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  1. Because he was entertaining to watch, total panto villain . Also felt robbo took huge gamble bringing on Hartley for long, almost inviting hearts to attack but hey we won so right decision
  2. Tough call but went for long, great shift and fast as a whippet. Grimmy, Carroll and hylton also good
  3. Agreed as he can play wayward passes also but miles ahead of Hartley. I wont mind if Hartley starts but I feel Mugabi deserves to keep his place..COYW
  4. Hopefully no-one offers us anything for big Declan, dont want to see us losing star players. I would also start Mugabi, yes Hartley been doing ok but still think his distribution is woeful
  5. Yep cant believe he started Scott tonight....hey Heh!! COYW. Only joking buddy, all about opinions. Grumpy long will be even grumpier now....the scouse skippy
  6. Was in 2011 when Griffiths got sent off. Was year we got the final
  7. 7.20 on a Saturday evening?. Nah no thanks and not being morbid but heres hoping no one gets too inebriated and does anything daft
  8. We are not in a position to rest players so no way can we afford to drop big Declan. Also I would start Scott and give Long a rest. Also bring in Dicky for Grimshaw. Really need to be looking for 6 points from next 2 games as next 2 after that I can't see us getting anything
  9. Strange one today, for first 25 mins I had assumed it was the players Christmas party last night as they were so off the pace. We at least improved and a 4-0 win always good though saints were poor. Also imagine if we had a front line of long and skippy!! 'Carlsberg dont do grumpy forward lines....but if they did..COYW
  10. Yet again we concede terrible goals. This needs to get sorted asap or I fear us going on a bad run. Need to get back to winning ways
  11. Delighted for big Declan, hope he has a man of the match performance to silence Willie Miller, his bias towards Aberdeen players is shocking
  12. I am 5'4 and the other side of 40 but I tell you what I could do a better job up front than oli mcburnie...in fact must be the name as oli burke not much better. Would be better with Murs and Hardy!!!..ba boom
  13. Thought big man done well today. Clarke should stick with him and McKenna and try and get a steady partnership. Unlucky for their goal, wasn't his fault as guy had free shot but mind you was a cracker
  14. Big man doing well so far, not lost many headers......hope I don't tempt fate
  15. 22-1 for him to score and Scotland win....have put a wee punt on it

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