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  1. Thanks, but I think the players did that, just think if my December predictions were all wrong and we actually won a game, whit a doing I would have got
  2. Only hat trick he'll score is mibee wae his wife, wait probably not.
  3. And it's 2 down, Remember Remember we are shite in December
  4. Need some width and pace, Lammie hitting 40 yard passes, cmon, there no use to anyone.
  5. Oops we've done it again, in control, then bam 1 down.
  6. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but in Trevs interview in Mondays newspaper, did he not say that he played due to Archer picking up an injury. Would have thought a brainy guy like you would have picked that up.
  7. Young Cornelious not strong enough in lead up to there goal, which was superbly assisted by a Lammie dummy. In saying that had enough chances to win about 3 games. White on instead of Cole, honestly Robbo yir having a laugh.
  8. Tremendous free kick by Polwarth, unfortunately you need to put it into the net, not 10 yards over
  9. Easy team talk today, " Right lads were fucked, my jobs on a sticky wicket and we need a win today for all our jobs"
  10. Well I've just came home no drink, driving family around and I see this post. Alan "The Flasher" Lithgow who is injured and possibly out the game through it. Surely you've been on the sherry and due to your comment I need alcohol.
  11. In the season of peace and goodwill, no matter the score, I will not be calling for the managers head. I did contemplate putting Aberdeen on my coupon but just couldn't do it, COYW. Robbo take note, it's only a Xmas armistice
  12. Normally it's his own dead wood he moves on.
  13. Think best we can hope for is another Shitefest performance with maybe a draw, but as its December and Robbo still in charge, banker away win.
  14. Now do you mean, Hastie, because if its Hattie ( older supporters will tell you) she was a big wummin
  15. He picked a team to grind out a result, once that wisnae on he tried to change it, Yes it was a bit better, but still not good enough. Christ listening to Jock Brown commentating you would have thought we were world beaters. When Mugabi got subbed, "Its certainly not on his performance, he must have a knock". Get real Jock he's BRUTAL!!!!
  16. Team looks set up for not to lose, hopefully a win though
  17. Just listened to the same old tosh being spoken in his post match interview, interesting to hear that old phrase"We don't have the same quality " getting used. That will be the same quality that got a draw at Easter Road. Get real Stevie boy you just can't motivate them any more and your Time is Up!!!!, your signings are disastrous and tactics terrible. Thanks for the cup finals etc, but goodbye after all if the Hearts had come calling you would have gone. Shut the door on the way oot.

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