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  1. With him being number 99, he had a flakey when he was on the bench on Sunday!! Sorry. Not convinced about Cole either, need a pacy winger but where we find one I dont know....let's ask Martin Foyle.......then again....mibbees naw
  2. Never been one calling for his head but I do agree the next 4 are vital. He has a lot to do to change minds of doubters..COYW
  3. If any of you are trying to forget about yesterday here is a cheery story for you. Last week we had a decorator in the house, found out later he was a British Airways pilot who was on furlough and was earning extra cash. He made a lovely job of the landing. Ba boom
  4. Need to compete in middle of the park as Dicker and Power for killie do a lot of battling in there, mind you wee Allan can fit both in his back pocket.
  5. I would love to have Aldred back, thought he was immense. I know I am in minority but I am not a massive Carroll fan but certainly better than Lamie and Mcginley. Dunne has pace but that is all. We all know about his distribution
  6. As most know I have been banging the youth academy drum for a while and have taken a lot of criticism which I must add has been mainly constructive. But I tell you what I would rather have say Cornelius...Devine...maguire in line up and giving us loads of effort rather than some of the players out there. I know a few have said Hartley shouldn't have went but sorry last season we could all see he was struggling. The problem has been recruitment which just beggars belief. I dont know what solution is and I just think Robbo has got to stage where he doesn't know what to change. COYW
  7. The only thing that could have made today worse was listening to andy walker co-commentating and kris boyd summarising........oh hold on!!
  8. I know it can be easy to criticise players but looking at 4th goal what on earth is Lamie doing?....move to the side and give guy a clear shot at goal
  9. Only highlight is that eejit McGregor doesn't get a clean sheet
  10. Looking at our next 4 games anything less than 7pts and I am sorry but change is needed. I know we all have different Robbo opinions and I have cut him a lot of slack but there comes a point when enough is enough.....what the answer is I haven't a clue
  11. Robbo must have thought 'how can I give the well fans a boost......I know...let's bring on seedorf and white!!'.....jeez
  12. Surely that was handball by McGregor!! Lol

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