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  1. True Kent class act. Not good enough for Klop but easillly above spl standard. Also Gerrard connection. Pool also got promising young quick wingers not getting game though will be spl standard.Given Jones has had more experience/ Also other experienced wingers. For development. It makes sense Jake stays and evolves to the star he can be.
  2. Barry Ferguson in news today advising Jake may be better at Well and listing quite a few wingers Sevco got on books already. Also mentions Kent possibly staying at Sevco.
  3. Yes suspect club knows more and no statement yet. Hope he chooses working with mates and guarantee of 1st team football. Then to leave for much bigger club down south. Just really want to gind out for certain before I buy a Hastie jersey.
  4. Hope so. If its guy from dressing room, its more valid. Yes hope Turnbull and his other pals/ team mates make a difference. Feels like its going on longer than brexit.
  5. We heard this from the sun days ago. Its not really new ? Even clubs sometimes get rumours. Turnbull in news today asking him to stay.
  6. Dissapointed we didnt damage them more! 3 nil flatters them. Rekegation i think for the poor relations.
  7. Why go to slippy and sevco? Come on Jake! Sign! COYW!
  8. Amazes me why he was not offered good contract after cup final. ?And same as Turnbull. ? Part of reason interest up is psychological an economical that others can aquire a steal. Please dont go to sevco! Least we win more leagues and cups than sevco.
  9. The guys a pro! He has a few goals and assists at lower league and smashing it in Prem. Dont call a 19 year old pish! The fact he was annoyed at Robbo taking him off is quite promising that he may sign. If he was off to other club then why react to robbo?
  10. Ah well. We still got exciting winger Mckinstray.. ahh no hes off to Leeds! Still say club at fault on this for not sorting contract earlier. Apathy now for rest of season. Pretty poor all round. Loosing most promising players. He could end up making them fairly big sell on fee when he moves on to bigger club. Knew from time taken he was off. Maybe get a guy from conference in now to replace him.
  11. Hope your right. Hope Arriby can stay next season too.
  12. We would still get developmemt fee but no sell on clause or big money if he fulfills his promise.
  13. Hastie linked with Milwall today and one story linking with Celtic and going back to Well on loan. That would be dissapointing. Any real news on new deal?
  14. Anyone know whats happening with Hastie contract yet? Seems to have gone quiet. Usual tabloid speculation.
  15. Yes poor boy. Hypocracy unreal. Cheated at fir park and lcf. Well done robbo for pointing that out. Unfair multi million pound team worried about team on 10th of wages equalising.
  16. Yes very considerate of brenda to mention our young striker before he leaves for bigger club bigger pay better players.To defkect news. As robbo said hypocracy is unbelievable.
  17. See brenda now at a bigger club . Wont have ref decisions there. Wont miss permatan Brenda. He will be found out soon.
  18. Hope your right mate. I know top 6 means more money but 2 more games against the ugly sisters and the racism/sectarianism from some sections of thier support is not very appealing.
  19. That is true. Just want him signed and to get to see what this team can do.
  20. As well fans were used to loosing talent as soon as its shown on pitch. Becomes demoralising after a while. Least do all we can. Other clubs speculate to accumulate. I think we missed out on Hastie and should have signed him up while on loan. Suppose we hoping he feels something for club and proper development chance.
  21. Mixed feelings about Hastie. Hes out of contract. If he plays amazing againat Celtic in game that doesnt mean much to us. We would have lesser chance of keeping him. Weeks past and still no news of contract.
  22. Yes Robinsons on record as saying we made best offer we can. Why make that public? No news yet he mentioned wanting to stay. I urge well society board to make another offer, push boat out. Great if he even had one season with Turnbull. If he scores winner against Celtic , he could gave even bigger clubs than Hull after him. Keep him and have a real go at winning a cup.
  23. Makes good viewing. Europes current top sides.

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