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  1. Reminds me of Ross forbes, had purple patch when couldn't stop scoring then form dipped rapidly
  2. An element of our fans really need to get a grip
  3. We seem to go on a great run and then throw in a honking performance, I expect a reaction on Saturday. Definitely needs team freshening up. At least 3 from last night should be nowhere near starting line up.
  4. Well hopefully cctv can find the clown and ban him. Sorry it is frustrating for all of us but we never feel.need to throw objects at captain. Feck Me I suffered watching John Gardiner in goals but never resorted to throwing a pie
  5. Yep , sadly we have an element that drag the club down
  6. Carlsberg don't do feck ups..............but if they did
  7. Can't blame that on burrows. The players on the pitch are the ones you want to question
  8. Absolute embarrassing. Hopefully just a blip. For those hoping mugabi stays I.hope his performance tonight was a one off, and I apologise but we need a left back and quick
  9. WOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF as archie would say
  10. Ye sounds about right , loads possession plenty corners then score for the opposition
  11. Stop the bloody outswinging corners!!

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