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  1. Disgraceful. Decent teams know how to play against 10 men. If only we were a decent team.
  2. I would be very surprised if this is true. Seen all this type of speculation before and it turns out to be rubbish. Dundee Utd are supposed to be in financial difficulties so cant see how they can afford him. Dundee expressed an interest in him so Dundee Utd probably thought they should do the same.
  3. Need to be at least 3 yards before you'd get that type of decision at Parkhead.
  4. I was in hospitality for the game and had a great day. Met Bevis Mugabi after the game and what a lovely person he is. Very down to earth and a pleasure to talk to. A gentleman.
  5. 4 3 3 is not working. Alexander seems incapable if seeing that. We're getting overrun in midfield every week which leaves us exposed defensively. We can't rely on the front 3 to take the pressure off so it's not working. We yet again allowed so many crosses into our box today. Surely after that debacle a formation change must happen.
  6. I thought season ticket holders could access Motherwell TV free of charge. Is that not the case?
  7. What's happened to Van Veen? He was superb in the opening game of the season against Hibs but pretty much anonymous now.
  8. What was Liam Kelly doing? Didn't even try to keep the ball out.
  9. It was Craig Thomson who was the referee when Carson was sent off and it seemed he had a vendetta against us. At one stage of the season he had sent off 5 players, all Motherwell! So glad he has retired.
  10. I want to like Graham Alexander and for the most part I do, but if he thinks Lammie and Crawford are the standard of player we need then that is a real concern. I am pinning my hopes on him finding a Peter Hartley or a Tom Aldred in the lower divisions in England, otherwise it will be a similar campaign to last season and I'm not sure my blood pressure could stand that.
  11. Superb bit of business by the club. Our club literally is in safe hands on and off the pitch.
  12. Mortonhallwell


    Can't quite believe this terrible news. I met Andy through the Exiles Club many years ago and always said hello when I seen him at Fir Park. RIP Andy.
  13. That just about sums our season. Not good enough all over the pitch. Need to get rid of the dross for next season as I don't think I could go through this again.
  14. I would be delighted if we signed Liam Kelly on a permanent basis, however it depends on the injury situation with Trevor Carson. Trevor is also an excellent keeper and if he can prove his fitness then I guess we have less need for Liam Kelly. Not sure we could carry 2 top class keepers on our books.
  15. I would be devastated if we go down. We have a very proud record given the length of time we've spent in the top flight. Would we have the resources to come back up quickly, that would be my worry. I'm sure Falkirk, Dundee and Partick Thistle all thought they could return at the first attempt.

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