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  1. Oxford v Wycombe tonight, Gorrin booked after 27mins, had £1 on him.but not much of a return as odds were 1/20!!! Lol
  2. Very sad, was a well legend and I remember my Dad telling me loads of stories about the Ancell Babes when he was watching the well home and away
  3. A very good point Stu and do agree with it and I have no issues with our signings. I am very vocal about the youth academy as I feel we have built a great reputation for attracting youngsters as they will get their chance, I also do appreciate that if the players aren't ready then the club cant push them into the first team. At end of day I just need to trust the management and backroom staff. COYW
  4. Would be great to see but judging on the signings we are making the club seem to have forgotten about the youngsters. We seem to be spending a lot of money which I dont know where it's coming from as Robbo was pleading poverty a few months back, but you know what if we go on to have a great season and fingers crossed get a run in Europe I will be the first to say great decision, I just feel we still need a great youth academy...COYW
  5. Looking forward to seeing his cheery face next season!!...only joking good news but now let's concentrate on getting wingers unless he maybe sees Polworth as a wide option. COYW
  6. Armstrong too intelligent for a lot of Sellik fans. He is always so articulate so a lot of their fans probably couldn't understand him!!
  7. Hopefully move down south and even option of back to us on loan. I hate seeing promising players go to old firm as so often their careers stagnate. If Turnbull did go to Sellik then hopefully he would have same ambition as Stuart Armstrong as he used Sellik to get move to Premiership. I hope Turnbull continues where he left off, imagine a future Scotland midfield of him and Billy Gilmour, with super Allan being the defensive one behind them..COYW
  8. Gone to pens, hope Pompey win after the way Oxford shafted us over Cadden . No offence to Gorrin though
  9. We wouldn't get £200k as I think the deal would be we get Lang for a small amount but forfeit our sell on clause for Cedric. Personally I would rather take the £200k and invest it into the academy but that's just my opinion...COYW
  10. If that deal went through I just feel we could do more with the £200k but again if Lang proves to be a good signing then I wont complain
  11. Surely we risk losing a lot of money then if we sacrifice the sell on fee?.
  12. Fear not......just been booked in the 86th min
  13. Not a bad line up but wouldn't have Hylton in line up ahead of Polworth or o'hara. I would be keen on a back 3 of Gallagher, lamie and Donnelly. Turnbull, Campbell, o'hara, polworth and hastie midfield with watt and long up front
  14. I have no problems with him.being back and if he reproduces his early form then happy days. I know some fans aren't happy but at end of day he will be wearing well top for the time being and giving him pelters isn't going to help anyone. Yes he could have handle things better but he's a young lad and I am sure we all done daft things when younger, I mean look at me....i told honking jokes when i was younger and now look at me.........hmmmmmmmm ....COYW

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