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  1. dennyc

    Stevie O'D

    I agree we will need to find goals to qualify. I just think we are closer to having a team that can compete than you appear to be given the players at our disposal. That is if Clarke wakes up, stops being swayed by reputation and the media, learns from the past couple of weeks and sets us up to win rather than avoid defeat. A big ask given his history and on top of that he has to be ruthless and look to the future. And the repeated SOD trashing by some on here for every (possible) error whilst intentionally ignoring good performances is just disgusting. He plays for a wee team in Scotland and represents us well. It's not like he is at Bayern, PSG or Real Madrid and you might think folks judgements would reflect that fact. Good debate though.
  2. dennyc

    Stevie O'D

    Agree we are not comparable to Wales. We have more quality players than them. Especially coming through where they really only have James. And if Adams gets 95 caps he might not get 33 goals but he will come close. And if Turnbull gets 66 caps he should get 17 goals. Comparing senior players with over 160 caps to two players with under a dozen is hardly a decent comparison either. And McGinn has ten goals in thirty six, which is similar to and possibly better than Ramsay. I am looking to the future not the past. But if you must, how much success did Wales have in Bale's first 40 games? And I also think we have the potential for way above your 2/3rds success measure, particularly as Wales achieved success with 2/11ths (maybe 3/11ths at times)
  3. dennyc

    Stevie O'D

    Nobody is saying it is perfect and I agree with you regards Goalkeeper and Centre Back needing upgraded. But no vital wins with 2/3rds of a good team? What about Wales? What do they have? TWO decent ageing players in Bale and Ramsay but their qualifying and tournament record is superb of late despite the rest of the team being way below that level. And those two players have hardly played all season for their clubs. And some of that national success under a caretaker Manager. Northern Ireland also had some praiseworthy success. We have four players currently starring at huge clubs in England in Tierney Robertson McGinn and McTominey, Players who could argueably have a case for featuring in an EPL select squad. Add to that Gilmour Turnbull Adams Patterson Nisbet as younger newcomers who are an upgrade on where we were 6 months ago. All of them will improve given the correct support. I would add Kerr of St Johnstone and maybe Doig at Hibs as options worth trying. And whether we like to admit it or not the Scottish players at Rangers and Celtic are of a decent standard. So we are far from starved of talent and quality. Tactics and formation are another matter and Clarke has to construct a formation that plays to the strengths of his squad and stop being focused on setting up a team not to lose, rather than setting up a team to win. He is not in charge of Kilmarnock any more. The Czech game is a prime example of that approach. That game cost us qualification, not the Croatia game. But some are using last night to once again rip into SOD, who was far from being our worst player. And those same folk never uttered a word after his outstanding performance against England. Seems to me they have an agenda and last night's result simply played into their hands. Sadly some of them are Motherwell fans. Not at international level clearly, but the same thing happened all the time with Dunne, and more recently with Lamie, Mugabi and McGinley. Deafening silence when they play well but jump on for every error. I get it that fans play favourites, but how about some credit where credit is due rather than using every slight error to try and prove a point. Having said all that, Scotland need to find a goalkeeper who can take over for the next 10 years.
  4. dennyc

    Stevie O'D

    An unfashionable Club such as Motherwell have two players and a former Academy player in the first Scottish squad to reach a final in decades. And yet all that some on here want to do is decry the performance of one of our players that played in every match, bemoan the level we are at as a Club and talk down the level of Scottish football in general. Sad. In fact, pathetic. The future of the national side is rosier than it has been for years, if Clarke is brave and determined enough to trust the youth coming through to support established players like Tierney, Robertson, McGinn and McTominey. And as a Club we were better represented than clubs with much better resources than us. Something to be proud of.
  5. But they are not limiting it to 2000. Any club can apply to increase that limit on a match by match basis from the outset. So if Motherwell want to increase that number they should be able to do so. Accommodating all Season Ticket Holders should not be that challenging. Rangers, Celtic Aberdeen Hearts are probably drawing up their applications right now. It is up do us to put forward a safe proposal. "From 19 July, seated outdoor stadiums would be able to host 2,000 fans, and standing venues could accommodate 1000. Applications could be made on a case-by-case basis to swell that, as was done for Hampden's Euro 2020 matches."
  6. dennyc

    Stevie O'D

    Bollocks. But if it makes you happy.
  7. And maybe the away stand for the visiting team/officials? I think the 2k minimum phrasing is because applications can be made to increase that figure on a game by game basis. So it is up to Clubs to come up with a layout to support an increase above the minimum. So the 2k is what we can do without referral to anybody. ......and 1k for the grounds that are not all seated.
  8. Agent at work again I guess. But at least SOD did the decent thing and signed on again which means we get Euro money and whatever any release fee is. Was always going to be a possibility given a good showing for Scotland. Highlights again that our Club do the right thing by their players looking to their careers and that SOME players respect that approach. A potential win for both player and Club. Given all the shite he has taken, and not only from the Shelley Kerrs of this world, I hope he gets the move that gives him the long term financial security he deserves. Be sad to see him leave though. I was looking forward to applauding him onto the park first chance we get to attend matches. And I would not be at all surprised to see Celtic knocking on our door if the release clause thing is accurate.
  9. And it'll be a relief there is no Welsh in the mix.
  10. dennyc

    Stevie O'D

    I think Clarke handed the initiative to the Czechs before they even kicked off. With his team selection and defensive mindset. . At that level you need goal scorers but he goes with two out of form players in Dykes (who was shite) and Christie ( Who was even worse). Meantime two in form (and recent) goal scorers are left sitting on the bench. Adams should have started and there is even a case for Nisbet alongside him in a front two. With that midfield supporting two penalty box strikers I think the Czechs would have been under pressure. Clarke is too cautious and too loyal to under performing players. Although don't say that to Gallagher who has done nothing wrong in Scotland's colours. He might not be my favourite player following his contract nonsense, but to not have him on the bench was poor. Did we really need two reserve Goalies? Just watching Slovakia beating Poland and appreciating what can happen when the underdog actually tries to win the match as opposed to being set up not to lose.
  11. dennyc


    Shocked by this. Did not know him personally but always looked forward to his balanced posts. He will be missed by all of us . Condolences to his family and friends. RIP.
  12. I think Burton is fairly close to Stoke which is his home town. So good for the family, including his In-Laws. Also having a former top striker as Manager might have played a part. Newish Stadium sponsored by Pirelli and a club with ambitions to climb the Leagues. He could well have held out for a higher ranked club, but for rebuilding his career after injury it ticks a lot of boxes. And if he manages a season with a few goals who is to say he cannot move on. All the best to him.
  13. According to the Club's own records his Contract Date end was extended by one month, a month in which Motherwell did not have a game. So that appears to be a fact and certainly points to the duck being a duck.
  14. The Clubs should now vote out those plastic pitches in top Division. That result now has 11-1 playing on grass. So if they vote along those lines, job done. If Dundee get their vote delivered on time that is.
  15. So its not the principle then? If it was Motherwell, all well and good. And I'm sure Motherwell would jump at the chance if it fell their way. But one of those two and it's wrong. Certainly answers my question though. .

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