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  1. Send us the link and we can all have a giggle....does Dr Stuart post there....he's a clever guy and if he does, I bet it is quallity..... SD
  2. Thank you; mate! There is so much pish on these boards all the time; great to see decent people who have a bit of realism about them; even though, of course, I wasn't at the game and I am in no position to comment..... Thanks again! SD
  3. First point; I agree. Second point; not globally, not, crucially where the economic growth is; in Asia. Perhaps, in Scotland; maybe. Back to first point, let's say I like a certain restaurant, say The Thai Garden in Glasgow, and say their chef leaves and the food becomes shit. As a consumer, I have every right to walk away and eat elsewhere. Therefore, why do football clubs believe that they, as businesses, can act on a different type of 'loyalty' than other types of businesses? Maybe that's the reason, I made no attempt to return to Scotland in May? Maybe I am analysing the situation purely rationally and with no emotion whatsoever? I truly think that if you tinker with the points system, which is to solve a very localised problem, as already mentioned, UEFA and FIFA would both go: "What The Fuck?????". But, maybe not- as both of these organisations have a habit of surprising us, ha ha..... Anyway, this is what the forums are for- discussion, differences and debate. I'm not seeing the "Higdon Is Not The Answer" thread high up the board, this sunny afternoon.... And I am not going to spend too much time altering the opinions of people over 12 time zones away from me, even if we may have shared an 'ML' postcode at some time in the past.... SD
  4. Ha ha. you've got me biting now.... Do you really believe this: "if games are entertaining then fans will come back." ? A few years ago, I had a business trip to Baton Rouge/St Gabriel chemical complex and I was taken to a college baseball game, LSU versus either Nebraska state, or maybe Omaha city. I dealt with the 'hand on the heart' and the compulsory singing of the National Anthem, somewhat reluctantly of course. (This was in Bush junior times). [Note: tempted to insert a certain Smiley, here; though let's keep this thread civilised.....] I wondered at the size of the crowd, over 90,000, it was reported, considerably more than the national stadiums of both football and rugby in Scotland. This for college sport. Wow! What I couldn't deal with, though, was the utter banality of the 'sport' that was on show that day. Give me 1000 adjectives to describe the spectacle that day and 'entertaining' would not be one of them. As Iggy Pop once famously said: "Do you understand what I am saying, sir?" To balance things, I have to admit that the crayfish boil I attended immediately afterwards was 'magic darts'. Would UEFA and FIFA allow an oddball, and as others have alluded to, madcap, points system, in one of their associations just because the local environment has 'its own set of social problems' that need to be addressed? That's your rhetorical $64,000 question, I think........ The great thing about the internet is that it can broaden the mind and get into other's culture, without the need to set foot on one of those aluminium flying thingies..... I am very grateful for that, to be sure..... Oh, and I didn't travel back for the Cup Final and I didn't even see the match on TV as none of the channels were showing it in Shanghai; not even where the Sellic Fan Club drink. What exactly is your point regarding Cup Finals....... SD
  5. As an Engineer myself, I suppose, I have made the same analysis. I have come to the conclusion that my life will indefinitely be outwith Europe for reasons you allude to/touch on/too scared to admit. The fact is that any Engineer, educated in Scotland, with an open-minded view on location, should be successful in any expatriate country. Please don't underestimate our culture and ability to 'get on' in different situations; despite the rampant sectarianism that is around us..... Feel free to investigate further via PM. People may think the grass is greener; it often is..... Cheers SD
  6. Brought up in Cleland, then New Stevenston, then Newarthill. Lived in Huddesrfield and nearby villages, Falkirk, Stenhousemuir, Rheinfelden (Canton Aargau, Switzerland), Teesside, Shanghai and now Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China. Regarding the Shiels thing: I've always watched football where I have lived and often also on holiday, for example Oslo & Hong Kong. So, when I lived in Stenhousemuir, I would often watch Falkirk if we didn't have a game. I was present when McAllister scored his wonder goal against Huntly, for example. Strange thing is that I wouldn't watch Airdrie or Hamilton if we didn't have a game, though I did watch Clyde. Like Weeyin, I think there will be a disproportionate amount of rest of UK/overseas replies; the fact is we do rely on this site to keep informed, despite the pish spouted on here at times...... Cheers SD
  7. Have you heard from Greig recently or know anyone who knows what he is up to. My maw hasnt heard from and is worried sick. Pete

  8. In the 70s, and up until wing-backs (90s maybe?), having a full back who kicked with the 'other foot' was an advantage, as a lot of the job description was to kick the ball out of the park. I cannot remember seeing McGrain play for Celtic-.....wasn't allowed to go to OF games at the time...., but for Scotland, McGrain was excellent. When I opened this thread up, I thought McKinnon hadn't been capped. And if the opposition was the international equivalent of the OF, then, wee Doogie should certainly have been capped..... Cheers SD
  9. I fully agree with the OP, and, furthermore, and at risk of repeating myself again, this is a more remarkable achivement in the fact the town is within 20 km of both Celtic and Ibrox Park, with all those assocaied issues....... And...debouchee (sorry), we are very Special in the fact that we are second in the league and yet- 1. Have so many moaning gets who still appear not to be content. 2. Many people here have opinions on players whom they have never physically seen live on the pitch........ However; yes, please keep this thread positive..... SD
  10. Quality updates, guys, but what does it say of the league, that a quarter of the way in, the team sitting SECOND has ZERO goal difference? SD
  11. From 9000 km away, in my opinion, a sensible and sensitive communication. Having a dig, yet just stopping short. Quality.
  12. Put the Faddy thread there two, also the Arnott ones too. Then bring the Arnott ones back the day after he rejoins Motherwell FC. Aye, right!
  13. When living in Switzerland, I watched FC Basel prevent Liverpool progressing to the next stage of the Champions League. Records show an exciting 3-3 draw on the night. My lasting memory was how one-footed Carragher was- he played at right back that evening. Thought it odd that even I would try a left-footed 5 yard pass at 5 a sides, yet this guy, reputedly on circa GBP 20K week, couldn't. SD
  14. On android 'phone and cannot quote easily. Since season-ticket holder, I have lived in Switzerland, England, China. The club has always been 'sympathetic' to my situation, which I appreciate. The fact I was already 'in the system' and have a nearby father who the staff all know probably helps. Though a fair point, and I would be happy to learn the outcome/response.

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