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  1. I did check the official site before I posted, so clearly the club statement was released not long after my post. Regardless, I'm happy he's available to play as I felt he showed glimpses in the game at Tannadice that his form is improving, after it being quite poor recently prior to that game.
  2. I apologise if I have missed this already being mentioned elsewhere, but can anyone actually clarify indefinitely whether Jenno is available to play on Saturday against Hibs or not? It appears to just be just a few articles in the press already discussed in this thread which say he is banned; but have no quotes, therefore suggesting that there is no real substance to these stories. Also, as I mentioned previously, Stewart Regan tweeted that he is not banned, so is the answer to this question therefore Yes? He is available?... I suppose whether McCall chooses to play him is another question given the type of mindset the lad must have at the minute.
  3. I see Stewart Regan has just tweeted that Jennings has not been banned. Interesting stuff, although nothing to say he won't be banned in the days to come. I'm with the majority on this one, innocent until proven guilty. Stewart Regan's Twitter Page
  4. cmack

    Ins & Outs

    Gow has just signed, subject to a medical, on the official site!
  5. Surely someone got a photo of George Michael the steward?, absolute dead ringer for him! A few of those photos with John Boyle are belters!
  6. cmack

    Odense Travel Thread

    Got it mate, cheers for that. Although the website is saying 'currently unavailable' at the moment when trying to buy the tickets. Maybe routine maintenance or something?
  7. cmack

    Odense Travel Thread

    Don't suppose you've got a link to download the google translate tool directly Stuart? Had a quick search on google, but theres a few options coming up, not sure which one to go for! Cheers.
  8. cmack

    Odense Travel Thread

    Any idea how to get the actual booking section of that site in English? I know you can get the times of the trains in english, but when you want to actually proceed to the next stage it is all in danish?
  9. cmack

    Odense Travel Thread

    Yeah, had a go last night and depending on the times of the train on the way back it was looking around £50/£60, just hoped it would be a bit more cheaper than that, but realistically is this the best i could expect?
  10. cmack

    Odense Travel Thread

    With regards to that train website, what kind of prices are people getting from Copenhagen to Odense return? I'm probably choosing the dearest way unintentionally, but i'm coming back with a figure of of 1124 krone, which according to a currency converter via google, is £126 for two people. Just seems wild, when i heard of people getting £35 return, can anyone help me out here?
  11. I too was very impressed with Salim (No, 9) for the blacks, thought he had a good first half, seeing plenty of the ball. I would say he was a bit more quiet in the second half, but as some have mentioned, appeared to be playing in a slightly different position. No. 2 for the blacks looked good going forward, but wasn't really tested defensively and is on the small side which isn't ideal in that position. I felt Casdagolda was pretty average, few nice touches and a good few chances in the first half, but he doesn't look totally fit, which doesn't really help his cause. No. 4 for the blacks looked solid, but again, wasn't really put under a great deal of pressure, and we already have plenty of centre backs at the moment imo. With regards to the Jamie McCluskey lad, thought he looked good, very confident, perhaps a bit too confident, the wee cheeky cross with the right foot flick springs to mind! Although certainly not afraid to take on a man, and looked sharp. All in all i would defenately look to get Salim signed up, and perhaps take another look at McCluskey.
  12. Good finish from Jamie, thought he looked offside though! But sadly no replys at all to show you which doesn't help. Lucky to be ahead imo!
  13. cmack

    Bounce Game

    I noticed Archdeacon got a run out in the game...Did anyone take in the game to pass comment on how he played? He seems to have been a forgotten man since the Europa League games pre-season where he suffered a bad injury...was on crutches at the Steau home game if i remember correctly. Would still like to see him getting a chance, but he just hasn't seemed to have been even making an appearance on the bench for most of the season, unless i'm missing something and he's been on the sidelines injured during this period?
  14. Exactly, we've already got more than enough players in central midfield as it is. Suppose it could be argued he could provide cover for the defence, but he is average at very best there. I'd be very surprised to see him re-sign with us, would be a complete waste of wages, and for that reason plus the fact he's gash, i really don't see it happening.
  15. Make that 40-0....and NO, would be a terrible appointment in all honesty. Don't see it happening anyway, so i wouldn't worry.

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