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  1. It's a crap layout, but it is the most popular forum for County fans so I have to live with it. If you are struggling go to the bottom of the thread and click on "view all" then you can pick out what you can from the horrible non-linear format. Basically he is trying to convince people that we should pressure the club into dealing with him as he will bring many fantastic players who would love to play in the blue square premier and who we can sell on for big money in the future. Apparently he fell in love with our club in the short time he was there with Casagolda on trial
  2. It seems the latest player he is pimping has had a trial with you already. Ronaldo says he should move to North West England
  3. Tell me about it, it has been like that for years and many of us have tried to get it changed, but unfortunately it is like a pair of comfortable, old slippers for some of the older members of the messageboard.
  4. What was his name again? Seems someone claiming to be his agent has surfaced on our (the Stockport County) messageboard. Very strange that an agent is so desperate to help out the worst team in the English football league. Messageboard
  5. Philcounty


    As promised I will relay what was said in the interview with Peter Ward. It was a very brief mention but apparently, Stockport County put him up when he came for a trial, his agent called down a lot of SPL scouts for the trial game in which he scored twice. He was due to come back in and train with the team the next day but he didn't turn up and had buggered off up to Scotland where he signed for you guys. Basically Wardy said he had his chance to come to us in the Summer and he doesn't think there will be any interest from us now. Looks like he isn't coming our way so it will be interesting to see what becomes of him.
  6. Philcounty


    Hi Guys, a slight update, our local radio station posted a message on Twitter today saying; Esteban Casagolda not coming to EP. Peter Ward says the player used the club in the summer to get move to SPL. Full interview 6:30pm Fri Will let you know if the caretaker gaffer (who you are all familiar with after his time with you) says anything interesting. Unfortunately for you it looks like you are lumbered with him for a while longer.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, sounds "interesting", will let you know if we suddenly get a new poster extolling his virtues.
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    Hi, Stockport County fan here. Presumably you have all heard about Casagolda's "come and get me" plea. Link here Obviously he hasn't done the business so far this season for you but how has he looked on the occasions he has played? Thanks in advance.
  9. Stockport fan here, just watched the game, very entertaining. 'Well played really well and created some great chances. Last game I saw was the away leg against Llaneli and I could see a great improvement since then. You attack on the break like a Jimbo team and had plenty of occasions when your attackers outnumbered their defence. With a bit of clinical finishing you could have won that. Good luck for the rest of the season. Jimbo to end the Old Firm dominance
  10. Philcounty


    As I said County enquired during the 07/08 season so more than a year on it may be a little less. I'm sure if there is any chance of you signing him it will be done. A phrase you will all come to live by will be "Jim knows best".
  11. Philcounty


    Hi Guys, Stockport fan here. I've been reading some of the posts on here about Ruddy and just thought I'd sign up so I could reassure you all that he is definitely as good as you saw in his first appearance if not better. He is top class and to be honest I am surprised he hasn't been snapped up before now. A few of you have asked how much you would have to pay for him; while he was at Stockport during 07/08 season we apparently enquired and Everton said they wanted to recoup the fee they had paid for him which was £250K so I would guess it would be somewhere around that figure. Unfortunately that was out of our price range, but if your team can afford it you should definitely snap him up because by the end of his loan in the SPL I would imagine there will be a whole host of teams sniffing around. Good luck for the coming season, I'll be following your (and Jimbo and Wardy's) progress with interest. I guess 'Well are now my Scottish team . Hopefully a bunch of County fans will make it up for a match at some point this season so hopefully will see some of you then.

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