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  1. And if relegation was legally challenged? And in the German/Italian model there would be promotion, Compromise as I said. And I got my Spanish and Italians mixed up. Apologies. It's Italy that is thinking along those lines. European qualifying rounds will also begin straight away, so if we try to finish the League, who do we enter?
  2. Numerous people within sport and society became infected. Various Organisations ...sporting and otherwise...took action for safety reasons. Worldwide. Maybe you could nip across to Sawgrass and ask them what prompted their change of approach. Common sense prevailed. Will it make a difference? Perhaps. perhaps not. Deal with it. Or is your gripe more to do with the fact that it was Rangers that got to play their game? Your love of them is well documented.
  3. Germany and Spain are considering a radical approach. On the basis that the disruption will continue for up to 12 weeks, leaving no time to complete outstanding games/play-offs. 1. Consider the League complete as it stands for position pay out monies and European qualification. Great for us. 2. No Champions or relegation. There is a thought that a relegated team could legally challenge demotion as " They might have escaped" had the league run as originally planned. Great for Hearts. Meltdown in the east end of Glasgow. Celtic have already started working the media in that regard. 3. Promote two teams (four in Germany) to create a larger league for one season resulting in additional home games and income for everybody. Great for Utd and Caley. Tough on Dundee and Ayr. 4. At the end of next season relegate enough teams to bring the league back to its original numbers. As I said. different. but it shows that there are lots of options out there. Not all will be fair for every team but a compromise will have to be found and tough decisions made. Whatever is to happen will depend on how long the suspension lasts and how much time exists before the new season begins. It's a mess.
  4. I think the pace at which this thing is moving answers your point to a degree. It was only late yesterday that the US shut down all major Sport, including at Sawgrass where they were trying to complete the Players Championship with no spectators. Why did they let the golf start? Same as at Ibrox. It seemed adviseable at the time. But the situation changed. Add to that recent announcements from around Europe covering most sports and today the news that numerous players and coaches from the EPL are infected. I think our lot were left with little alternative but to use common sense, do an about turn and postpone with immediate effect. It is only surprising that it took so long and that Sturgeon was waiting until Monday to implement any action. In hindsight I suspect she wishes she had not opted to delay until Monday. But events and circumstances have overtaken that decision in any event. I have no idea why Cheltenham races are still on and why the rugby in Cardiff is going ahead (aspecially as all PRO 14 Rugby is suspended). Whether cancelling events will halt the spread to any great extent is debatable but freeing up emergency services is a valid point. Common sense has been applied and if the decision contributes in any way to coping with the outbreak then it's justified.
  5. And the rest of the Europe. Common sense applied for once by our Authorities. Sensible to play safe. Time for you to wake up to reality.
  6. SFA and SPFL Joint Response Group currently in urgent discussions re this weeks fixtures. From the Daily Mail Scottish correspondent. And EPL EFL suspended
  7. It's surely not simply about vulnerable folk avoiding a football match. Non vulnerable folk can pick up the virus and act as carriers when later visiting those in the vulnerable range. Parents as an example.
  8. I agree totally. Just shows that only rich Associations have the funds to get round the agreement. I think it has also happened in Spain and Italy, maybe France. The terms enable EPL/Sky to show what they like. when they like. Fines to them mean bugger all. Good point re outside Europe. Maybe that's a technical issue MFC could look at for you guys.
  9. Seems pretty unfair given the circumstances in that it's a rescheduled game and the original match would have been fine. The Uefa objection /agreement only applies to games from a country's top division. so that's why the Cardiff game can be broadcast. It's also why lower league games are actively scheduled when Champions League games are on, so Sky have midweek football to broadcast down South. having lost European games to BT. Sky do sometimes broadcast top flight or cup games on Champions League game days but either Sky or EPL are happy to pay the fine that goes with that breaking of the rules. The power of television money and viewing figures it seems, Our wee League could allow broadcasts but as they have no money to pay the fines then that is a non starter. It would be interesting to see what would happen if a Rangers v Celtic clash was unavoidable during Champions Leage game time.
  10. So the monies paid out do not show as an expense on the Profit and Loss Account for the year then?
  11. Just been reading through this thread properly for the first time. Here’s a suggestion. Incurring a loss at the same time as repaying outstanding debts of £1m seems a bit weird but maybe the loss of £436k was effectively on paper only, to ensure no tax liability and produce a loss which could be offset against future or past profits. If we had repaid the debt AFTER the tax year we would have been in the position of having to pay tax on a profit of around £500k in the tax year.. Roughly about £100k. By being tax clever and repaying the debt before the end of the tax year, I’m guessing the Club have saved a decent amount both now and in the future. Hardly on the scale of Amazon or Starbucks , but all totally legal. I’m not an Accountant so that might all be nonsense. But it makes sense to me. Many profitable Business find ways to reduce profits and therefore tax liability. Good practice. And the fact The Board do not seem at all bothered by the results might speak volumes. It also gives our Manager good reason to continue pleading poverty and to promote the need for Well Society subscriptions to keep rolling in.
  12. Not just Grimshaw. It’s the exact same on the other side. Must be team orders
  13. A certain Wullie P from 1973. Junior football match against England at Nuneaton. England 1 Scotland 5. Our man scored two. Played for East Kilbride at the time
  14. Tempting fate but after a while we have learned how to play on that Accies pitch and as a result have had some pretty good results there of late. Compare that to Livingston where game after game we persist in sticking to our usual style. Passing the ball back and forth across the back, collecting in midfield and trying to hold off/sidestep men before playing a searching pass. Contrast that to how Livingston play on their own pitch. They get the ball into the final third as quickly as possible, usually one touch, and only try to play passing football when they are in that area. Even if there was nobody to pass to, I lost count of the number of times they just punted the ball upfield into our full back areas and then pressed us into overplaying and usually giving away possession. Dykes may be an excellent player, but the rest are a bunch of journeymen who play to instructions ...and do it well. Apart from Gillespie the performance yesterday was shocking and disheartening. I take it the game plan was set out for them so Robinson and Lasley must take their share of the blame. Why are we unable or unwilling to adapt our style to suit that pitch? Time after time it’s the same story. Even when we get a fortunate result like the start of this season. I don’t buy that we don’t have the players for a more suitable approach. Man for man we have better players than Livingston, but not on yesterday’s showing. Surely professional footballers of supposed good quality are capable of adapting to conditions, if they are instructed to. Interestingly Livingston appear able to play a more passing game when playing away from home on a grass pitch. So they are able to adapt. I don’t think James Scott would have made much difference and would have been isolated in the same way as Long, eventually playing deeper and deeper. Sad to see him go though. That said we might not have been treated to the sight of Bevis Mugabi doing his very best impression of a left winger/ centre forward. Credit to him for effort, he certainly gave it his all. And having suffered through both games, YES, yesterday was far worse and more embarrassing than the defeat to Accies.

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