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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/17570242
  2. there was a guy at the top of the south stand that spend all the game untill ojamaa got taken off writing notes .. had a peek and he was writing separate notes about ojamaa and higdon, someone from another club scouting, or maybe an away scout taking notes for the 2nd leg ?
  3. Reading on here before matches make me nervous as fuck! Never thought i would be dissapointed with finishin in a euro league spot before
  4. DavyMcAlpine


    went for jennings.. he was the only one in the first half who when he got the ball was getting it down and trying to pass it just after rangers scored
  5. http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/4123362/Motherwell-news-Legend-Willie-Pettigrew-reckons-watching-Henrik-Ojamaa-is-like-turning-the-clock-back.html
  6. replaced my brothers aswell
  7. so far im not even bothered i didnt get a season ticket this season
  8. sort of knew that he wouldnt have scored it one of those nights
  9. goals from set pieces .. typical Motherwell eh ?
  10. DavyMcAlpine


    people will pick juke because of his topper of a goal but the full game even when the heads went down a bit sutton kept playin. he was the motm
  11. here here ... yer no a true fan if yae fuck off when weer getting beat
  12. ahhhhhhhhhahahah omg my heads soo sore ... what a fuckin game ... awl the c***s tht left early sayin shite aboot wee papi broon are c***s wee lukey juke tae fuck me sign um ! xxx

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