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  1. Shite, I can't get away that early. Missus is off, might send her while the wee man is at nursery.
  2. Anyone know what time the ticket office is open to tonight? Looking to leave work early.
  3. They cheated. End of. They should be getting fucked out of the league as soon as possible, stripped of their previous titles, and sanctions imposed if they re-apply for the league and manage to get in. They league's better off without them. Hell, the country's better off without them. As for going back to Fir Park, I have barely been over the past few years due to money and time constraints, but this would probably stop me trying to get back at all.
  4. If the works syndicate won, I'd be on about £20m, so I'd make sure I had a season ticket again, and splash out for some box seats, etc. Not sure I would drop a lump sum in, maybe £1m with the proviso it doesn't get used stupidly. If I won the full thing, I'd offer to redevelop Fir Park, starting with knocking down the South Stand and replacing with something sensible, removing the seating from the East Stand and installing that safe terracing stuff from Germany, and general bits and pieces around the place to make it a nicer place to watch a game, with facilities to bring other income into the club. P.S. Part of any redevelopment would include a penthouse flat in one of the corners, with balcony for watching the matches.
  5. Been calm all week as had other stuff to worry about, managed to watch a few 'Well vids on Youtube but that was all. Then I come on here during lunch and read some of the threads.... Fuck me, my stomach's now going a mile a minute and I can't wait for the next 2 hours to be over so I can get out of here and get sorted for tomorrow!!
  6. Only game I've been to and seen us beat them - 22nd May 2005.
  7. Was the final day of the season against the Tims in 2005, and they disappeared right after...
  8. Yer dad told me what happened, fuckin' crazy.
  9. Low funds just now, but I'll fire something thru when the missus gets paid next week.
  10. Hope so, I'm heading up after work as well, thanks to a loan of a season ticket from someone on here.
  11. Mate of mine, another Rangers fan, said the same thing to me last week. Told him where to go.
  12. I plan on drinking myself silly until Sunday night, then possibly phoning in sick to work on the Monday!!
  13. Due to shit finances the past 3 years, I have been to hardly anything, but really want to go to this, and promised my dad a ticket for his birthday, and to celebrate him ending his chemo. Not too bothered about the allocation, cos I know we'll get the tickets, but fuck me, the prices have went up since the last time!
  14. Few beers before, then spend the rest of the day and most of Sunday in the pub celebrating!! Bev is on notice she'll have to drive me to work on the Monday
  15. Absolutely LOVING this!! Told the missus I'm taking Brooke to Hampden if the score stays this way!! (No choice, she's working and dad says he'll be going too!!)
  16. Kamikaze Bob


    Absolute shambles. That is all.
  17. Bribe whoever I had to to get standing allowed at the football again! Then re-build part of the stadium to take advantage of the new rules, with corner sections featuring a few apartments to lease to fans, so you can watch the games as part of your contract.
  18. Aye, was gonna say that, good way of chatting with fellow 'Well fans from home during gametime.
  19. The missus' wee cousin played for the Motherwell Girls, as did the neice of our ex-neighbour, she is involved in the Scotland girls setup as well. Pity to see the support is gone, as they are Motherwell fans as well.
  20. Aye, was gonna say, unless ye've got a DeLorean, ye've missed it!
  21. Fuck, I thought it was him. What happened to Frazzle then?
  22. Wee tip - don't run a raffle through eBay, it's against their T&Cs and they'll shut it down, might even close the account down.
  23. Sky 1 or Sky Sports 2 usually.
  24. And it paid for the repairs on my car, as the suspension had gone about 3 days before. 1-0 and Faddy to score, 150/1 or summat stupid, wish I had more than £2 on it!
  25. Any move will have to wait until they repeal the "all seating" rule, so we can have safe standing areas built from scratch, perhaps even a whole stand. That would also help bring folk back to football, as it gives a better atmosphere, surely?

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