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  1. I think Compensation is due up until the end of the season in which a player turns 23. So as AC is not 23 until July (I think) we should be ok if he leaves at Season end. Might end up like a Hastie situation if he moves within Scotland. Either the clubs negotiate a fee or it goes to a Tribunal, like Ferguson from Accies to Aberdeen. If he goes cross border then prescribed Compenation should kick in. Or a deal can be agreed. The benefit of agreeing a deal means add ons can be built in. With a Tribunal it is a once and for all fee.
  2. No probs. You can speak for me any time. And spot on with those other names. Vagabonds every one of them!
  3. Hastie was open and up front about leaving. No pretence. He got slaughtered on here by many for wanting to better himself, and being honest about it. And booed when he took to the pitch. Perth I think. Don’t see the same abuse heading Gallagher’s way and, if true, he has been doing a lot more manoeuvring re contracts than Hastie ever did. And we got good money for Hastie. Vigurs was crucified...still is....for allegedly feigning injury to force his way out of the Club. Same accusation has been made about Gallagher, but folk refuse to believe it whereas in Vigur’s case it was taken as gospel. Double standards. Every player has the right to try and better himself, but it does seem that for some on here, if your face fits and you are a “good guy”, then you can do no wrong and can muck the Club about in ways that others get hammered for. And I’m not defending Gallagher. Far from it. Just comparing the reaction to his dealings and those of others who eventually moved on.
  4. And who do you think placed the Gallagher story in the Media? First of all that there was a clause about to kick in and then that it had been "sorted" and that he would be available for free in the Summer. I hardly think the Press would be bothered making it up given that they don't give a toss for anybody other than Rangers and Celtic. So no motive. And I did not pick up on the Club responding that the story was fabricated, as surely they would have done if a lie was being promoted about a player. It would definitely not be in Motherwell's interest to try and encourage a January bid for their Captain and best player before any clause kicked in extending his contract and placing Motherwell in a better position. . Especially in the middle of a relegation dogfight, Nor can I see the Club advertising the fact he is available for nothing in the Summer given they will hope to encourage him to stay. So no motive there either. So that leaves Gallagher and his new Agent. Doing what they feel necessary to cash in when they can? Can't really blame them for that given a chance to substantially increase earnings of a 30 year old. And the timing of his unfortunate injury was very convenient. But I wonder what the reaction would have been on here if his name was Hastie or Vigurs rather than Gallagher?
  5. Thanks. Hope he recovers as certainly one for the future. With us or not.
  6. A question for those in the know. What is the up to date position regarding young Sam Campbell who was on the point of leaving us to head South, with Motherwell having agreed terms with both Leeds and Liverpool? Not seen anything since he went down for his trial at Liverpool.
  7. I don't know how much the current parachute payment amounts to. but no way would it offset the areas of funding mentioned in Milo's post. And Season Ticket income could well be much reduced as well if current Holders take up the CoVid deal. We would need to create a team capable of securing promotion, probably with a bunch of journeymen senior pros and a smattering of untested kids.. Could we afford to run any sort of fruitful youth programme? If not, there goes another source of income. And then if we do succeed in bouncing back up, how on earth do we build a new team capable of keeping us up? Just look at how much Hibs, Dundee Utd (and probably Hearts) had to invest in new players and wages to achieve safety following promotion. But coming straight back up is not a given. The fact the play off structure is weighted to benefit the PL team means actually winning the Championship is essential. So to my mind relegation would be a disaster and at best I could picture us being a yoyo club for years. At worst I could picture us sitting mid table and getting used to that station in life. In truth I would enjoy visiting all sorts of exotic new grounds and playing in Cups with crazy names...but only for a wee while. Much better to survive this season and invest hard earned monies in building a new team to keep us in the PL for another 30 odd years. hopefully with players that want to play for Motherwell. Believe me, I have tried to convince myself that relegation might prove beneficial. So far I have failed miserably.
  8. Sure I read that the money goes to the club that had the player’s contract at season end. So on that basis, yes. I guess the thinking is that a player earns his place at the finals on the basis of how he played for his contracted club. So that club should get the payment.
  9. Yeah. Gallagher has been poor. Far and away the poorest defender. Been that way for weeks. Thank god for Mugabi, eh?
  10. Has Gallagher succeeded in getting himself suspended yet?
  11. You mean when he played with his knee in bits to help his Manager out. Yes, he was at the end of his playing career when he played for us , but look at his effort compared to what you saw from some yesterday. But, whatever, he is qualifying as a coach ( maybe has) and is highly regarded by other coaches and player who have worked with him.
  12. Rather have Stephen McManus if we look at Celtic. Knows the Club, is a winner and gaining a good rep as a coach. Anybody but the media loved old guard that just do the rounds. A rebuild is required and he could be the man to do it. And he does not stand for any crap from the players. Time to be forward thinking and appoint somebody to move us forward.
  13. Agree to an extent with the injury comments, but don't gloss over that Saints also had players out. Kerr, Conway and Davidson are just as key to St J as our missing players are to us. They didn't even list a full number of subs. And the flak our keeper is getting in comparison to others is nonsense. Is he as athletic and comfortable with the ball at his feet as we would like? Clearly not. But he stopped it being four or five goals conceded. Others were much more culpable. And the agenda some folk have against Crawford and McGinley is nonsense. Then again with Dunne missing they have to focus on somebody. Bottom line is we were rotten and Robinson made a huge error in selecting Lamie, and a bigger error in waiting until were losing before he hauled him off. We could well have gotten out of jail if our Manager had acted quicker. But no excuses, the team that deserved to win are into the quarters, which hurts even more when you see who also went out. What a chance missed!
  14. Yep. But give him credit. He managed to slag the guy off in a game in which he took no part. That’s dedication for you.
  15. With the Statement being read out by Alex Ferguson with Tony Fitzpatrick and Frank McGarvey standing by his side. Might almost be as funny as their comments when we won that game.

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