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  1. grizzlyg

    91 CUP FINAL

    Still hard to believe man of the match was Dave Bowman!!
  2. grizzlyg

    91 CUP FINAL

    Wasnt at Athens mate and gutted I didnt make it to Dortmund or Nancy. However I know it only meant premiership survival but seeing us beat gers 6-1 on aggregate was immense
  3. grizzlyg

    91 CUP FINAL

    Hi Folks Hope you are well and staying safe and sticking to the guidelines in place. Just a wee note to say that the BBC SCOTLAND channel is showing the 91 cup final in its entirety on Sunday from 7.15pm. Means I will need to record Antiques Roadshow now!! COYWWWWWWW
  5. I agree 100% with you. In flashes has shown ability but not enough. Mind you he is better than seedorf and Ilic. Needs to do a lot more but to be fair when you are signing players from Solihull then we shouldn't be expecting miracles. Hopefully I have now tempted fate and Jermaine scores a hat trick on Friday night!!
  6. Not disputing that mate and fully aware these teams are battling to stay up. However I would still have hoped for more points which could have given us a clear gap over Dons. Hopefully the lads can get a great victory on fri night...COYW
  7. Good for Dundee Gin who love injury time
  8. Thank feck!!! Last result to come in. Could have been worse but 5 out of 12 pts against bottom 4 teams ain't good
  9. With Don's now winning why do I have a bad feeling.....hopefully I am proved wrong
  10. I wont comment, I get into trouble when I criticise him. Though hope he scores the winner for us and I will forgive him....come on Jermaine!!
  11. Also strangest thing about last night apart from me actually giving Hylton some praise was the fact we now have a sponsor for injury time only!! Go yourself Dundee Gin
  12. Special mention for o'hara but has to be super Allan Campbell
  13. Miles better tonight and a much needed 3 pts. Campbell outstanding but I also like O'Hara and would like him signed. Now i know i give Hylton a hard time but he was better tonight but both him and Aaron's need to provide better crosses. Long very good again but jeez he is mr grumpy, the scouse skippy!! Heh he...COYW
  14. Here is a wacky suggestion...why dont we play Hylton and Aaron's on the side with their preferred foot, that way we arent as predictable.....just saying

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