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  1. CMWellfan


    You know, it really isn't. In his rush to mouth off, he has just green-lighted the merchandising idea. Amazing.
  2. CMWellfan


    Hold on, I'm just checking your post for plagiarism Similar to your good self I have to constantly check content supplied to me from various sources, including authors, article writers, and content creators to ensure that among other things they are not lifting articles direct from published sources. You will be familiar with the tools required to run said checks. You will also be familiar with the curse of content spinning. You'll be pleased to hear that I just ran your post through a few plagiarism checks and you returned a score of 93% original. I have no doubt if you concentrated you could improve on that figure. I own more copyrights than I care to mention on this forum. One of the scourges of copyright is piracy, as you know. I recently had a case where a pirate operation raised a complaint because I shut down a website they relied upon for content. Hilarious, huh? You'll be fully aware of the damage these pirate operations can do to original content creators. You will also be aware that the major internet operators are all over that like a rash. I won't insult you by telling you how. Re-read your post - you may even have to sleep on it and come back to it. What a glaring error you have made for someone that is supposedly a copyright specialist. Laughable. In fact - Idiotic.
  3. CMWellfan


    All the club has to do is to make a simple phone call to a copyright law specialist to get an initial opinion. If it gets knocked back, fine. If there are grounds for copyright, the club should go for it and retain the rights for COMMERCIAL USE.
  4. CMWellfan


    Prove it. Give us a written description of how you deal with a copyright issue every other week at least. What's involved?
  5. CMWellfan


    You do know how musical copyright works, huh? Clearly not. Otherwise you wouldn't have posted such wilful stupidity. The club should apply for it, it will either be granted, or it won't be. As for your digital marketing comment, I deal with copyright infringement and plagiarism issues several times a year. Have you ever? even once in your life? Would you know where to start?
  6. CMWellfan


    Usual gibbering by people that don't have a clue. This very day two of my colleagues are making a fortune from what I described. One of them sold out his company at the age of twenty-four and is now traveling the world. Shall we ask the experts or listen to you clueless clowns?
  7. Interesting that two of the six summer signings so far are for one year only? ( Griffiths and Rose ) . I'm maybe more surprised by Griffiths signing for one year. ......... Congrats to McHugh, make us all happy and sign a contract extension please.
  8. I know fine well how much money can be made from social media. Doesnt mean I have to like or use all platforms myself. I think the biggest trick the club are missing is hiring yourself as Social Media & Marketing guru! Then we could have wee Lanarkshire vikings cutting around football stadiums the world over clapping like a golf fan on coke and making the club so much money our signing targets for next summer will be Higuain,Messi,Ronaldo and Martyn Waghorn
  9. Staggering stuff. Do you have any idea how much businesses and individuals make from Facebook? And that includes MFC? This very day there's someone on Twitter asking if they could buy the superb Lasley tribute photo. Our club social media images are excellent. The club is poor at monetizing them. If they were better at it more money would be available for rebuilding the squad. Which brings us right back on topic.
  10. CMWellfan


    Just read this thread - major opportunity missed by the club, and I mean major. Worldwide interest in the so-called Viking chant. The Iceland fans admitted they got it from the Well Bois. Copyright the chant for the benefit of the club. Get the right mascot in place - get in contact with the Chinese manufacturers, and produce a chanting version of the mascot. Easy done. Sell the licence to other football clubs so they can produce their own versions in their club colours. Copyright application is cheap and easy. The Scottish government, Chinese embassy and other agencies will assist in locating the manufacturer. The British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai are also very good. As per usual, too much for the halfwit brigade on this forum to take in. It's hard enough for them to remember what spreading cheese they like for their piece, and what bus to catch to work. I bet ya someone in the commercial department reads this and says "dafuq, why did we not think of that?" Naturally, once they do it I'll be taking the credit on here, just to wind ya'll up. Which is easy.
  11. You really are a sanctimonious clown.
  12. Yes I know that - you'll be aware I posted months ago of the importance of issuing season tickets direct to the kids. Give the kids a sense of ownership, don't make them add ons. This is not rocket science - the club has a realistic spare capacity of 6,000 seats. Give 3,000 of them direct to the kids and watch our support soar as the kids drive adults to attend with them, the opposite affect of the current scheme. By the way, the club email marketing is still somewhere between poor and dire, which is a pity because a lot of their social media marketing is good. There are legal restrictions in email marketing to kids, I'm not proposing the club does that, but the email marketing to adults has to improve. On this thread we have had people say they forgot about the £20.00 kids ticket - a missed opportunity. An email reminder to the adult fan base may have picked up several more. On top of that - broken record time - this forum should be doing more to support the club marketing. Last week I had the temerity to start a thread highlighting the club videos - that wee idiot came on to the thread and moaned about it. A fine example of denigrating an effort to HIGHLIGHT club media. Staggering in it's stupidity. One of you mods should be running a fundraising thread for the Les Hutchison double your money offer. One of you mods should be running a "have you bought your season ticket," thread. I note the club promoting a comedy night - no mention of it here? maybe I missed it. So how about ya'll starting to use the heid and use this forum to promote the club and the club social media.

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