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  1. I agree. At the moment our wingers are a waste of a shirt with none of them able to keep hold of the ball. It’s time to pack the midfield, go 2 up front and fight for your life.
  2. I agree that Campbell has not been anywhere good enough for a while but don’t think I’m ready to give up on him. We have played 5 at the back and 3 up front under Robinson which left our midfield under resourced. It’s the area I’d like to see Alexander sort out the most. Fixing the midfield so that we protect the defence and create good chances is a priority.
  3. That’s the market we should be looking in for now. We also got Kipre and Ruddy that way if I’m correct.
  4. It seems like a strange thing to say but I’m almost glad about today’s result. It doesn’t paper over any cracks and it lets Alexander see exactly what the rest of us have been viewing all year. He can see from that, that we quite often are a 45 minute team, we don’t shoot enough when a half chance is there and we have players who can perform but lack the confidence to see out a game. There were some good performances in the first half especially so I have faith. He doesn’t have an easy task however.
  5. He seems to be the only one we have. If his form was that of 2019 then I’d agree. Hopefully the new manager or a new formation will help him.
  6. We can only hope. I'd also add an attacking midfielder/playmaker to that list as we desperately need someone to create chances.
  7. Does anyone else worry about our substitutions? Every game someone comes on at 60-65 mins and it never works. Today was another example. We were leading, everyone was doing a job when we didn’t have the ball (a lot, I know) dropping off into 2 banks of 5 and it seemed to be working. When the substitution was made we were left with less of an outlet and lost goals not long after. My main gripe is why change it? If it’s because of tiredness then I don’t understand how a pro sportsman can’t last 90 mins. Watt didn’t look to be breathing heavily on leaving the pitch and actually looked a bit annoyed at being hooked.
  8. O'Donnell for the excellent cross and a couple of mazy runs to get us up the park.
  9. We’re back to playing the impotent football of a couple of seasons ago before the emergence of Turnbull and the other youth players. These players arguably kept Robinson in a job. It’s difficult to see how we’re going to get out of this hole. Having done it before does he deserve another chance?
  10. If the aim of the game was to header over the bar from a corner we’d have the fuckin league wrapped up already.
  11. Knee injury. Came out for a clearing header. No-one touched him. Tried to carry on for a couple of mins. Had to come off.
  12. I agree totally with this. I generally regard myself as being in the happy clapper camp but lately I have been driven mad by how boring and predictable the tactics have become. There is no pace, very little skill on show, everything is basic. Is it a case that we don't have any more to offer, could it be down to confidence or something else?
  13. We have almost no chance in Israel. To win away in Europe you need to have a defence that can tackle without fouling and you need to play on the break. Our defence panic under pressure and our wingers are all off form and cannot create a decent attack.

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