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  1. Maybe a permanent deal to be done if Kipre sold soon or in January and we can fund it from our cut of that. Would not surprise me if that was the case.
  2. Game was cancelled according to Rangers. Believe it or not, a delay in CoVid results meant it was called off.
  3. A Rangers pal based in Wales watched all their away games last season using a VPN as an "Overseas " subscriber to Rangers TV , including at the grounds you mention. Only their Europa League games were not shown as BT had the rights. So they might block Motherwell TV but they allow access to the OF. Maybe it's about the cost and those clubs charge too much to justify Motherwell TV showing it.
  4. OF fans overseas have Rangers and Celtic TV. So I would think that is a limited market for Livi. And if the game is live on Sky in the UK then PPV will not be allowed here. So no meaningful market anywhere for Livi involving Celtic or Rangers. Don't know about Celtic, but Rangers fans overseas can pay Rangers TV £7.99 to watch individual games if they don't take out a full subscription. And here as well if they use a VPN..... or £9,99 for a Now Sports day pass. No way will they pay £20. As per usual it is the fans of us diddy clubs that are being fleeced. I hope fans of all clubs refuse to pay the £20.
  5. I would think all OF away games will be on Sky. That's usually what happens anyway. So no PPV will be allowed. Livi are just ripping off fans of teams such as Motherwell. Same as they have done every game since being promoted. Given no concessions, seems wrong that many folk would pay more to watch the game online than they did when attending last year.
  6. Season Ticket holders also get to see 19 home games at Fir Park when fans allowed in . So you could end up with 38 games. 19 Streamed and 19 Live next season. As you say it is not a bad deal.
  7. I meant Livi are charging £20 for their home games. We are charging £12 for ours. Livi cashing in as usual.
  8. PPV Streaming now allowed on a game to game basis. Told we are charging £12 and Livi £20. some things never change. League Matches home and away fans.
  9. I thought each club was responsible for their own tests. So the Lab used is down to Motherwell. .....or St Mirren in that positive/negative nonsense. Some Clubs have even bought their own test equipment rather than relying on outside firms. . I’m not so sure Doncaster is guilty this time.
  10. Very much so as far as Motherwell are concerned. All our results were back...if later than expected...prior to later kick off. So delaying the game was a wise move. Sensible given no spectators hanging around waiting. Unlike Hibs and County who postponed a game because no results received in time, Rangers are accused of pushing ahead with a game against Dundee Utd without test results for many players having been received. Totally against agreed procedures. Perhaps not a bad thing that procedures are being reinforced at this time rather than have cancellations/delays when the season kicks off for real. Downside is that tests have been upped to twice per week which has cost implications. It's up to each Club to arrange their own testing and to ensure results are received in time.
  11. Has anybody heard anything from the Club or the Provider about the streaming issues last night? Would have thought they might have at least tried to reassure those that had issues. I know I’m not the only one who was able to sign in as expected, but was then disconnected as soon as the stream went live. Thereafter the sign in link was dead. Eventually after about 20 minutes of E-mailing back and forth I was sent a “for my use only” one off link to Premier Sports which worked fine. The issue was certainly at their end as I regularly stream sport without issue and today I can sign in on the official link as was the case up to kick off. . Hopefully the problem has been identified and future viewing will be fine. Otherwise this is going to prove a right frustration.
  12. Yep. Crashed just before 8pm. Not good
  13. Now unable to sign in. Was fine yesterday and all today. Teething issues it seems as new advice to contact the help line put up 15 minutes ago.

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