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  1. I'm not sorry to see McCall go, I never rated him and never hid that view on here and the time was most definitely right for a change. However I do admit that that post you quoted was poor from me, especially making it out as some sort of victory which of course it's not and also by saying that it was his best decision since he's been here. Whatever anyone thinks of McCall, his league record with us was superb, despite his faults. So yes, it was ignorant and in poor taste. I wish McCall well for the future.
  2. I wouldn't object to Jimmy Calderwood being given the job just now, he is a proven top flight manager and he would sort out our defence. Derek Adams though gives me the fear.
  3. Whoever it is it must NOT be an internal appointment, ie. Leitch, Black, Johansson etc. We as a club now need to show some imagination and vision and get the right man in to the hot seat. That right man does not currently work at Fir Park!
  4. Praise The Lord . Best decision that McCall has made since he's been at Fir Park and I for one respect him for walking away instead of hanging out for a payoff. Over to you now Motherwell FC, make the right appointment.
  5. The day that Motherwell FC cease to exist in it's current form is the day I give up on football. I really doubt I could even bring myself to support a Sevco style reincarnation of Motherwell FC either.
  6. Thats the last 4 games we've come up against teams who were really struggling for form and we've been pretty much comfortably despatched by all of them. Its the same dross being spouted by a manager who is clearly devoid of ideas on how to get a completely lopsided squad winning again. Just as i was typing this out i just seen the 2nd goal on the news
  7. Unless we have a change of manager ASAP then we are going down. McCall OUT.
  8. Both sides have been poor but we nearly got away with a 1-0 lead at HT before normal service resumed thanks to our non existent midfield. Fully expecting a defeat here.
  9. With this latest development then a Scottish Cup run this season is now more important than ever, especially as the club have expressed openly their anticipation of more financial losses this season due to poor league form. However with our cup record under McCall then a decent run would seem unlikely to say they very least.
  10. We are an absolute shambles from top to bottom, a sinking ship. Completely agree with the above calls for a complete overhaul of staff at all levels within the club and, perhaps more importantly, transparency. Quite how we managed to get ourselves in this mess after our hugely impressive league performances since the turn of the decade plus a Scottish Cup Final appearance is absolutely staggering. Administration is not too far away by the looks of things.
  11. Yes but you have to take into account that we have lost key players to injury on a good few occasions this season, leading in us having to chop and change, play players out of position and look out of sorts. Hardly a sign of a settled squad surely? And don't forget that three of the men handed new contracts by McCall in the summer - Lasley, Hammell and McManus - are all a year older and have naturally lost a few yards since last season.
  12. I saw many posters, myself included, stating that they'd trade a European placed finish for a mid table or bottom six finish in exchange for a Cup win. I saw no one saying that they'd take relegation/relegation battle - and make no mistake, that's what we are in here - for a Cup run or even a Cup win.
  13. Well I do see where you are coming from with that. Surely any manager who guides Motherwell FC to 3rd, 2nd and 2nd again must be doing something right? And indeed he obviously has and I hand on heart cannot deny that Stuart McCall has done well for us during his tenure. But if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture here then you cannot fail to see that McCall has also had his fair share, indeed, more than his fair share of good luck during that time. Last season we were poor throughout and won many games that we probably didn't deserve to or barely deserved to win as the football was awful throughout but somehow we eeked out one goal victories by the skin of our teeth on several occasions...think Pittodrie last game of the season, both Thistle games at home, Ross County, Inverness at home when Billy McKay's shot hit the post....And the previous two seasons we had the 'best of the rest' in terms of player quality and while I do not for one minute decry our high league finishes, we have always had the benefit of a settled squad and a generous helping of luck to keep us ticking over during that time. McCall seems to be a manager who places emphasis on a squad which is settled and content for the present time, rather than on tactics and/or discipline and building for the future - his poor performance in the summer transfer windows of 2013 and 2014 and his non youth policy are evidence of this in my view. There was always going to come a time when we werent so fortunate with injuries and struggled at the wrong end of the table and it seems that McCall has no answer to it. Its one thing keeping a settled, injury free squad ticking along but its another thing altogether to have to have them fired up for a battle with their backs to the wall every week. Unfortunately McCall demonstrated, even when we had a good settled side, that he couldn't get them to roll up their sleeves for important Cup ties and now that problem has seeped into our league games.

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