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  1. Shite is an understatement!
  2. is there an online radio broadcast for tonights game if so any links?
  3. iirc Cooper is 2400 and the South Stand is double the size at 4800 dunno bout the others tho
  4. COB

    Mcghee The Patroniser

    BBC Iinterview Biggest amount of pish i've heard a manager talk for a while... "The everton striker we could have signed a week ago but we dont have the money.....Motherwell have more to spend thanks to the money they got from the players i sold when i was manager" The c***s lost it lol
  5. COB

    Mcghee The Patroniser

    Hoping we come out flying the morra two quick goals game killed off then start rippin the c**t out them... They look sharp from set pieces but that was against hamilton i suppose, who im sure will be the whipping boys this year......
  6. COB

    Mcghee The Patroniser

    First Class Wank i really hope we Fuck them the morra
  7. COB


    Whats the white dots down the side all about.....there no on the short sleeved pic on the site?
  8. COB


    Fucking Cracking
  9. COB


    Next home top then
  10. COB


    I personally think the away will just be a reversal of the home tap

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