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  1. Superb team performance, Very tough decision but went with Campbell.
  2. @MotherwellFC to open pre-contract talks with @officialdafc striker Faissal El-Bakhtaoui. Full story in today's @ScotExpress Tweet by Scott burns
  3. Typical! Sounds a really poor game and another last minute goal
  4. Ripley for me! Some fantastic and important saves tonight
  5. Good game and we were unlucky not to sneak a winner at the end! Ripley also making a few saves to keep us in it after a poor start to the second half. It's been a while since I left a game after a good performance. Onwards and upwards
  6. Not the best game but a good 3 points! Pleasing to score more than once too
  7. Great news having skippy back!
  8. Would have taken 3-1 before the game! Get in Motherwell!
  9. Can't get off work so come on the Icelandic mob!
  10. jinty

    The Well Society

    It would give us a good laugh though!
  11. jinty


    Also in the tin goose! Just had "breakfast" starting as we mean to go on!
  12. jinty


    Our journey has started! On the bus to London before our flight at 11.50 tomorrow. See you all there
  13. jinty


    6 of us booked on 11.50 Aegean flight from heathrow to athens on tuesday, staying at aristoteles near omonia square. And the 1.30 Aegean flight back on Thursday from Athens to heathrow. And we are on the overnight greyhound from Hamilton on Monday and back on Thursday. Anyone else on these?
  14. Nancy away! Don't remember much of that afternoon and we missed the walk to the stadium. Was given a baguette to eat for the tram to the stadium and was sick in it! Fell asleep in a bar round the corner before the game and only remember the major parts of the game but also having a wee greet at the end! Sang random songs at the top of my voice all the way up the main street then was quickly put to bed! Combination of that and travel sickness caused me to be sick out the window of the car (quite a few times) back to Belgium for the flight home the next morning! Still some of the best few days of my life though!
  15. Pc enes is apparantly the evacuation warning and that's why they said it a few times! So I've been told anyway
  16. jinty

    Aalesund Fans!

    Thought they were brilliant throughout the game. A lot of them were in the leccy afterwards and sat and spoke to them for most of the night, even swapped my brand new home top ).
  17. Agree with the old man above any last minute winners are superb. Fitzy against hearts was was amazing, wont forget that night. Van der gaag against dunfermline was the first game i remember getting really excited about, the second goal on skippy sunday was great as well.
  18. jinty


    Coke for me back to his early season form. Hutch a close second.
  19. i have just looked it up we won the 1st game 2-1 clarky and fagan with the goals and lost the 2nd game 1-0

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