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  1. Oddly looking forward to this game. Think it will have a similar feel to the Livi game with both teams a bit cautious going forward and more looking to just be solid and try and nick it. A proper test this one and has the feeling of a pivotal game. Win, and it could help us find our feet again. Draw or lose and the discontent could turn a bit toxic, especially with the dreadful football we all know we're going to endure. With the youth beating Sligo and hammering Dunfermline at the weekend, hopefully there are a few fresh faces in the squad. Hopefully we don't wait until we're trailing 1-0 going into the 84th minute before we see them.
  2. The outrage on here is understandable after yesterday. I'm a fan of Robbo and can understand why he wanted to ensure that we didn't lose, but I don't understand how Livi can look like the better team at our ground with lower level players. They looked able to actually make passes and hold the ball for longer than 10 seconds. How, with the increase in transfer revenue from players sold and cup finals, we've managed to assemble a team and formation that can't play football is baffling. Again, a few decisions went against us. We definitely should have had a penalty in the first half for a blatant handball and the red card is harsh considering some of the challenges that went unchecked in the game. But despite that, we never threatened at any point. Main, Cadden, Tait, Aldred & arguably Campbell look shadows of the players they were last season. We don't have any width, invention, penetration or guile going forward. We feed off scraps and try to get lucky and at the moment, we're not very lucky. I'd give Robbo a bit more time to try and turn it round. Still has a bit of credit in the back for me and deserves time whilst there is still teams in this league doing worse than us, but something has to change.
  3. Really split on this one. My pal said the penalty miss against Killie was a big moment, but I think this game has much bigger ramifications. This sets us up for a run of winnable games that you would be forgiven for earmarking 3 points for when the fixtures got announced. With Livi having such a good defensive record and us not firing on all cylinders up top, I'm a bit concerned. Think Bowman coming back should be a big help. I'd pair him up with Johnson and try and get them buzzing off each other. Our midfield were a bit anonymous against Killie and I think Campbell was a big miss. Having him back should hopefully make a difference. Not confident but got my free ticket for a mate and looking forward to it.
  4. Is it just a matter of where he's playing? I've not seem him deliver a ball well for quite some time and, bar his shot against Aberdeen, I've not seen him connect with a shot in a while either. He had two great chances against Hearts to get a shot on target and neither of them made the highlights because he hit them so poorly. I think it's got to be a matter of sitting him on the bench and trying to get him to work his way back into the side. Get Tait in at RWB on his natural foot to deliver some better balls into the box.
  5. Can't help but feel he was still a handful and got inside our back 3's head. It must be mentally exhausting to know that every time a ball is launched forward you have this big lummox all over you who's got a few inches in height on you. He's the kind of player you hate to play against but love to see in your side. Gets involved, riles players up and chips in with a few goals. Sort of like Main when he first joined, who's worrying dip in form really needs remedied. I was glad to see Bowman back involved, think he is pivotal to how we are choosing to play and would start him and Johnson when they're both fully fit.
  6. Have to echo the sentiments about Cadden and his form just now. I don't think it's a matter of him 'being wasted at RWB' but it's more just his confidence and his ability to be effective just now. There were two chances in the first half that might be easily forgotten about because he hit them so poorly. One from a half cleared corner he should've struck convincingly on the volley and another from a wide free kick that Bigi pulled back to him. Two obvious chances to get a shot on target and ones, with a packed penalty area, could've caused problems. Both trickled into the arms of the keeper. We didn't get behind their full backs often enough but when we did, Cadden's delivery rarely beat the first man or was far too close to the goalkeeper. For a traditional winger, he really isn't making the most of his chances, especially when you consider Tait's ability to deliver isn't being properly utilised. A bit of time on the bench, Tait RWB and ATS LWB? Other than that, thought Campbell looked assured in the centre of the park, especially in the first half, showed some great touches to create a bit of space and retain possession but needs to add another dimension once he squares up to defenders. McHugh largely impressed again at CB despite obvious mistake. Bigi's one touch passing needs to be something the rest of the midfield pick up on, otherwise the passing gets to laborious. Hearts were extremely well-organised and were always going to be tricky to break down, but we did have chances and if we get a slice of luck at the right time, like they did, there's no reason we can't beat them in the cup tie. Also, it's just as well Ikpeazu is physical because his finishing was atrocious.
  7. Slightly terrified by Uche. Seems to be the real deal so far and don't know how the backline will handle him. Hopefully Bigi continues to impress, can be our real game-changer if he keeps up this form.
  8. To be fair to Cadden, he's been shipped all over the park and basically been a utility man. I think the original plan, based on the Betfred cup opening games, was for Cadden to play centrally ahead of McHugh/Bigi/Campbell etc. which he didn't look comfortable in and went missing for a few games. He's then played RWB, RB and RM since then without any consistency, which is always going to affect how he plays.
  9. Given that they've both been injured again since, can you really say they were fit? Not to mention Frear was the best player on the park at Firhill.
  10. Would be keen to see Robbo stay on. He's a very likable manager and speaks very openly & honestly, which fits in to the club ethos at this time. Obviously the form has been dreadful and if it continues, he should be let go. But I think he's been dealt a tough hand over the previous month or two. The triple-header against Celtic, the selling of our best player & injuries to our other better players have all transpired at the same time. The squad performed really well at the start of the season, getting all our hopes up, but they are still essentially a new team that are getting used to each other & Robbo getting used to them. Bowman has refound his form from last season since Moult's gone which doesn't help. Fisher has been an overall disappointment and that leaves us with a striker leading the line that's had less than a half of professional football under his belt. This window is massive & if the signings are near the talent he brought in this summer, I'm confident he can turn this ship around.
  11. I think a lot of the signings have been really decent from the summer and it would be a shame to lose Bigi & Kipre in particular. We have been pretty injury-hit & the Dundee game was definitely a good showing of that, Dunne the most recent casualty as well. We have a better bench that what we had last season but a lot of the players are still learning or recovering. If we can tide this dip in form with a few fully fledged players ready to get straight on to the field, I'd be happy. Folk like Newell & Dimi can still feature but not relied upon & we wouldn't have to risk players like Cadden, Frear etc. in order to try and get points. There is a market down south for players like Hartley & Bigi who just need a season or half-season to reignite their career & if we can get a few of them in on loan or short term deals to tide us over to the summer that should see us be able to start next season on the front foot. Probably with some spare cash left over from a Kipre or Cadden sale.
  12. In a sense, it was unlucky to have to play them twice in a row. They were able to learn their lessons from Thursday and drill it in straight away with the lessons still fresh. Had it been a couple of weeks or longer we could've potentially caught them cold again.
  13. Wasn't able to attend today, but watched the game on BT. Have to give credit to Aberdeen more than anything else. They set out with a game plan to draw or nick it and executed it fairly well. The fact that we do have one of the best teams in the country coming to Fir Park happy to take a point does say a lot, but at the same time, it's a but disappointing we weren't able to break them down at all. They must've got a rollicking last Thursday because they certainly battled a lot harder all over the park and chased down every ball, taking a leaf out of our book. Felt like Hartley played well and looks like he's comfortable already in the set up. Definitely a danger in the opposition box as well and maybe should've got another goal today. McHugh is toiling in the centre of the park, it's tough to say, but perhaps he was better at the back when he didn't have too much to think about? He seems a bit ponderous now and his passes aren't connecting. For the first time, I think we saw what Rose's impact means to the team. As much as I like Bigi, Rose seems to win a lot of the second balls or harries a little better. I know Bowman has changed a lot of opinions with is form at the start of the season but I still think he and Moult aren't exactly in sync. A couple of Moult's nod ons should be getting pre-empted by Bowy and vice versa. And Moult should definitely have slotted Cadds in for a shot on goal in the first half. Overall not too deflated. Always going to be a tough match and I look forward to a rematch when we're competing after the split.
  14. Must say I was thoroughly impressed by the majority of the squad today. Kipre, as mentioned previously, was monumental at the back. Not only getting on the end of everything coming his way, but able to keep the ball after a tackle and distribute. Big Ben has been coming onto a game as well, feel like he's stopped dallying on the ball when in possession and won most of his aerial battles. Carson didn't have that much to do, but was great when called upon. The save in the second half was outstanding, looked for all the world to be going in and breaking hearts. Rose doesn't stand out at all, but I don't know if he's meant to. His physicality is really useful at times, especially from throw ins. McHugh had a bit of a torrid time it must be said. His misplaced passes have been mentioned already but he was turned a few times and seemed to be a bit unsure if he wanted to get tight to players or back off when challenging. Hopefully it's just a temporary form dip, maybe lacking a bit of confidence from the double yellow in Perth? Moult and Bowman were certainly a force to be reckoned with. Bowy could've, maybe should've had a couple today, but his work rate and link up play were exceptional, really bring Moult more into the game than Fisher. All in all a really encouraging performance. Good to go into the break on a high, but can't wait to get back to Fir Park vs Killie. If we keep playing like this could see us challenging for top 6 come April.

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