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  1. 2 hours ago, Ya Bezzer! said:


    Going to be a similar situation as when Robinson took over from McGhee and it went to the bottom six split matches.

    If we can take 5 points from the games leading up to the split that would leave us looking for 7 points post split.

    Doable but still a bit nerve wracking.  Would be a good time to break the Accies hoodoo though!

    7 points in the 5 games post split would mean bettering the average achieved in the 28 games to date.

    with a team that shown almost no fight or desire unless they’re being showcased 

    it’s doable but we need to see the action to improve the tally in the 5 games before the split 



  2. 4 hours ago, Kmcalpin said:

    GA saying we may appeal depending whats in the ref's report. He says Polworth did swear but at the Aberdeen player not the ref. Does that make any difference?

    No - so it would be stupid having admitted to foul and abusive language, for the player or manager to even consider an appeal if that’s reason in ref’s report

  3. Business borrows money all the time to operate 

    especially to fund the systems required for them to function/operate in direct competition with their competitors  

    why should football be any different 

    N.b a lot of our fans seem oblivious that our club do the same thing including accessing this govt loan ( or a  similar scheme) which is on hugely preferential terms to  some alternative s

    ps I consider many in football to have lost touch with their privileged position in society at this time, but borrowing money to sustain trading at the level they are practicing currently is just normal business 


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  4. 22 minutes ago, CoF said:

    The initial decision reasoning put a lot of weight on the fact that postponing games is simply not an option this season. The SPFL found Celtic a Monday night slot because they wanted to do some extra training / rest some players, so there's that argument gone. 

    that fixture was played exactly within the same calendar  ‘round of fixtures’ it was originally scheduled.

    there are plenty of flaws this season including for Celtic,  but a Monday night slot was not ‘found’ 

    i had sympathy for the clubs impacted by covid, and still feel for public health reasons it was correct that our games were postponed/ cancelled as it wasn’t clear if the players that would have turned out were covid clear and safe to interact with our players and the officials 

    having read both reports, it’s clear that both clubs didn’t treat the protocols with due respect or even common sense  from the govt advice.

    the punishments handed out were harsh, but at the same time the panel choose to only punish events that the public health bodies felt led directly to the transmission of the virus.

    as such , the appeal could easily look again at all the breaches, St.Mirren in particular had an appalling list of failings, many of which were noted , but not punished.

    if this was the case and level of punishment was more balanced, Killie could receive a lesser punishment and St.Mirren probably deserve to be hammered as they truly did not implement the required controls almost mocking the seriousness of the situation.



  5. 21 minutes ago, wellwell91 said:

    There’s about a 20 page document on the SFA web site on the protocols to be followed for the return to football and both St Mirren and Killie by their own admission broke these protocols!!

    The SFA website?

    Only  protocols ?

    So not in the SPFL rules and regulations then?

    PS, I’m being a bit facetious , everyone has their own conclusions’ most’  made without the ‘silly’ little details that could influence outcome and most  all made with a hint of bias 

    I thought they were harshly punished in a public health pandemic, same as hearts, thistle etc, doesn’t mean I want it changed.


  6. maybe we should just play football when we can,  rack up or scrape points as our capability allows ,  and let the process run , its course

    plenty of scope for discussion without losing the rag, we  were in a false league position on league match performance, as much as , what, if, but allows for , even head to head recent history with squads shows we benefitted 

    I'm not sure  about 'blatant' rule breaches ..... when nobody is giving clear indication, if they are  steadfast incorporated 'rules'  or guidance to continue operate as a league that clubs agreed to  , even as much as common sense applies,  if they are  solid rules , broken with legitimate punishment given, then that punishment usually stands , ideal ,

    if not , then play fixtures?

    alternatives if punishment handed out is deemed excessive?  points deductions? or score draws?  

    I'm also wary of  demanding financial compensation for 'rule' breaches , when our own club has a history littered with call offs having failed to meet the requirements of the rules and regulations , no difference if it is covid 'rules' or playing surface rules , floodlight rules etc , IF  it's a rule break leading to a fixture not being played to the original schedule, to then financially compensate the other club would be an awful precedent set

  7. 7 hours ago, well_said said:

    I see that there are two premiership matches this midweek. Could we not have played one this week also?

    we have two* first team squad players isolating, would we be seeking a match this week?

    *potentially more if they did catch it

  8. John ‘Softie’ Philliben - Sweeper in the continental style, razor sharp accuracy with the long passes, super quick ,  had a gravity defying leap on him, and hit the most powerful penalties I’ve ever witnessed 

    Was also manager ( with ‘Mio’ ) for 4 games , 2W 2L , lost the last game as Shaun Maloney is a diving cheating wee rat 

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