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  1. I'll fire a tenner in your direction shortly! Cheers for organising once again!
  2. Possible clue to away kit colours?
  3. Shocking decision to book Hutch a 2nd time! Desperate stuff from the ref at times!
  4. Magic, at least I'm still in with a shout then, chers!
  5. Had a quick go at setting this up, and can see the game listed but getting no streams. Are we waiting on them going up or am I missing something?
  6. Unfortuante, just need to qualify now And on the off chance anybody questions it, it says so on page 36 of this Click
  7. No sign of mine either now that you mention it. In fact, no sign of anything other than the letter I got about 3 weeks ago. Anybody recieved anything else yet?
  8. AndrewK

    Vs Hearts

    Working until 3, so leaving at 5 to and a mad dash is the best I can do I'll take any result in our favour here, 3 points is the main aim! C'mon the 'Well!
  9. Well played guys, superb display yet again Bit random but does anybody know the name of the tune playing early in that video?
  10. Aye, and if it was aimed at 'Well fans then how does that affect United fans in the slightest? It sure wasnt intended as some sort of offensive gesture, more a spontaneous gesture to celebrate levelling the game. Hardly something to get ridiculously worked up over. Next
  11. Who's actually been upset by this? Haven't read this whole thead but the bits and pieces I have read seem like a lot of pish to me! A player retrospectively banned for a harmless gesture to his own fans that nobody has actually been upset by? Fuck me
  12. It's their first clean sheet since May

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