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  1. 3 points. Clean sheet. DCHSB supporters getting soaked, HAPPY SATURDAY!
  2. Holding on to what what we've got? Always dangerous.
  3. I'm not knocking him - he has to learn - but his decision-making is so slow when he's in possession. Today, anyway.
  4. Who got the deliberate accidental "chest-off" to Carroll?
  5. I'm glad the haven't got a new high-heid yin in for today, but judging by recent appointments...............
  6. The weather is bringing back memories of the thud-and-blunder games against the DCHSBs of the 80s. More than one drenching (and hammering) we got standing in the open at Swinecastle as the rain poured down.
  7. I've checked my life-insurance: I'm not covered for going to Paisley of an evening. Or at any time.
  8. Don't St. Midden have a ticket-booth behind our stand? (Accepts cash, ginger bottles, and bags of crack.) Make sure you have the correct money for your programme: handing over a fiver brings the response "D'ye waant uh blow-joab ur a shag wi' at?" I fucking hate Paisley.
  9. Well, that's me stuffed. Would require an overnight stay and I don't see the mistress allowing that.
  10. Careful what you wish for: he might bring back the "Go for good health be a winner as well" song. OT: Apparently Mick Jagger was furious the first time his popular beat combo was introduced as "The greatest rock n' roll band in the world".
  11. Andy Ritchie, anyone? - the original human Subbuteo man you could bring on only to take corners and free-kicks.
  12. I forgot to say: a guid St. Andrew's Day tae awma readers.
  13. Bugger. Went for a pee and missed #4.

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