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  1. Ten minutes of highlights. Not a pretty sight but did create some chances.
  2. And if evidence of that were needed, Griffiths left behind when Celtic went to France. For not being in condition.
  3. Little can be read into a defeat at Ibrox. Firstly a major reason for pre season friendlies is simply fitness and accumulating sharpness. And secondly they're going to be hammering a lot more than Motherwell there in the season ahead. They're not the competition to be judged against.
  4. It's a grim Buenos Aires day in 1928 and Argentina have just been spanked 3-0 by Motherwell. FULL ARTICLE
  5. In the circumstances and from a financial point of view as many away ties as possible would be the preference for the first quarter. With OF ties away being an additional preference. We got 6 away ties from the first round of 11 games with one OF home tie.
  6. For what it's worth, don't you think it somewhat strange that while saying "come on guys" you quote the guy who was told to shut the fuck up by some attention begging tit he had never even interacted with in any way? Responded to that then put it on ignore with zero intention of ever seeing it again far less giving it any more attention? Would you think it okay if I were to tell you to shut the fuck up on this issue? Considering that you actually did directly interact with me while I did not with him.
  7. And you can shut the fuck up if you, an internet non entity I have never interacted with, think for a moment you can tell me what I should do. And I would take the slightest heed, pal. And tell you what, pal, I will now put you on ignore and you can grunt away to yourself with the absolute guarantee of absolutely no response from me. Which was the situation until right now so you can surely live with that, pal. Except I wont be shutting the fuck up.
  8. And, if he wants to have a future career at the top levels in football then he has to take this chance to shine right?. He will be almost on the doorstep of his parent club who will be watching very closely indeed because this is potentially the make or break season for him. If he doesn't step up and impress then his future at the top level in football will be in question. Motherwell can benefit from that. And who knows, if he does indeed step up and demonstrate the class he was thought capable of he might be the key to a fantasy run into the Europa league group stages. A financial game changer for the club. Now don't get me wrong, I don't expect to see Motherwell in the group stages even if Hastie were to prove world class in every tie. But it's not entirely impossible and you can always dream.
  9. Some people simply can't see through their own brand of bigotry to the reality, and the reality is we played the OF a total of 5 times last season, 2 of the 5 against Rangers, and lost them all. All of them without Hastie who will this time be available to play against Celtic. As you say, any points against the OF at any time are a bonus not an expectation. And that applies for the entire league. Calling that absolute reality a 'mentality' is absolutely mental. The OF haven't been winning the league for almost 4 decades due to a mentality among the opposition. They have been doing it because of a massive financial advantage that's as great at this time as it has ever been. Last season alone they spent over £20 million between them in the transfer market. The rest of the league combined spent a total of around 500K, Motherwell spent nothing, effectively operating in the freebie charity shop market along with everybody else compared to the OF shopping at M&S. And that's brutal reality, not a mentality problem. If the management team who just secured a 3rd place finish with only the 8th largest budget in the league think Hastie is good business then so do I. They're the experts not merely pundits on an internet forum. Hastie is of a quality we couldn't afford outside a deal like this. The fact he can't play against Rangers is irrelevant to the 3rd place at best finish everyone outside the OF is aiming for.
  10. It's a better result for Motherwell than Hibs. You can be sure they have designs on that minimum 4th place finish. OF will take the top 2 spots I would be surprised if Aberdeen didn't take either 3rd or 4th. So that would leave one spot up for grabs which Motherwell are in pole position to take. It might not be settled till the post split matches play out.
  11. It's still a strong position for a Euro spot finish.
  12. Hibs have worked their way into it somewhat after being totally outplayed first half. Hoping the lack of a goal in that first half doesn't prove fatal.
  13. I don't think we can be too critical of the players. Let's face it, they have better players in every position and there's a reason they're in the knockout stages of the Europa league. Can only hang in there and look for something on the break. Trying to go at them would be suicidal.
  14. We can consider this one to be a free hit. All things being equal the chances of taking anything from it are slim at best but then again no direct competitors will be taking anything there either. Fear the worst while hoping for the best. This wont define or greatly affect the season.
  15. Motherwell chief executive Alan Burrows says "this is just the end of the beginning" after the fan-owned club announced they are virtually debt-free. Payments of around £1.5m have been repaid to former owners John Boyle and Les Hutchison, who helped facilitate the Well Society's 2016 takeover. In the region of £80,000 is still owed through loans to five fans. "It's very important now for nobody to rest on their laurels, for no-one to put the tools away," Burrows said. Burrows has revealed one of the options that may now be explored is the possibility of moving away from the club's home at Fir Park. The Lanarkshire club have resided on the site since 1895 but must consider the costs of maintaining a stadium that was largely redeveloped in the mid 1990s. "I think everything has to be on the table," Burrows said. "We have got to look to always try our best to keep up with modern standards, both in terms of training ground and a stadium. "From my own point of view, I have been working within the ground for a long period of time. We are now in 2019 and the stadium probably has to be a debate and a question that is put on the agenda quite high in the not too distant future. A training ground goes without saying. "We have a really good facility at Dalziel Park, but we need to look at how we can either develop that or somewhere else to try to take the club to the next level." https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50273546

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