of our players are so fortunate to be earning a living from playing football.
  10. Superb performance today from everyone. Thought O'Hara brought a bit of quality to the midfield which has been missing in recent weeks. Effords "goal" was definitely onside. I was sat right behind the so called linesman and it wasn't even close. Huge mistake which thankfully didn't cost us.
  11. We used to give the Old Firm a game when they came to Fir Park. Not now. How I long for the days when we got stuck in and were in their faces. All the Old Firm need to do now (and most others teams) is wait on us making a mistake. Its all so predictable.
  12. Need to replace Donnelly. He's been completely anonymous. We're like a man down with him out there.
  13. Disgraceful. Decent teams know how to play against 10 men. If only we were a decent team.
  14. I would be very surprised if this is true. Seen all this type of speculation before and it turns out to be rubbish. Dundee Utd are supposed to be in financial difficulties so cant see how they can afford him. Dundee expressed an interest in him so Dundee Utd probably thought they should do the same.
  15. Need to be at least 3 yards before you'd get that type of decision at Parkhead.

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