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  1. Campbell by a mile but the pigeons role as a ghost no.9 was immense....miles better option than seedorf (sorry sherwin)
  2. Decent performance with Campbell my man of match. Scott so frustrating as needs to get final pass sorted. Grimmy was grim and seedorf really needs to up game but award for covering most grass goes to the pigeon!! Heh he
  3. A lot of folk should be eating humble pie, another player that has taken a lot of stick
  4. Sorry folks, I apologise for having little faith. PS. WILLIE MILLER....RICHARD GORDON....DENIS LAW....ANNIE LENNOX......YOUR BOYS TOOK A HELLUVA BEATING
  5. Our record in the big league games can be poor so I am not confident tonight bit here's hoping I am wrong...COYW
  6. Jeez, how long did it take you to type all of that!!! Heh he
  7. Hopefully better than last time we played them in cup and got beat, also bad memories of league cup in late 80's when paul kinnaird scored winner for them
  8. Very true, sums up premiership when paying £4 million for a 32yr old back up
  9. Gillespie got big decision because if he moves it has to be to a guaranteed first team place, mind you money talks
  10. None of us were on the bridge and have seen the CCTV so let's all wait till end of course case before making any judgements. If he is found guilty then yes big decisions have to be made but let's all just focus on the games....COYW
  11. 7.30 Ko crazy, hope those going make it a great atmosphere and dont get too inebriated before it. Dont want any more unwanted headlines...COYW
  12. Yep agree totally, getting fed up with these daft incidents. If one of our players had anything thrown at them we would be wanting the offender dealt with. Come on folks let's cut out this nonsense and concentrate on backing the team...COYW
  13. Great that we have Carson on new deal, was outstanding before his problems but Gillespie been great also. Biggest fear was both leaving but at we least we have Trev on long term deal
  14. I think Scott still has a lot to learn and a move now wouldn't benefit him unless Bristol City made us a huge offer. Look at Lee Erwin and Jake Hastie. Both moved far too soon

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