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  1. If it was just the players' fault we wouldn't be seeing the same pattern repeat itself year after year for 20 years. The issue runs much deeper than that, and starts at the grass roots level.
    I keep banging on about it , but when France had the problem of under performing teams, they put a ten year plan in place to develop players from the ground up. A plan they stuck with even after an early minor disaster of blowing a World Cup qualification in 1994. They followed it through and ended up with a national team that won the Euros and the World Cup.
    Meanwhile, when Strachan took over the international job he went on record with his surprise at the squads' poor technical skills and how he had to quickly dumb-down the tactics he wanted to use because the players were incapable of executing.
    Once the rot sets in, it takes more then swapping in new players to fix it. The whole system needs shaking up and there has been nobody in the SFA with the courage to change it. That's how you end up with Malky Mackay as the performance director for the past 4 years. (Any idea what he does? Me either.)
    We don't have the infrastructure in place to develop international teams, and I don't see anything that makes me think there is appetite for change.

    Isn’t that the “project brave” meant to do. So far tierney, gilmour and Turnbull have came through it. But whether or not that’s due to the structure or them just being talents is yet to be seen

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  2. I don't know about hopeless, but he's not at his best in a back 3 that Clarke seems to prefer. I wouldn't see being picked as part of the squad as being "career over" though.
    I'd be more concerned if I was O'Donnell as McTominay is not close to being a decent right-sided defender - not surprising given he is a centre-mid normally - and he has got the nod twice over O'Donnell.

    O’Donnell is another one probably not international standard

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  3. Just a thought. Maybe, just maybe, the team will play better without him. I got the feeling that everything had to go through him on Saturday.   Perhaps the others will step up and play more as a team. Then again maybe not.

    He has been having a lot of hit and hopes since he canes back

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  4. That's the managers job got to play players he can trust ,yes the injury list hasn't helped but playing people out of position hasn't helped so as I see it the only thing he can do is give youth it's chance . Now I haven't seen Devine or Hussain play but now is as good a time as any to see what they can do let's face it they can't be any worse than Mugabe and Grimmy . I would probably go for 3-5-2 on Saturday 
                                                                          Devine.                       Gallagher ( if fit)                 Hussain 
                                                O'Donnell            Campbell         Turnbull        Ohara           Hylton 
                                                                                               Watt.                  Lang 

    As mental as trying to inexperienced defenders would be.Devine is injured anyway.But both are very good defenders to be fair

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  5. When logging in I didn't see anywhere to change my password from that of my season ticket number!! Anybody help?
    Meantime , having logged in using my season ticket number my TV is now on countdown.
    Should I leave TV as it is or change the password ( albeit that I'm not being asked too).
    Apologies if I'm being dippit.

    If you go into settings you should be able to change the password

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