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  1. thats the league taken care of for another week. time to start concentrating on our assault on the treble. Onwards and upwards.
  2. there is no doubt that its been a learning curve for boyle as well and he's better for it now IMO. Hes shifted aw the deadwood boardroom staff and is clearly better advised on the game. I think we may well be in for a good few years as the future is looking bright. Also it is great to hear that finally we see some money from football or whatever put into real causes. All these russian billionaires and oil rich arabs that run english football should take note because they could help make an even bigger difference.
  3. Had a good time tonight. Really pleased with how the team is gelling and of course the great football we're starting to play. Hopefully we can keep that up. Congratulations must go to steaua for playing some great football also and over the 2 legs they deserve to go through. Good luck to them. Think Gannon has really created a feel good factor for the fans/players and we will go into the new season ready to give it a good go. I've actually never felt so good after watchin the well get put out a cup as we have just got a glimpse of what we will hopefully be watching in the coming season. Coke, hutchison, slane were class tonight and they will be big players for us. Gannon also has passion for the game and he's already made an impact. Hopefully we're not building him up for a fall and i'm confident that, if we continue with this style of football, we will be in the running for a euro place again next year as the teams around about us aren't any better than us with the exception of maybe hearts. Aw and also, that referee was a class A tosser Mone the well
  4. Reda Johnson Quality. Canny wait tae see how the new boys get on the SPL. Am hoping gannon can find us a centre forward though. We're gonnae struggle if its just sutton and murphy. Hopefully he can pull a few rabbits out the hat ala chris porter.
  5. aye exactly. Think we knew it was gonnae be backs to the wall right from the word go. Goalie was my motherwell man of the match. Slane had a decent game and I think he will be an important player for us this season. I don't think gannon or the players can really be judged in this euro run. We will see come the end of august how the team and the manager are coping. As was said, the SPL is an utter shit hoose the now and it wont take much quality to beat teams like kilmarnock, falkirk, stmirren, hamilton, hibs, aberdeen Anyway congratulations to bucuresti we'll see you in airdrie next week for the return leg. Hopefully another 8 - 1 victory for us.
  6. I'll be buying my ticket on the night like last time. No point in making a trip to the ticket office when ye can do that. TBH uefas rule of having these types of matches as all ticket is completely daft.
  7. am goin to T leave at about 8 on the friday morning so it would be a case of leaving straight after the game. i.e it would need to a be a bus, late train or car. How the hell do you get to llanelli anyway?
  8. on the fringes is right. time to bin the old mob. they will have us playing football like it was played 30 year ago. The game has moved on everywhere else but unfortunately I believe it is these old skool characters that have held the game in scotland back
  9. I'd build a new stadium with three giant stands and a sh1tey, uncovered concrete falling to bits effort that we could stick aw the h**s and tims in. This end of the ground would be styled something similar to cathkin park (2004) as seen below. There will also be big nets and fences put in place at this end of the ground as is done in italy fronted by 12 inch thick glass. The management team will consist of Pep Guardiola and Sieb Dykstra (just for the tache and the banter) New signings will include; lionel messi, samuel eto'o, james mcfadden. Jeff Stelling will be the new announcer.
  10. money dictates whether a manager stays or goes. we dont have a lot of it and therefore any manager that does a job with us will be cherry picked by a bigger club. Looking forward to see who our new man in charge will be. I have faith in JB to pick the right man.
  11. mark mcghee is the new hearts manager mind. also tommy coakley is our owner after buying the club for 10m, whilst kris boyd is currently playing for lazio after leaving the ibrox casino complex which has just been built by david murray as he flies ronaldo over to scotland on his private jet. Steven fletcher is also signing for real madrid the red tops dont half talk the power of pish and radio stations such as real and clyde are just as bad especially now that we have 2 of the worst ever football phone ins on the planet. Rumours spread faster than they ever did in the past. its definately not worth listening to anything the media say until official statements have been made we've all seen the U turns players/managers have made in the past and its amazing what can happen in a couple of minutes. I'll wait for the official "breaking news" banner on SSN to appear and a picture of MMG holding up an aberdeen strip before I believe anything.
  12. Been reading through some of the names suggested by folk and its making me really worried. Must admit, mcghee was a shrewd investment by boyle, however I dunno if it was just luck or genuine good advice by his advisors. Boyle has learned a lot since he took over and I hope that we can rely on him to pull another rabbit out the hat. My thoughts on some of those mentioned: John hughes, he has just nearly relegated falkirk (who are a similar sized club to ourselves) so why people see him as an option is beyond me. He invested money in old timers who were struggling big time. Butcher left on a bit of a stale note. Yes he will always be remembered as the man who kick-started motherwell from the brink, however it was time to move on. He's also just relegated inverness whilst being given plenty of opportunities to guide them out of it. Nijholt - he would be a gamble, but even more so than mcghee was, as he's not had the experience mcghee had as a manager. After reading the list of available managers on the LMA website, yes there are some good ones, but i'm afraid they will probably be well out of our budget. Guys like aidy boothroyd, steve coppell and paul jewel have all got good CV's however could motherwell secure any of them on a deal? probably not. The only realistic option then for motherwell is to take another gamble. . . Eli Shivute What a guy.
  13. Imagine seein celtic and rangers 10 - 15 years without a trophy. That would make my life complete. Would also be interesting to see who would come out top of the two. If they were to move, all the joint sponsorships etc would end and it would literally be down to who is the best run club. As for the scottish league. It would continue, however, it would need to be completely re-jigged. Everything from gate prices to players wages to sponsorships and to the league structure etc would need to be looked at. If every club downsized - which they would have to with no TV money - then, in theory, it would be "as you were" although I don't think it would happen as smoothly as that.
  14. These two are going nowhere Funny how this has been recycled just as: rangers plunge further into financial abyss; sellicks oirish mob don't turn up at the mhank dome anymore; and as setanta are about tae say cheerio to the SPL . A well fabricated way of deflecting the buns/dhims attention away from the fact that their clubs are shite and will be for quite some time. Give them a wee bit of hope maybe that one day soon they will join the big boys and start earning big boy pocket money. Forget it, no one will have them. This gartside character seems to be the only one biggin up EPL 2. Why dont they combine SPL 2 with EPL 2 then that would sort aw the problems Shite
  15. Yer supposed to kick the door doon Find oot where the fuck the bar is Go on the lash aw day whilst gettin aw the tarts round for a water fight. Unfortunately this kid has broke into a hoose wae a disabled kid and then realised he'd fucked up. No potential really. He'll never sign for sellick or rangers at that rate.
  16. you make a few good points there el grew, however in order for to make these work you'd have to get the Old Firm to agree to them because the voting system for the SPL is corrupt and suited to their needs. Point 1 is great, the only outside interest (if any) in scottish football will be the OF derby and maybe the edinburgh one (pushing it a bit) so why should motherwell have to play kilmarnock at half 12 on a saturday when next to no one will be watchin on TV. Do this, however, and you lose TV money. This wouldnt affect the diddy 10 in the long run as we already have to look heavily on youth players, however, it would affect the old firm and make it near on impossible for them to compete in europe, which they wouldnt allow. You've got to remember it's them who govern scottish football and anyone who says otherwise is living in their own wee world. What i'm getting at here is that, although I agree with most of your points, they aren't realistic in the sense that money continues to prevail, and chairmen of the "diddy 10" are still makin a wee earner out of TV cash even if it is only a handfull of what the old firm are getting. In order for the "diddy 10" to ever balance the playing field they would have to stand up to the old firm and demand equal voting rights *see link*. They tried it.....and they shat out of it, as you are probably aware. IMO the old firm are a long way away from joining their imaginary euro league so instead of waiting for them to make a move, why dont the diddy 10 make a start on balancing up the tables a bit. But they have showed just this year that they are incapable of doing so, as they cant even stand together on opposing the infamous "5%" quota. Pathetic. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/footbal...eat-638694.html
  17. interesting to hear some of the opinions on this subject. I know all the talk is about 16, 18 team leagues but I was just wondering what people think of holland's set up where the teams ranked 2-5 (think that was/is the case) go into a play off for the other CL spot. I dunno if this seems fair, but it would most definately create a bit of a twist at the end of the season. Obviously they would never do this for a CL place in scotland, but maybe with this new uefa cup spot we could have some kind of play off with the league cup winners/runners up (if the winners have already qualified) and 4th 5th and 6th placed in the league? I still believe teams should be rewarded for league position but its always something to think about, maybe make getting to the top 6 more worthwhile. We've all seen how much attention the first second and third division play offs in england get, could it work up here on a smaller scale???
  18. I was up the back and also noticed this Thats the kind of shite that the old firm do when they go to away grounds.
  19. a got ripped fae ma killie supporting mate for going on steelmen.com in uni he said it sounded like a gay porn website. Since then, people have started catching on, and i now dont come on this when am in uni The scottishfitba footymad board, also known as the biggot board, has some characters on it, always worth a read.
  20. totally agree with you melvin. Kaampman gets a lot of stick but it was the beginning of a transitional period for the well and he had the task of clearing up the mess mcliesh left in his trail. Not old enough to remember the mclean days so for me McGhee is definately the best manager I've seen at motherwell. Butcher was good and gave the club and its fans hope through a terrible time but he took the well as far as he could. I also worry about motherwell fc post mcghee. I just dont know if we could get another manager that could do as well with the limited resources we have.
  21. haha ye can just picture big buff cuttin some shapes in hype.
  22. can't see past a win for sellick Maybe it's just because the stmirren game is still in ma heed. Hopefully the team will have sorted themselves out a bit. my prediction 3 - 0 to the great unwashed inbreds.
  23. Don't know if the current team is capable of going on a cup run, and even if we had won last night there is no chance we would have beat celtic going on that performance. That was a full strength team we had last night so theres no hidden players that are waiting in the wings. In that game we were missing 4 players that held the team up last season: Phil, rosco, porter and one out of either patterson or lappin. It's impossible to replace that much quality with the budget we have so i'm quite happy with how we're doing in general. Last night, fitzy and hammil were way out their depth. St mirren were puttin balls down their right side all night and getting by with ease. Lappin or/and patterson wouldny have let that go on for so long. We've got a tough run in from now to the split. Inverness are picking up their game which has switched that from an almost guaranteed 3 points to a miby no. We'll just need to get on with it though. Bring on the great unwashed.

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