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  1. grizzlyg

    2021 AGM

    Great news about profit. If Robbo was still in charge he would have been straight onto the press saying he would get none of it and we cant sign anyone else. Roll on the GA express train
  2. I was critical the other day but big Bevis was immense today, Cole MOTM though, on negative side Seedorf should be nowhere near starting xi again . And Kelly looks great addition, save in injury time would have been a winner if Chapman was playing, onwards and upwards!!
  3. Well done Carroll, brilliant marking!!
  4. Odonnell giving far too much space but so far so good, get lawless on for seedorf for 2nd half....COYW
  5. Get seedorf off!.....its like playing with a man down
  6. I know I have suggested before and been laughed at but why dont we ask Chelsea if Billy Gilmour was available on loan, yes I know answer probably no but hey if you don't ask.......
  7. Maybe ohara centre half and maguire just in front of back 4
  8. Mugabi should be nowhere near first team but sadly we have no alternative as no way would I have Lamie or Mcginley in there either
  9. Ross county paid £150,000 for shaw so no way would we have paid that
  10. Hylton was rotten for us so I cant agree, ok so he set up one today and scored but hardly been a regular starter for county

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