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  1. Many years from now, our children will be singing... "Esteban Casagolda knew my father, my father knew Esteban Casagolda"
  2. Right Gannon, the honeymoon's over. Time to get stuck into those leek munching part-timers.
  3. I think Keith is a neat and tidy player who for much of this season, has been the player providing the drive in midfield which Phil O'Donnell used too. I'd be disappointed to see him go.
  4. You can add Robbie Neilson to the list of cheats playing/played for the Jambo's. He claimed a foul for everything, tried to get Lasley sent off for an elbow and must have stolen about 10 yards at every throw in he took. He's been playing with Hearts and their eastern europeans too long. His hair looks like it hasn't been washed for months too.

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