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  1. For Celtics need for a keeper and us having the perfect answer for them to bit 375k is shocking. Considering they bid 1million for Henry from Dundee last night. Is they want Carson that much they need to either put up or shut up. It's not going to be doing Carson any favors. I can see him being on the bench tonight as robbo won't rusk his state of mind. Yet the Celtic fans will. Say that it's because he's having a medical at parkhead
  2. Officially announced 375k rejected
  3. Anthony stokes has been released by hibs. We must be in with a shout in taking him. I recon the dressing room morale and the leaders that we have in the dressing room should keep him on the straight and narrow
  4. He went to the hammers for a few quid but never made an appearance. As for carson I truly believe he won't go as Robinson can get him the no1/spot for NI. All he will do at parkhead is sit in the bench. It's typical celic buy players from other SPL clubs who cause them problems. They are due to play us and currently don't have a striker who could hit a coo in the arse with a banjo
  5. What's everyone's thoughts on dropping mchugh, playing dunne Hartley aldred and Tait at the back. Pushing kipre in to centre mid with Campbell alongside him. Cadden on the right tanner on the left with main and çiftçi up front
  6. What about Stevie Malian he moved to Barnsley in the summer played 1 game. Great in the ball, Creative and fantastic delivery
  7. What's everyone's thoughts on Curtis main? Looking at his stats there not the greatest. If that's all we can attract then we are in trouble.
  8. What's everyone's thoughts to see if we could even get Liam Henderson on loans from Celtic and Jonny Hayes even just til the end of the season so we can steady things push on and rebuild again in the summer. Fisher needs pushed out he's woeful.
  9. Andrew1988

    Agm 2017

    I think the well bois moving to the other end would be a good benefit. I get that parents in the Cooper stand may object but I take my two kids 6 and 4 and would fully backing. Could be a great benefit in the fact the it could create a bigger atmosphere focusing on the team and what we are good it
  10. Let's talk about whom replaces moult. What if cadden goes.

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