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  1. dennyc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Of the two I think Robinson would be more likely to consider Hibs given the Dempster connection. He would be crazy to go to Hearts where Director of Football Levein would oversee every move he made and ensure Robinson carry the can for poor returns or transfer failings. He likes a scapegoat does Craig. Remember how he destroyed Cathro and called his signings not good enough for a team like Hearts, only for it later to come out that Levein had brought many of those signings in against Cathro’s wishes. Robinson needs autonomy and a strong and trusting relationship with his bosses. I’m not sure he would get that under Budge and Levein. But if Levein was to be sacked entirely after a derby defeat this weekend.............. and Budge acts to placate the fans...... Other than salary and transfer budget it would be a huge risk to go to to either of those clubs given their current problems. Hardly security for life. Better to hold off for a decent English Championship or Division One side where his long term future might a bit more secure and rewarding. He’ll stay with us for now.
  2. dennyc

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    From a thread on the Rotherham fan forum. Early days but it appears Hastie has been well accepted. He was also praised by Gerard for his application, attitude and willingness to learn.....even if it meant a loan placement.. Certainly all positive so far and it seems he is forging ahead. Time will tell but it certainly does not look like a career wasted because of his decision to join Rangers. Jake Hastie
  3. dennyc

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Yeah, but he'll never make it! The silence on here from the bitter crew is deafening. Ryan Bowman scored again as well.
  4. dennyc

    Hearts away, 14/9

    I don't believe for a second there is a "lightweight in midfield" issue. More problematic is a lack of numbers in midfield at times as a result of playing three out and out forwards. Compounded by the tiring effect on those three midfielders of having to run themselves into the ground covering four and sometimes five opponents. Look at how Celtic pushing an extra man into midfield (Ajer) changed that game. Until then our "lightweight" midfield more than held their own against the best team in the country. If the full backs step up to support then that leaves too much space at the back for decent forwards to exploit. It's the down side of playing a more attacking, two winger focused style. But to even contemplate dropping our most...perhaps only...creative midfielder is just crazy. If we need to strengthen midfield for specific matches (away from home?) it can be done by playing an extra player in that area at the expense of one of those three forwards. 4-4-2 perhaps with Seedorf dropping out. I can certainly see four in midfield coming into play when Turnbull is fit.
  5. dennyc

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Shhhhh! You'll upset folk on here.
  6. dennyc

    Sportscene trial by tv

    The Law was changed to exactly this. If a penalty is not given (as often happens), then it is the referee ignoring the law change or bottling it. Change introduced specifically to address jersey tugging which often ends with the player falling inside the box after having tried to stay on his feet when he was first dragged back. It was seen as penalising the attacking player to bring the play back to the place of the initial contact.
  7. dennyc

    Sportscene trial by tv

    On the plus side, they also did not highlight the Long tackle in the first half that could easily have been a red card.
  8. dennyc

    Vs Hibs

    Not defending him without admitting he has a lot to learn. But on one occasion second half Robinson screamed at him to cover back when we were under pressure, which he immediately did try to do. Literally seconds later Donnelly was screaming at him to get up the field having covered the area the Manager was pointing out. Once again with our wide players it's trying to get the best of both worlds in attack and defence. Its a tough and confusing ask for someone so inexperienced. More seasoned players than Seedorf have struggled to play that dual role....Ainsworth and Frear as examples. Remember Omar Daley?. Hopefully Seedorf is a quick learner. Ability and attitude wise I think there is something there. The goal he scored yesterday shows that. And to say he did nothing else is just not true. You conveniently ignore the chance he set up for Scott. He contributed more for us than the likes of Horgan did for Hibs....and many regard him as a good player. I get Seedorf is a frustrating player and he probably would not be my first choice. And maybe he won't make it. But Hylton and Ilic can also be just as frustrating . Scott did really well yesterday, but try telling me he made the correct choices every time he had the ball. Awareness of teammates and realising when to pass will come in time, but those are things Scott needs to develop. Compared to those three Seedorf is miles behind in game experience at a decent level. It's a huge step up. Confidence also plays a huge part, and again those three are in a better place. Players that we sign are unlikely to be the finished article. Some will have more to learn than others. Some will not make it and eventually leave. But please let's not crucify a young lad who is doing his best and is on a huge learning curve. Particularly after he scores in a match we actually won by a street FFS. But then, we need scapegoats if Dunne is not playing.
  9. dennyc

    Odds and Sods Motherwell Thread

    If the Authorities had their way you would have their colts in the lower leagues AND their first teams in the Premier League. Not that long ago Rangers even guaranteed to buy at least 500 tickets for every away league game their colts played in an attempt to bribe the wee clubs to vote for their inclusion. That happens, the OF can hoover up even more youngsters and play them in meaningful, competitive games.
  10. dennyc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I’m told Hastie had the choice of Rotherham, Zurich or us. He chose England. Don’t really blame him. He would have had a huge target on his back at Motherwell. I wish him well.
  11. Polworth supported by Campbell and Donnelly controlled the game . Ensured we played a passing game. With better end product from Seedorf and latterly Hylton we would have scored a fair few more. Long led the line brilliantly, scored a great goal and worked his socks off. Two goals in two games . My man of the match. Seemed to work well with Scott wider Dunne far from the worst defender and actually played at least too really good balls into the box. Less long balls than his central defenders. The odd Dunne ism which he mostly tidied up himself. Wound up Dallas so bonus points for that. Poorest Accies team I have seen for years. No threat whatsoever. The Polworth, Dunne and Long haters on this site must be choking on their tea tonight.
  12. dennyc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Thanks for the link. Quite revealing. So under " Was not seen" every incident in the past 18 months deemed worthy of suspension has been SPL and mostly involving offences against Celtic. Either the lower league referees are eagle eyed/shit hot or the official observer is not doing any referrals. Kind of brings us back to the trial by television angle being supported by hard facts. Now that the Championship is featured each week on the new BBC channel can we look forward to more citings from those games? Time will tell. I do think Caroll merited a red card, but so do many other incidents involving players of every team. The difference? Michael Stewart and Steven Thompson bumping their gums on Sportscene....and the teams involved.
  13. dennyc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    The whole thing is a lottery. Sportscene certainly plays a part by selecting which incidents to highlight and make an issue of. But incidents they highlight are not always picked up by the Compliance Officer. From memory a Rangers player being kicked in the head by a Kilmarnock player and a Celtic player (Simunovic?) getting off with a forearm to the face of a Hibs player. Observers also have a role to play, but how impartial are they if it is one of their mates officiating ( or in the case of Andrew Dallas ,the son of a mate)? I would also question whether an observer would be more likely to question an inexperienced referee's judgement rather than that of a more senior official. The old boy network if you like determining the harshness of any official report. But out of curiosity.... and I genuinely can't recall any..... can anybody give examples of lower league players being cited for incidents that happened in non televised games. Particularly where a referee issued a yellow card. if there are none or very few in comparison to Premier League referrrals then that would suggest that either there are no violent tackles in those matches or that TV coverage plays a major role in any decisions to refer.
  14. dennyc

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Well, that will do wonders for team spirit! Something that has served us well in recent years. Sure, some of the new signings are not playing well and appear short of fitness. So do several of the established players. But, hey, let’s only blame the new boys and single them out in public. If Steve Robinson has an issue with players, old or new, he should be addressing it behind closed doors. Voicing criticism publically (no matter how valid) seldom ends well. Wonder how he would react if players or his Board criticised his questionable tactics or team selection in such a manner?
  15. dennyc

    2019-20 League Cup

    I agree the wingers have been poor. All of them. But for Robinson tonight and on Saturday to blame the defeats on new unfit players is just nonsense. Many of the established players have also been terrible, but they seem exempt from criticism. In fact, in my humble opinion, our two most consistently well performing players are newbies.....Gallagher and ( despite some views on here) Polworth.

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