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  1. I'd really appreciate it, cause unlike some opinions above, we're not here to brag, I want to watch you guys throughout the season whenever it's possible
  2. cool it, shit happens, it used to happen to us too on numerous occasions(the late 90's, early 00's), when our football was really low... Oh yeah, we have codes enabled, damn us cheaters!!!
  3. Congratz on a great game guys, your side was really motivated and enthusiastic out there. I'm really disappointed by the ref though, cause we didn't need all those mistakes to take the credit away from our team; you should have been awarded at least one clear penalty, maybe 2, considering that we received ours rather easily Good luck in the SPL, I'll be watching you cause you've made a good impression tonight, if you play all of your matches like this you'll surely be up there, with Celtic and Rangers!
  4. Tanase would make an excellent signing for us, let's hope the deal will come through

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