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  1. It was definitely gallagher who had his arms around irwin's neck, I'm a big DG fan but he has a habit of putting his arms around the neck / shoulders of his opponent, I'm surprised he hasn't given more penalties away to be honest. Mugabi was very good in the first half but he still gives me the fear everytime the ball is at his feet near his own goal. All things considered, a point away against a side on a good run is not too bad, but it could easily have been three
  2. Ok, who is he, and what has he done with the other Liam polworth? Making defensive tackles and tracking back?
  3. How come Hamilton are allowed to have their regular home support at the game?
  4. Wtf was that? mugabi just leaves it then chapman dives over it
  5. Brilliant, made me spit out my coffee
  6. Is there something in polworths contract that says he can't be taken off? I don't expect passing from Lamie but polworths supposed to be creative.
  7. To put it in perspective Chelsea getting hosed 4-1 by Liverpool so it can happen to anyone . We have looked better in the 2nd half
  8. As I said I'm usually a fan of polworth and what he brings to the team but tonight he looked like he'd been on the same coronavirus diet as me.
  9. Our defending has been poor schoolboy level with no-one tracking their men. Normally I'm a fan of polworth but he looks like he's towing a caravan in the first half.

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