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  1. Im the same and for whatever reason I thought I could book buses at the same time Whats Plan B Shaka, I currently don't have one.
  2. Is Niall McGinn out our range? NI Connection with Lafferty?
  3. He was tasked with Keeping us up. Fingers crossed he achieves....
  4. Hope your Well mate. Taking the Boy. You needing a Lift? Im going for Tickets tomorrow Morning? Let me know mate.
  5. Whats the deal with Taking a Car? Where is the Best to Park etc...
  6. Remember a Deadline Day a few years ago and somebody thought we were going to sign Obertan.
  7. He was Piss poor yesterday. No confidence and not good enough. We have been blessed with fantastic keepers in previous years, but this is not acceptable. We need someone else. and fast.
  8. If I was to go to work today and perform like the team today. I would have been sacked. Disgusting.
  9. Can you use this on the Iphone and stream using software that Apple don't allow you to use.
  10. Guys.. Does everybody not see a threat from St.Johnstone.. Win there spare game and only 8 points behind.. Thoughts

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