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  1. I am happy with this...yes he has been very inconsistent but I actually think a 2yr deal might settle him and he can be more consistent. And if he improves greatly and generates interest then we would be due a transfer fee for a guy we signed for hee haw
  2. More or less agree with lot of comments, first priority was get us safe which just about secure. A lot of key players injured at different times also. Once he gets summer transfer window and clears out those that he wants rid of then next season I hope to see a vast improvement...COYW
  3. People say I am not funny (seriously they do) but Currie has to be the most cringeworthy presenter of them all
  4. Ye very concerning, he has been a great signing for us, wouldn't mind him on a permanent deal
  5. David Currie......Chick Young......Stephen Thompson....Tony Fitzpatrick....can you hear me?.........your boys took a helluva beating!!
  6. Super liam, why jon mclaughlin 8n Scotland squad ahead of him is just a joke
  7. Defo not good viewing but 3pts the priority and get it right up Goodwin. Though I fear for euros if odonnell is right wing back
  8. Can we put odonnell in Scotland strip for 2nd half ?
  9. Come on Well, give us 3 points and take the pressure off. I am even going to spare you all a bad joke this week! Lol
  10. If morton outplay us and we squeeze through on pens then that could be a good sign
  11. Hibs 3-0 up, if we get past Morton then need a huge effort, mind you we wont have woods in goal as those like me that were there in 1995 will testify
  12. That'll explain the poor performances, difficult to play underneath a big thumb
  13. Decent draw, a qos win tomorrow would be perfect and magic...nae old firm final

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