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  1. His save against Larsson for us at Parkhead in 1999 was world class. RIP Goalie
  2. Anyone remember Keanu Baccus?, He has just signed for St Mirren but I don't remember seeing him at Fir Park!! Ba boom
  3. I reckon Donnelly will be next
  4. I am not sure what future for SOD is but do feel sorry for him. Had some howlers last season and took a lot of unfair stick where other players (KVV an example could make lot of errors plus loads of bookings) but get less criticism. Happens at all clubs, always have players that can be scapegoats. With regards to Spittal and mcginn I am happy to sign them ahead of lower league English dross which we have done a lot (with odd gem discovered),. As John Lennon said about new signings...."All we are sayyyyyyying......is give them a chance"
  5. Surely not!!!!! I need to up my game then. Beware folks ...lol
  6. Yep let's pleassseeeeeee give the lad a chance. Solid signing and good experience
  7. Wow!!!!! What a signing.....ahh it's Paul. Good experience but not sure where he fits in if we have SOD. could (and hopefully) play left back but if that was case we should sign an actual left back
  8. Hopefully better quality than some in that photo
  9. If that is true would be interesting...highly rated....in fact would be an ahem....TOP CATch.......sorry folks
  10. Didn't realise I was in minority of not rating Carroll and McGinley, hopefully they can prove me wrong next season but I remain unconvinced...COYW
  11. My worry is Alexander is happy with Carroll and McGinley. No offence to them but in my opinion are 2 of the poorest full backs I have seen in the 45 years I have been going to Fir park, and believe you me I have seen a few brutal players over the years
  12. The scrapbooks look great. I might get Willie Hunter one, was my dad's hero growing up. Got great photo of him with Willie Hunter in main stand when it was being built, my dad was in 1st year
  13. Season ticket renewed for John Hunter stand.....the lads are gutted!! Lol
  14. grizzlyg

    Need help

    First time in a fortnight I have managed to get into site.....sorry folks......I am back!!! Lol
  15. Not been convinced about Woolery until he hit a bit of form roundabout march and then bizarrely was dropped. Another totally baffling decision by GA. hopefully next season woolery can push on and become a key player

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