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  1. dennyc

    Who Stays And Who Goes?

    Livingstone had played for the Under 20s/Reserve team two days previously. OK, only 45 minutes, but that was probably a factor.....which Robinson ignored in his post match comments. Livingstone was unlucky that he had to end up playing for so much of the Celtic game. I'm sure he would have done fine if he had only been called upon for the last 20 minutes or so. I wonder how many others had played in a competitive match only two days earlier.
  2. dennyc

    Craig Tanner (the forgotten man)

    I think it is only right that the Club continue to honour the contract of a player injured whilst carrying out his contractual duties as long as he is adhering to an agreed recovery programme. I doubt whether, legally, there is any alternative. Also, if there is a reasonable expectation of him returning to fitness shortly after his current contract expires, I think it would be fair and reasonable to offer him a final short term contract of say 6 months, After that I would imagine there will be Insurance Cover which will kick in if his career is over due to that injury. I understand there is a history of players having to call it a day to collect a decent payment rather than prolonging matters trying to endlessly get fit to play.
  3. dennyc

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Maybe as someone suggested earlier there are exceptions up to a higher limit if the players involved are U21? I remember the Rangers Newcastle dealings as well. Rather than performance I think that was all about Ashley reducing the wage bill at his big club and ripping of Rangers at the same time. Otherewise I'm sure Mark McGhee would have losded our team with top players from Bayern Munich and other German clubs.
  4. dennyc

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Dont know the rules buf common sense would suggest any one team in the league cannot loan more than one player to any other team in the same Division. Otherwise , as an example, with Celtic being challenged by Rangers, Celtic with a massive squad loan three players each to Aberdeen and Kilmarnock so they can play against Rangers but not Celtic. Or, if there is an affinity between two clubs or Managers, a club in trouble like Dundee borrow 5 players from from Aberdeen and they then catch us. And can you imagine the implosion up here if Liverpool had loaned Solanki, Clyne, Matip and a few others to Rangers this January in addition to Kent who is already at Ibrox. All very unlikely to happen but there has to bs a limit just in case. Maybe lower within the league than cross border
  5. dennyc

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Hughie Ferguson would be a great nomination for The Scottish Football Hall of Fame . Although individuals can make a nomination, I wonder if that's something The Well Society could take on board as it might carry a bit more weight coming from such a high profile body. Ferguson certainly merits a place when you consider the likes of Frank McLintock was entered some time ago. Although McLintock had a good career at Arsenal, I don't think he ever played at a senior level in Scotland and he only ever received a handful of caps. Tommy Docherty is another inductee with little playing time in Scotland and limited success on the field or as a Manager. Sailor Hunter is also mentioned in the article about Ferguson and his record of managing Motherwell for 35 years could also merit his inclusion.
  6. dennyc

    joint Player Sponsorship Raffle £5 entry 2018-19

    £20 sent via Paypal. Well done Iain
  7. dennyc

    SPFL - Doncaster getting his p45?

    Finally found the details I was thinking of regarding share out % of League monies.This was agreed by all Clubs other than Celtic who insisted on receiving their full payment as guaranteed League winners. It was a one season only arrangement but it did happen and Aberdeen were party go it. Permanent changes to share out and voting were not voted upon as Aberdeen indicated they would side with Celtic to provide the required number of “no” votes to block such changes. As you say, presumably because they were looking to finish second for a good number of years. League position at end of Season 2012/13 % of 2012/13Net Commercial Revenues 1. 17.0% (was 17% last year) 2. 10.5% (was 15% last year) 3. 9.5% ( was 9.5% last year) 4. 9.0% (up 0.5 % on last year ) 5. 8.5% (up 0.5 % on last year ) 6. 8.0% (up 0.5 % on last year ) 7. 7.5% (up 0.5 % on last year ) 8. 7.0% (up 0.5 % on last year ) 9. 6.5% (up 0.5 % on last year ) 10. 6.0% (up 0.5 % on last year ) 11. 5.5% (up 0.5 % on last year ) 12. 5.0% (up 0.5 % on last year ) That’s my understanding anyway. Apologies if it’s bollocks.
  8. dennyc

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I thought James Scott’s brief appearances were the most encouraging part of the pre season games. I know he is still young but he looked strong and smart enough. I was looking forward to him getting a few run outs this season, probably off the bench for 20 minutes or so. Ah well, there’s always next pre season. I wish Sammon no I’ll will and hope he contributes. But hardly a signing to get the juices flowing.
  9. dennyc

    SPFL - Doncaster getting his p45?

    I thought the change to the distribution of monies did take place for that one season. By finishing second we actually received less than we would have had under the usual distribution rules. We played fair with the other teams and it was us that made the biggest sacrifice. Celtic refused to reduce the winners’ share. Maybe Aberdeen refused a more permanent change but the monies were adjusted from second down. And that Included where Aberdeen ended up.
  10. dennyc

    SPFL - Doncaster getting his p45?

    I thought everyone but Celtic agreed to the adjustment to the league position monies. Aberdeen scuppered the efforts to change the rule that meant two "No" votes resulted in no change. In effect when the OF were both in the top league, by voting together they could fight off any proposal that weakened their position. With Rangers gone, it seemed likely that the number of votes required to deny change would be increased (as Celtic would be on their own) thus making it a fairer position when Rangers inevitably returned to the top flight. Aberdeen stated publically that they would support Celtic in not supporting any such change and at that stage the whole thing was dropped without a vote taking place. A chance well and truely missed.
  11. dennyc

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Replace Frear with Taylor-Sinclair and bring in Dunne and I could go with that. Given his form after the Winter break I just cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would dump Dunne. Seems like there are still a lot of haters out there, irrespective of how he performs. But I think Robinson will definitely start with McHugh and I'm not convinced Johnson is here to sit on the bench. Also I suspect Tanner will need time to get properly match fit. But isn't it refreshing to have decent options. Good luck Mr Robinson
  12. dennyc

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    From what I can gather O'Halloran is off to Australia. To be announced next week after final details sorted out. Pity.
  13. Sadly I believe Livingstone are tearing up an excellent grass pitch to replace it with an artificial surface. Seemingly it's an attempt to reduce ongoing costs. Hopefully I have been misinformed,
  14. dennyc

    International Call Ups

    That's the way Gemmill has them playing....sideways, sideways, back... followed by a hoof forward to a giant striker. No different from the way he has had the U21s playing all year. Earlier comment about making Robinson look like Pep Guardiola is spot on. Anybody who saw the matches against England and Andorra will know what I mean. Painful to watch and all creativity stifled. Emphasis on not losing rather than winning. To a degree I can understand that approach with the senior side, but for fuxsake just let the kids play their natural game. Looks like most players are terrified of giving the ball away by trying anything remotely offensive. Campbell seemed to spend most of the game playing immediately in front of the defence and playing one twos with his Centre Backs. Don't think he crossed the half way line. There are some decent players in there but you would not know it from the way they are set up. I think the two Centre Backs must have had more touches than anybody, mostly as a result of passes from their own midfield. Only stuck with it until the end because of Campbell. Even that might not tempt me next time up.
  15. dennyc

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Would be good if the other Ranger's target was Ryan Hardie. Excellent goal scoring record when on Loan at Raith (last season) and Livi (since January window). Natural goal scorer and an alternative style to what we have at present. A good foil for either Bowman or Main. Also young enough to spend time with us before moving on for decent money. Livi will want to keep him but surely we are a more attractive option

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