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  1. Being the nosey bugger I am I noticed Motherwell trending on Twitter. Some good entertainment to be had watching our fans fight amongst themselves, fight with Rangers fans, be belittled by both Rangers and Celtic fans and belittle Rangers and Celtic fans.  Nothing different to any other day I hear you say. 

    One tweet did stick out though as regards the mention way earlier about Shane Ferguson. Stellar club we are and all but we surely don't have English Championship players, with the rewards which that playing in that league can bring, threatening to go on strike to join us do we?


  2. I wouldn't dismiss the sell on fee for Kipre just yet.  It remains to be seen how severe their situation is, what interest there is in them and how the look to re-shape.

    There will be vultures swooping attempting to take advantage of their situation  but not all of those bids will be accepted  - I remember Kilmarnock trying to sign Martyn Corrigan for buttons and being hunted when we were in administration.  It may be as one of the younger members of their squad there will be other players on bigger wages who Wigan will look to move on first, and again it could mirror our own situation where some of those with potential with a view to maximising their value further down the line if they maintain progress.


  3. 1 hour ago, Stu92 said:

    Excuse my ignorance, can you expand on this? Some might call it luck, but I lived abroad for the Playoff season and the beginning of the following year and so was fairly out the loop on things other than what the score on a Saturday was.

    The only vivid memory I have from those seasons was listening to commentary of the first leg of the play-off final in an airport departure lounge. It was still 0-0 when we took off, spent the duration of the flight fearing the worst - you can only imagine the relief at turning my phone on and seeing we'd skelped them 3-1 at Ibrox! :D:D

    Sure,  things hadn't been great in the run up to the League Cup game. Only wins since the opening day were a 1-0 win over Killie from a penalty and scraping past East Fife in the previous round of the Cup.  We'd also lost to Hamilton on the Saturday.

    For the Morton game Moult, McDonald, Lasley and Ainsworth were all on the bench and only a 90th minute equaliser took it to extra-time. We still managed to blow it and lost 3-2.  There was a side story of the police and stewards being completely OTT whilst all this was going on but that's another story.

    Barraclough was dismissed pretty quickly  in the days following the game and it emerged that there had an altercation in the dressing room which was mooted to have been a factor with punches having said to have been thrown.  I don't know if names were actually confirmed but Lionel Ainsworth and Stephen Robinson were speculated to have been two of those involved. 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, star sail said:

    Wes Fletcher made a decent start scoring in the first game away at ICT. Moult's debut was not as impressive.  I am sure if you asked many Well fans in the month of August who was going to be the better of the two, many would have gone with Fletcher. Hindsight ofcourse makes a mockery of that. 

    You made the point about the East Fife game and yes he did suffer abuse that night. To me it backs up the opinion that some Well fans were never going to give him time. It is no crime to not know your best 11 in the month of August. Baraclough was not given the time to get it right maybe rightly so maybe not. 

    I don't remember McCall receiving the same flack for losing to Icelandic part-timers in the early part of the season. Infact many Well fans used it as an example of why you cannot expect consistency when bedding in new players and getting up to speed physically. 

    I would not hang my hat on the argument that sacking Baraclough was wrong (it may have been) but I am confident in my view that there were a good proportion of the support that were not keen to give him the benefit of the doubt. 


    The Fletcher reference is a statement of fact rather than any slight on his abilities.  As Melvin has alluded to, but for the injury who knows how their respective Motherwell careers may have turned out.

    I would personally disagree with you on the selection element for Inverness. Of course I can only speak for myself but having seen neither of them before the pre-season games I took in (Livingston rings a bell) to me even then Moult looked the more impressive of the two.

    On fans refusing to give him a chance and the comparison with McCall that's an interest point to consider but by the same token we should remember there was a lot of goodwill and admiration for him as we went into the new season for managing to keep us up and the manner of those play-off victories. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, MelvinBragg said:

    Seemed to realise the error of his ways quite quickly. Although given Fletcher scored on his debut then got injured the following week, I often wonder what might have been for Fletcher and Moult but for that injury...

    The Fletcher injury which kept him out for a few weeks made that particular decision for him I think and when Moult started scoring he never looked back.  But Bara had McDonald there signed Clarkson, Moult and Fletcher and then within a couple of weeks of the season starting signed Robinson too.  There comes a point when having options becomes throwing mud at a wall and seeing if something sticks.

    But yeah the Fletcher/Moult thing is a bit of your sliding doors type moment isn't it.

  6. He deserves to be fondly remembered for guiding us through the play-offs, but by the same token he's lucky he has that play-off to be remembered fondly. Without the play-offs you are looking at a massive turnover of players that delivered only slightly less inconsistency than the manager before him before nosediving when he had his stamp on the team.

    When you reflect on it it seems most unlike Motherwell to get rid of a manager so early in his tenure and before September was even out but putting yourself back in the time it certainly seemed the right thing to do.

    It was dire in the few months of that new season.  He was backed and was allowed to bring in a number of players in January and he was similarly backed in the summer and signed player after player after player but with seemingly no idea what his strongest team was.  Results and performances were largely awful. Getting out of jail at East Fife on a night he endured some of the most stinging abuse at close quarters I've heard a Motherwell manager receive at a game suggested he'd lost some of the support even then.  Meekly losing a third successive derby at Hamilton.  And the Cappielow result and subsequent events in the dressing room was obviously the final straw.  It wasn't a surprise at all that corrective action was taken.

    But, all that other stuff has largely faded and we're left with the memories of two of the most memorable wins of that era so he'll always have a special place.  Good old stegosaurus fan Baraclough.

  7. 34 minutes ago, grizzlyg said:

    Robbo said a few weeks ago his budget would be cut.   Obviously with us signing a good few players then money must be there, I just hope not at the expense of our academy but I have mentioned that previously so will see what happens 

    True, as a consequence of an unprecedented situation.  That's a wee bit away from "always announcing cuts" though.

  8. 34 minutes ago, grizzlyg said:

    Considering the club are always announcing budget cuts and we have no money then would be interesting how we could offer him an improved deal.  If he goes then I wish him all the best and we move on. Also great news for his lad as he will make his international debut in the play off!! Ba boom....COYW

    The cuts that saw an increase in the playing budget last season?


  9. 23 minutes ago, Spit_It_Out said:

    If he goes he will be replaced now what I am wondering is this the N.Ireland job has been up for grabs for a wee bit and Robinson has always been in the frame so they must have knew last wee while they were going to be interviewing before internationals start back up September/November.So why is he building the team for new season for next man to come in?


    Makes me think that Lasley will get the job from the off and that makes sense.

    I think because there is a structure, a shared responsibility and a strategy concerning the signing of players that would continue regardless of who the manager is.

    The aim of trying to recruit players for free, or for relatively modest sums, and in time sell them on at some profit is well known.  To deliver those players is Martin Foyle (Gary Owers I think) our Director of Recruitment and his team of scouts in combination with the manager. The manager will of course dictate a preference, I would very much assume would have final say but I think anyone in the manager's role at Motherwell will have taken the role in the full knowledge, and will have to invest fully in what is expected from them when it comes to player recruitment.


  10. It remains to be seen what shape the squad is in in once things kick off but as it stands there seems as much continuity and hopefully an assurance of what level they are at, for as long as I can remember.

    As is stands from a team that was third we've had a not far off a like-for-like change in goal.  We've replaced a experienced centre-half that had a couple of seasons in the top flight, with a younger centre-half who has had a couple of seasons experience in the top flight. O'Hara is back and Turnbull will be like a new player.  If Long re-signs then it's a pretty settled looking team.

    Of course the transfer window hasn't even opened yet so....


  11. 13 minutes ago, Yorkyred said:

    The main question for me would be the club coming back to him after he actually signed the extension asking him to reduce the terms. If I remember rightly Hartley had agreed a new contract then the club came back to him before anything was signed.

    I can't claim to know the full process involved in a player signing a contract and it getting to the point where it is legally binding but it would seem not to have been fully concluded otherwise Richard surely wouldn't have been able to join St Mirren or would he have some kind of case against the club for reneging on agreed terms.

    It remains to be seen whether the club will choose to respond and we may be in a better position then to judge if Motherwell have acted if not illegally, but in poor spirit, but boot on the other foot it won't have been the first time a player has committed to the club but then made a last minute decision to change their mind and do something different leaving the club high and dry.

    Time will tell I suppose.


  12. 1 hour ago, middleeastdave said:

    Listened to Tait on Radio Scotland ok praising MFC but very unhappy with the way he left basically he actually signed a contract extension before the Coronavirus and then Motherwell wanted to change terms when the coronavirus kicked in , saying that Alan Burrows was going to call him back but never did, so saw the writing on the wall. Have to say not too happy if that’s the way they treat players.

    He also did say that in his opinion he was fit and playing well but didn’t think was SR’s plans!!!

    I'm not sure there's quite the evidence to suggest that is common place on how things are undertaken. Indeed we only have Tait's word things went down as they did in this particular instance.

    But what we do know is that a number of supporters were keen for the club to furlough players as soon as was possible to reduce the expected losses resulting from Covid-19.  Seeking to renegotiate as yet uncompleted contracts to take account of that unprecedented situation is another.

    And let's not forget too that in the same batch of out of contract players a short term contract was offered to an injured player in Charles Dunne who had yet to regain fitness as was the case the season before with Craig Tanner when in both cases they could quite easily have said thank you and goodbye.

  13. 48 minutes ago, David said:

    Longer than 3 years? That's what we've offered him it would seem. 

    I guess we'll see what happens, but St Mirren over us in mental. He'd be as well just playing down south with a club that can match their offer. I'd assumed the reason he'd come to us was because of our track record of putting players in the window and getting them bigger moves, and potentially the idea of playing a European game or two.

    St Mirren offer nothing like that.

    At the current moment in time we're a more attractive option than St Mirren I'd agree but I wouldn't go so far as to say choosing them over us is insanity, particularly if you are going to get a similar or slightly better deal.

    It has already been rightly stated the competition there is in our midfield.  Remember it was about three or four months before O'Hara got anywhere near our starting eleven (admittedly he was injured for a spell).

    McGinn via Hibs is now one of the hottest properties in midfield the country. Lewis Morgan won a move to Celtic. Stevie Mallan moved from St Mirren to an English Championship side so there's a pathway to progression there too.

    Kilmarnock and ourselves even following the second place finishes illustrate how quickly the provincial teams can go up or down the table.

    Whilst ofcourse they cannot offer European football I don't think the gap is anywhere near big enough to suggest it would be insanity to go there.

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  14. 34 minutes ago, mfc88 said:

    To be fair, in recent-ish times, the only young player who didn't get enough of a chance at us but went on to prove himself at our level is lawless. Even then you're going back 10 years.  Could have been others but he's the only one that comes to mind, certainly not a common occurrence. 

    I'd rather see us finding a way of keeping the likes of mckinstry, mcalear, etc. We know we're re never going to sign an international player, but we can develop one... but more often than not our top youth are poached before they reach the first team. Kind of makes you wonder "whats the point?" And I can see why falkirk (for example) have done away with their youth academy... however I'd never support us doing that. It is still pretty successful in spite of that.

    I suppose there are several hundred thousand of pounds worth of reasons why even though McKinstry and McAlear barely kicked a ball in anger for the first team, so there's definitely a point.

    All they can do is develop players and hope that more of them go down the Scott and Turnbull route where a transfer fee will be achieved along as well as first team games rather than the McKinstry and McAlear route but even then if the players are of sufficient quality there will compensation fees and a further boost to the reputation of the club's Academy, which has its own benefits.


  15. 9 hours ago, 0Neils40yarder said:

    Pleading poverty is what we do...and to be fair, it works

    Absolutely.  I don't know if anyone caught the Scottish Football Marketing Podcast where Grant Russell is interviewed.  There's a discussion around the club's goal for a season and how that is communicated and returned to, again and again throughout the season with the successful results achieved from it.  It is exactly the same with referencing the financial position.

  16. Just now, Happy Dosser said:

    I'm delaying my multiplied organism until I see the back.  Why get the front so right only to fall at the final hurdle? Tell me I'm wrong.......

    You're not wrong. 

    But there some kind of UEFA regulation in European competition that apparently prevents it rather than it being done through choice if that offers some consolation.

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  17. 5 minutes ago, wunderwell said:

    Can anyone do me a favour? What's the difference between a standard adult ticket and a family adult ticket in the options? They are both the same price.

    At a guess I would think adult standard is just an adult whereas the family would be the adult +1 free in the Hunter and O'Donnell stands  or the adult + 2 free in the Cooper deals.

  18. 3 hours ago, Stu92 said:

    I’m sure I’ve bought tops from us before and had the option to not have the sponsor on. 

    Was it possibly the other way around?  We went into the 2010'11 season with no sponsor and I think there was the option to latterly have the sponsor added.  A good number, chose not to.

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