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  1. Great performance from everyone first half especially, shields ran himself into the ground and mugabi and lammie were imense at the back. COYW
  2. Tv pictures show Kelly about 2 feet off the line when the kick was taken
  3. Alexander again negative, 2-0 up let's take a striker off and defend the lead, we are not good enough to defend like that. And could someone explain what Sean Goss does for us?
  4. Stuart mckinstrey, just come on for Leeds against Fulham, still looks about 12.
  5. I thought we had got the sound system fixed? It's still sounding distorted
  6. Goal!!!!!! Lovely free kick move
  7. I'm watching on red tv that knob rob McLean has just said I wonder if Motherwell are going to continue their niggly fouls?
  8. We played Kilmarnock and my mate says to me "that guy in midfield is the worst professional football player I've ever seen". Two hours later it was announced we'd signed him in a club record deal. Yes that man was Sean Mcskimming.
  9. You are joking I assume, they barely speak English. " he's a colosus and he's made himself big" eh? If he's a colosus he's big already and if anything he'd make himself bigger.
  10. At least Hastie's 3 corners have landed right on a motherwell man's head, which is not like us
  11. Kirkies wooden leg seems to be playing up tonight by the noises it's making, although it's the only entertainment on show at fir park tonight
  12. I actually thought the referee has been adequate which is high praise for the spfl

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