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  1. Hi ya Latest audio where we look back on what has been an eventful week at Fir Park and ask whether Michael Higdon deserves the abuse currently being dished out to him from certain sections of the support. http://bit.ly/rn8dzY Also Tom Hately article - 'We can cope with fans' pressure.' and my take on why Saturday's victory will shut the doubters up, for now. Both can be found here. http://www.wishawpress.co.uk/wishaw-sport/ Thanks Andy
  2. Hi ya This week we look back on what has been an eventful week for Motherwell and preview what could potentially be an explosive clash with Aberdeen this weekend. http://bit.ly/q1pZlD Cheers Andy
  3. Hi ya Latest Final Whistle 'audio' is now online. http://t.co/fpyGXN7Z We are, again, looking to make it downloadable and will let you know when sorted. This week we look back on the game at Parkhead and look forward to what is a crucial 10 days for the Steelmen. Cheers Andy p.s. also, here is link to Nicky Law article from this week's paper. http://t.co/9yuvxWvO
  4. Hi Well fans!! Latest podcast where we look back at what has been a great start to the season for Motherwell and discuss whether it has been a successful transfer window for Stuart McCall. http://bit.ly/oBWvSN Cheers Andy
  5. Hi Latest podcast! We discuss Clyde, Rangers, Tim Clancy & look ahead to Saturday's clash with Dunfermline. http://bit.ly/qeEOsC Cheers Andy p.s. no I'm not related to Patrick Harvey. p.s.s. the techie lot in the office say we cannot put the podcast on I Tunes. No idea why, sorry about that.
  6. Forget El Clasico. Check out the only Motherwell FC dedicated podcast around where I chat about Well's brilliant start to the season & preview the Rangers game this weekend where the league leaders will look to extend their lead over the champions! http://t.co/m2MK9oW Andy Weston Wishaw Press
  7. McCall: Scottish Cup final win would be my finest footballing achievement. http://bit.ly/iup48h
  8. Folks Just put a couple of features on Sutton and Jenno on Wishaw Press website. Regarding podcast. A couple of people have asked about making it downloadable. This is something we are going to try and sort out for next season. Enjoy the game. http://www.wishawpress.co.uk/wishaw-sport/ Cheers Andy
  9. Hi fans Just put up our Scottish Cup Final podcast. We review the season and of course look ahead to Saturday's game where we pick up a potential starting XI and subs bench. http://bit.ly/ja1Yme Thanks Andy Wishaw Press p.s. enjoy the game and best of luck to the Well. Believe.
  10. Well I am from Glasgow believe it or not but worked and lived all about Scotland. I am not from Ireland although some people think I am for some reason! Cheers Andy
  11. Hi ya Latest podcast where we look back at a busy fortnight, look forward to the Celtic game, chat contracts, the pitch and John Boyle. http://bit.ly/ifOqqd Cheers Andy www.wishawpress.co.uk facebook.com/wishawpress twitter.com/presssport
  12. Hi ya Latest podcast link below. This week we discuss Motherwell's 'professional' cup runs, Franny Jeffers and look ahead to what will be a pivotal 4 weeks for the Steelmen. http://bit.ly/glzp5V Thanks Andy
  13. First one of 2011 for various reasons but did them last year. hope you find them useful.not really ever much Motherwell chat on other footy shows! cheers Andy
  14. Hi ya Latest podcast where we review McCall's first 8 games in charge, preview the Stranraer game and talk Francis Jeffers! http://bit.ly/gjBOzV Cheers Andy Wishaw Press twitter.com/presssport
  15. andrew weston


    the issue of flags and banners at Fir Park has been raised in our podcast this week. http://bit.ly/dCQLkz cheers Andy

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