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  1. Did you miss the bit where wee Tam McLean was clattered, no foul given and Motherwell scored from it?
  2. Bobby Graham's vision was amazing.
  3. Are you Willie Pettigrew's bitter ex burd?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPnh4JJqi5c
  5. Aberdeen and Celtic never forfeited points for what was obviously their fault regarding postponed matches.
  6. Carson's save in the 1st minute, you will be hard pushed to see a better one this season.
  7. Eck


    I love football memorabilia especially programmes so l was delighted to find this on the site l have noticed however that 60/61 season is not represented. http://www.motherwellnet.com/collections/programmes/ A pennant l bought a few years ago it only cost a few quid.
  8. Rangers are beatable, Motherwell will lift their game. Nothing to lose if you are not expected to win. Not exactly a David and Goliath encounter but people tend to forget that Goliath got his arse handed to him.
  9. I think Motherwell's best chance is to take the game to Rangers, they haven't experienced it so far. To sit back and let Rangers attack and you're looking at a doing.
  10. Motherwell and Aberdeen were unlucky with a really difficult draw
  11. Eck

    New home kit 2020-21

    No it was shop bought l would be about 12 at the time l had white shorts but didn't have the socks so got the black and red Rangers ones a bit of a strange combination. Edit: It is possible that it was specially made because the horizontal bar was stitched on so removable.
  12. Eck

    New home kit 2020-21

    My first Motherwell strip was the 66-68 one. http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Scottish_Football_League/Motherwell/Motherwell.htm
  13. It's players like ours that get managers the sack.

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