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  1. I can tell you for a fact that the hampden stewards won't allow the vuvuzelas.
  2. Havin nae concessions is a load of balls.
  3. Haha! Legally it is required... Some people take longer than others to put you through it
  4. By law, every steward is required to do a qualification (NVQ) in Spectator Safety. That is the training. Plus for searching, chucking out etc.. SIA Licensing is in place. Same license as any doorman.
  5. patons02


    Are you a guy? If you are you know its illegal for a burd to search you.
  6. patons02


    Lets put this simply. Anywhere over the wall/gate = track and park. Go on that, you go out and if your not in a cell you feel lucky.
  7. patons02


    It doesn't matter if it is your fault or not in these situations unfortunately. Certainly other stewarding companies are actually instructed for anyone on track/park to not be escorted out but actually be arrested. I would suspect SecuriGroup are the exact same.
  8. patons02

    Scottish Cup

    I'm all for a day in Beith
  9. Find out who the chief steward was and make a complaint against it. Customer service is always meant to be number 1.
  10. patons02


    I'd ask the club about it. I know at other stadiums in Scotland flags are allowed aslong as they are proper flags and not just bedsheets, and are on garden canes.
  11. The problem is that the stewards need 2 people to see it so any charge could hold in a court. Same with the sectarianism and racism else if you goto the punter then it is deneyed straight away.
  12. Would it not have to be the match commander AND the operations manager for the stewards?
  13. Simple. There are too many of them to enforce since you can't chuck them all out.
  14. The atom works perfect now Cheers numpty

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