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  1. The roar from less than 600 of us 5 seconds in is tear in the eye stuff.
  2. Over 12,500 signatures which has grown by about 500 in one hour. A very decent rate and hopefully with the help of everyone, it will grow to the point where maybe, just maybe, the powers that be will take notice of what we actually want.
  3. No To Newco petition: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/norangersnewco
  4. Could anyone who has WishyWell's phone number call or text him that the tickets are only on sale at Fir Park. I told him about last time when we got our tickets from that cabin at Ibrox no bother and I think he's going to try and get his son's pal a ticket there. Don't want him to turn up up with a disappointed wean.
  5. Should really put up now that someone is claiming the ticket.
  6. Haha! No, just a cunning 19 year old who shaves before games to get in with under 16s tickets, along with 3 other cunning 19 year olds doing the same thing....well except one of them, she is a woman and thus has no facial hair. We bought one extra for our mate but he's skint, so if anyone wants it give me a shout.
  7. I have a spare juvenile ticket for this game, £10. If anyone's interested, give me a message.
  8. If you ever need to get fired up for a match against Rangers, go on RangersMedia and look at all the pish they come out with...... 'About 6/7 years ago I was in Glasgow visting relatives and wanted to take a football match in, the closest that day was at Fir Park (Rangers were playing the next day) Motherwell v celtic I ended up in a pub and bought a ticket for the celtic end, a large number of the 'Well fans were singing the Sash and Billy Boys throughout the match while I had to stand with the animals chanting about the ira, I was very proud of the Motherwell fans that day, and it is something that has always stuck with me..Motherwell FC ....... Good crowd' What a smelly, lying through their teeth h*n bastard. The Sash and Billy Boys, aye right! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WHEN RANGERS DIE!
  9. Yep that's definitely the case Brazilian. Just studied the UEFA website there seeing where beaten teams from the 3rd Qualifying and Play-Off Round of the Champions League have ended up..... And it's most definitely Europa League Play-Off Round and Group Stages respectively. RIDICULOUSLY EXCITING NEWS! So if we manage 3rd by the end of the season, we're guaranteed at least 2 European ties!
  10. Cheers numpty I feel as if a part of my soul has returned to me If anyone has anything else, dinnae be shy now
  11. Faddy is my absolute hero but the problem is, whilst I can find most of his Scotland goals, I can't find videos of many of his Motherwell strikes. I'd love to see his audacious penalty chip and outrageous run against Livi, his sublime effort into the top corner v Partick, free kick against Killie amongst many others. I know there's guys on here that do dvds etc, but I'm really just looking for anything kicking about on the internet. Cheers if anyone can be of help.
  12. When i saw this on the website I just assumed that this was to make Motherwell fans feel safer, NOT to give Rangers even more POD tickets. Did I get it wrong? If so, then I don't like this at all.
  13. Thank You Killie1965. Hopefully we can do you one more favour and beat Rangers so there is a chance that the mhankies won't win the league at Rugby Park next week.
  14. I'll bring a sitar to the next game. We'll sing some George Harrison songs

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