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  1. Poor game on an awful pitch. Defended really well, especially Lamie who deserves some credit. Kelly didn't have a save until the last few mins for all the possession and crosses Killie had. We had the best chances in the game, Cole should have had yet another goal tonight! Another 3pts to get us out of the shit which is all that matters for now.
  2. I've said it a few times but as soon as that Edouard goal went in (quality finish btw) we would have crumbled under Robinson and lost 4 or 5. We were unlucky in the end not to take a point as we made some really good chances. Credit to the team for hanging in for the 1st hour as Celtic were playing really well and we couldn't find a way through their press at all. It would have been good to get stuck in a bit more earlier in the game but sometimes you need to remember problems or not they have excellent players. Some good things to take forward and nice to not be totally dejected after the recent games against the Old Firm.
  3. Great 3pts. Lots of good play in the first half. Had chances to bury it in the 2nd despite a really good response from United. Some really good defensive work.....we would have lost that game 3-2 a few weeks ago. Enjoy the progress and move on.
  4. Really good point. First team to take anything from Rangers since Sep 20th. Plenty of reasons to be positive and believe we can pick up points. That team under Robinson would have lost 5-1.
  5. Much improved in many aspects and good to stop the rot. Done enough to win. Shite penalty decision. A few changes in this window and we will be fine.
  6. At this point it doesn't matter. We need an experienced pair of hands to steady the ship. I'd gladly shitfest our way to the end of the season winning ugly if it meant we stay up. Review it at the end of the season when we are out of the worst of Covid, fans are coming back and then move on. The club has done so much good work in recent years on and off the field so it would be a travesty to go down or even get sucked into a relegation battle. Sometimes pragmatism works.
  7. I don't understand the resentment towards Tommy Wright. We need a proven manager at this level who knows the league, the players and what is required to get out of this rut! His no nonsense approach would hopefully work by first and foremost putting a massive rocket up the teams arse.
  8. Sorry you disagree. A bit harsh from you. I'm not saying he is the perfect player in midfield but any errors I see him make is due to the fact he is not a natural fullback on either flank. His positive attributes imo are better suited to midfield. You don't train as a youth player in midfield at Man U if it isn't your position.
  9. Must win but we have a habit of giving teams that are on a stinking run the pick me up they need. Really hope we can get the 3pts.
  10. Can't fault the boy. He's played well the last few games out of positon especially after a ropey start to the season and wee while out of the team. Prone to the odd daft moment but he is a handy player with graft and energy. I'd love to see him do a job at CDM when Carroll is back.
  11. Walker86

    Set Pieces

    100%. So frustrating. It's been a motherwell flaw since before Robbo imho.
  12. Walker86

    Set Pieces

    They are poor and lacking variety. Throw ins are my biggest gripe. Too slow and never any movement in our half. The long throws are desperate and teams are wise too it.
  13. It was a classic shithouse performance up until the subs were made. Rangers started to find space and get more time on the ball after that. If the gaffer is going to have the balls to play that system he can't shit the bed. Play Watt and Lang for 90 and if they need rested midweek then fair enough! If we hang on and win 1-0 everybody will think he is a genius but the blame lies with him on this one.
  14. It's all so predictable. Slow play from defence, lack of options and movement in midfield, strikers feeding of scraps and long balls, hit and hope long throws. Nothing seems to change.....ever! St Johnstone are bang average and we made them look decent. I could single out individual performances and errors but the problems with this current team run deeper than that. What happens Mon-Fri??
  15. Rangers didn't have to do much at all to win that. Players looked scared to play all the time. All this tip tapping around a back three and sideways passes into O'Hara make it so easy for the oppostion to get into shape and defend the inevitable long balls shelled into Watt and Lang/Long. Polworth gets it tight on here but one of the only times he gets a ball into feet and turns he slides a great ball in for Watt. Easy for a team with their quality to build attacks when we are intent on bypassing our midfield. Every team has us sussed. I realise we have a few injuries to key players but recruitment has been relatively poor and the system we are playing is useless. Only positives these days are Carson, Campbell and Watt. Seedorf and Maguire looked ok when they came on and Grimmy has been much better the past few games. Surely a back 4 of O'Donnell Gallagher Maguire and Grimshaw is the way forward until we have more options?

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