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  1. Karma for Tait. Shouldn't have been on the pitch and got what he deserved making an arse of it! Should have had a penalty too. 2nd half nowhere near it. 1st half ok. Manager clearly looking for a spark but tonight's team selection wasn't it.
  2. Great 3pts in those conditions. Some good play despite not being clinical before the pitch turned into a pool. Tempo and press much better. Watt, Woolery and Mugabi were all excellent. Just clumsy from Maguire to put the team under pressure.
  3. Well done Scotland. Great performance. O'Donnell played really well. Considering we have 4 solid centre back options we should really be going for back 3, SODS/Carroll as wingbacks and Watt/VV up front. No brainer.
  4. If he is injured again and i've missed that then fair enough. If he is fit he should be in the squad and playing. One of our most effective players before his injury.
  5. The manager seems too stubborn to change unfortunately. It seems obvious to all of us that some version of 3-5-2 is worth a shot with the current squad and it surely can't be any worse than the shite served up the past wee while. The manager needs to be bold and the players need to step up big time. I would go for...... Kelly Mugabi Solholm Ojala Grimshaw Carroll Donnelly O'Hara Slattery Van Veen Watt
  6. All stems from another fucking pointless long ball out of defence by Mugabi and we get turned over. Amateur. Losing any optimism I had.
  7. Is it just me or is the current personnel crying out for 3-5-2? I feel it would work so much better with Watt and Van Veen as a two. We would certainly get more out of O'Donnell and Carroll who should be back in the team whipping balls into the box knowing they had a wee bit extra cover behind them. We have more than enough options to pick 3 solid CB's. I Don't understand the Kelly hate all of a sudden. The guy has pulled of a multitude of amazing saves to pull the team out a hole. Brainfart against Hearts aside there is not much he can do when he is left exposed. 3pts on Wednesday is a must.
  8. Great 3 points. Ross County were a tough opponent and will start picking up points before too long. Watt can do no wrong just now! Slattery goal was a cracker and he is slowly starting to show his quality. Midfield clearly still needs work. Donnelly has been building up slowly it seems after a long lay off but he brings much needed control and composure, won't be a shock to see him claim CDM role soon enough. Woolery needs to be more direct at times he can be a bigger threat. 7 games in and we are showing up to be a well coached team with good potential. Can't complain too much!
  9. Another step in the right direction. Pleasing. Lots of good performances across the pitch and we managed the game well in the 2nd half. A wee bit more quality and composure at times and we could have had 3 pts. No point moaning at offside goals and no penalties at Ibrox....nothing new!
  10. A really decent performance and result. I always enjoy a result against Aberdeen even more since the 2nd place season! Lots of positives to take mainly the fact that we are looking stronger defensively. It was clear for too long before Alexander came in we were going soft and losing so many shite and often late goals. Good to see that moves have been made to address this and the new guys have promise. The shithouse approach we are taking is effective for now and it's good to see a Motherwell team being more streetwise and harder to beat. It gives you the platform to win games. We have some effective attacking players and once we get the right balance in midfield and things gelling more i'm sure some more possesion and a wee bit more flowing football at times will follow. Good start to the season overall.
  11. Some decent business on the face of it this summer. Some big shithouse defenders and a few more midfield/attacking players who like they actually have a touch is an upgrade. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together in the next few games. A first team squad of 27 is a lot so it will be interesting to see who moves out on loan. Some championship experience for Cornelius, Devine and Johnstone would be good.
  12. More welcome points on the board. Not a great performance by any means but encouraging that we can grind out results whilst new players are bedding in and some returning from injury etc. I thought Ojala, Lamie (bar one error with Cummings) Slattery and Watt all had good games. O'Hara was very rusty. Moving forward I don't see Woolery or Justin as starters more impact players as we have to start with Van Veen and Watt.....a good combination of skill and hold up play. Van Veen is up to all kinds of shithousery which we have lacked in the team for too long! Lots that can improve but a decent start.
  13. I'll take a point. Clark made 4 very good saves and we hit the post so could have panned out differently. That said we have a lot to do to get balance in midfield. Fullbacks get swamped as a result and we end defending cross after cross into the box. Too many long balls leave some good attacking players isolated because we don't build attacks.....we hoof it and play off 2nd balls when we are under pressure. Shite to watch. Seen enough from the first two games to say we will be ok with a few more weeks and 2/3 more options and returning players from injury.
  14. Playing like strangers bar a few flashes here and there. St J so confident and well drilled, playing round our "press" easily. Need a much better 2nd half!
  15. Poor game on an awful pitch. Defended really well, especially Lamie who deserves some credit. Kelly didn't have a save until the last few mins for all the possession and crosses Killie had. We had the best chances in the game, Cole should have had yet another goal tonight! Another 3pts to get us out of the shit which is all that matters for now.

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