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  1. No way will GA Drop o'Donnell , I would go 3 5 2, Mugabi, ojala and Lamie/sondre, SOD and Mcginley as wing backs, Donnelly behind slattery and Goss and KVV and Tony up front. Would drop woolery as still to be convinced about him....COYW
  2. All about opinions but I must have been watching a different game if Mcginley and grimmy managed to get votes
  3. Just watched highlights and I am not sure if it's a foul before 1st goal but jeez o'donnell and Kelly were poor, o'Donnell totally unaware where Jota was and Kelly basically telling him where to put it. The Turnbull strike is world class (I certainly didn't applaud it though), as for the handball, an absolute disgrace from the officials, onwards and upwards
  4. To be fair, he is now a celtic player so is hardly going to celebrate like victor Meldrew, I just thought it was nice touch of class not to run about mad after scoring
  5. Just going with general opinion, 4 3 3 needs changed, grimmy gives you everything but is very limited, woolery I am sorry but doesn't bring enough and left back is a big problem. Blatant handball a disgrace so spare me the pish from sellik fans that they never get decisions. And also fair play to turnbull for not celebrating though I am bewildered he got booed early on, jeez get a grip!!, lifelong well fan, signs new contract to get us max money buy yet still gets stick, embarrassing
  6. Goss for Grimmy would have been my choice, going with 2 wingers interesting. I assume Lamie injured as not even on bench...COYW
  7. grizzlyg

    Tony Watt

    All getting a bit angry on here......time for a grizzly joke me thinks
  8. Having read the good article on KVV on bbc website, if we win tomorrow I am getting totally 'plastered ba boom
  9. I would like to think a good one, never demanded a move, signed new contract and got us £3 million, but mind you I remember Lambert getting booed when he returned and he left us to Join Dortmund and win the champions league!!
  10. Still not sure about Woolery, Roberts possibly ahead of him. Left side a weakness as not convinced by either Carroll or mcginley
  11. Still 45 mins to go but if we lose let's all not go on doom and gloom. We have only lost 1 game in league before today. All teams have bad days. And hey....at least we don't support Dundee!!....COYW
  12. Plenty time left, keep the faith
  13. Just can't understand that, lamie been playing well and set up goal last week. I just never feel comfortable with mugabi
  14. My mate is an Aberdeen fan and after recent run he is shattered!!
  15. Great for Kelly that he is in ahead of Clark, still strange that rangers no.2 gets a place even though he is a decent keeper

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