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  1. Manzinga diving on a yellow when we're tied is worrying on a greater level, just displays lack of discipline and no clue about tactics. I mean I get the argument, "if he gets the red he's the villain, and if he gets the pen he's the hero". But that's surely only if you're a goal down in the last minute of a Cup Semi(if diving is ever really right)? Not when you are drawing for a point that will keep you in third place. Robbo's comments about players learning etc or not being in the team is good to hear at least, he never really shows emotion and that from him shows he's fuming with them! Let's just hope he blasted them in the changing rooms after that. Anyway lets get this double against St.Mirren put away and then I'll be happier!
  2. Seems to be a recurring theme this season. Always brings it even when the rest of them let him down. What a player!
  3. As a fan-owned club, how long of a loan term would we realistically need to pay back the multi-millions needed for a new stadium? The land Fir Park sits on can only be worth so much to a housing developer. I would be up for the idea, as long as it was done well but would need convinced on how this could be possible for us.

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