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  1. grizzlyg

    2019'20 Game 9: Aberdeen (H)

    Bad day at the office but let's not all go into doom and gloom. Still 3rd and yes I agree as always we blow a massive 6 pointer. Seedorf has to be dropped and earn his place honking today
  2. grizzlyg

    Aberdeen Man of the Match

    Jeez almost impossible but went for long
  3. grizzlyg

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    Mark Caughey and Paul Kinnaird were lethal in the late 80's!!!
  4. grizzlyg

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Perth glory v Brisbane roar on bt sport, aldred playing centre half. Shame we couldn't keep him as imagine him and big Declan as the centre defence
  5. grizzlyg

    Declan for Scotland

    Need to persevere with Clarke as this isn't going to be quick fix. Also I felt getting rid of Strachan was correct. He had 2 campaigns and his stubbornness cost us qualifying. I would start big Declan on Sunday, has big chance to cement that place as not a lot of competition. I would also play front 2 of Shankland and Russell, Russell's loyalty is a credit and he deserves a chance. And last night should be last time we see Snodgrass, woeful last night. Also once Tierney fit Clarke has big dilemma as Robertson struggling but I feel captaincy plays a part with that. I would try Tierney left-back and Robertson left-mid. My Sunday team would be Marshall Palmer(as we have no-ne else), Declan, Findlay, Robbo Forrest Christie McGinn McGregor Russell Shankland
  6. grizzlyg

    Which club will take our Manager ?

    AC Milan looking for a manager
  7. grizzlyg

    Motherwell FC Hall of Fame

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh Willie Willie. My first well hero and brings back memories of a true and funny story from about 1976/77 (When I was 4/5). My mum and dad were going to Pinnochios in Hamilton for a meal and as they entered Willie P was leaving, my Mum says 'excuse me Willie....any chance of an autograph for our son?'......Willie says 'of course'. My dad also huge Well fan and said 'aye Willie....our Gary is a huge fan of yours and we both thought you had a great game today'. As Willie P left my mum said to my dad......'did he not get sent off today?'.....my dad replied 'whoops....forgot that'. I did get the autograph though and although I lost my dad 5 years ago that story always brings a smile to my face....COYW
  8. grizzlyg

    2019'20 Game 8: St Mirren (H)

    I take it Long had 1-0 on his coupon judging by his total grumpy face after scoring, come on Chris, gies a smile
  9. grizzlyg

    Declan for Scotland

    Better than Devlin.. findlay and definitely Hanley although he is injured.
  10. grizzlyg

    Declan for Scotland

    Three cheers for Grizzlyg suggesting it...hip hip.........Heh he
  11. grizzlyg

    St Mirren Man of the Match

    Polworth definitely but Hartley, Campbell and big Declan good and Scott for goal.. Maguire nervy start but had good 2nd half
  12. grizzlyg

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Good move but no doubt a few will be unhappy as he divides opinion
  13. grizzlyg

    Robbo on Sportsound

    Was a very good interview and a good insight as to why we played our unattractive style at first and then progressed.
  14. grizzlyg

    Declan for Scotland

    After starting the Dicky Tait for Scotland thread 2 years ago...(down like a lead balloon).....what is everyone's thoughts about big Declan Gallagher for Scotland?. Been very impressed and his ability in the air superb. A no nonsense centre half and we are not exactly blessed with options.....Mulgrew....Hanley!!!!!. I think he deserves at least a call up and show in training what he can do.....COYW
  15. grizzlyg

    2019'20 Game 7: St Johnstone (A)

    Watching it on alba, not a classic but at least I know it's a happy ending. Still worry about Hartley in centre of defence, distribution poor and rash in tackles

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