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  1. City Man

    Saturday Is Service Day

    Thanks a lot pal. I’ve just ordered one.
  2. City Man

    Saturday Is Service Day

    Anyone got a copy of this and Dressers by Stanley Smith that they fancy cashing in on?
  3. Nice one, I might end up taking you up on the offer after today’s experience. Atmosphere was great and Well fans really get behind their team, which sadly doesn’t happen south of the border now.
  4. Cheers mate. Most definitely worth the effort.
  5. Got back from Newport at 11pm last night to the get up at 4am to get a bus from Preston at 6am this morning. Bus got a puncture on the M74 near Hamilton so 90 mins delayed. However, who gives a f””” after the end to that game and 6 on the bounce. COYW.
  6. First trip to Fir Park for me tomorrow and really looking forward to it. Up at 4.30 to get a bus from Preston at 6am to Glasgow. COYW.

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