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  1. So glad I dont have premier sports and missed the deadline for the Home games
  2. Ewe dont check on forum all day and miss all the jokes, and in other news I didnt win on the golf as I bet Jon Rahm!! Ba boom
  3. Ah'll dae the jokes....lol
  4. Stream is so slow, goallllll, get In Tony....comeback is on!! Lol
  5. Mrs Grizzly just asked me if Well had signed Parker, I said 'Yes M'Lady' ba boom. Good to see us sign a defensive midfielder cos we badly needed one.......not
  6. It's the first game of the season, can we all just calm doon
  7. My mate a utd fan and told him if Trev gets back to his best he has won a watch, though only reason we have let him.go is because we have signed LK (no not Lorraine Kelly), all the best Trev
  8. Superb signing, dont know how we managed it but well done to the board.
  9. My mate is a dons fan and never rated him....as for his wife.......helllooooooooooooo
  10. All these jokes are making me tired, I can't stop Awning
  11. When I heard the news I didnt know if we had signed a player or if someone was singing the chorus from a Beck song!!! Lol
  12. My first ever full well strip, 1977, my reward for being a well behaved boy in p1 ..lol
  13. grizzlyg

    Stevie O'D

    Superb Stevie, took loads of pelters in press on Monday but was awesome tonight along with all the players, here's hoping we dont blow it now v Croatia
  14. grizzlyg


    I am absolutely gutted about this news, never met andy but various conversations on forum. Puts everything into perspective, RIP
  15. All a bit serious on here, anyone want a joke?........ok...just a suggestion!!!)! Lol

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