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  1. I did wonder why Tommy Wright was holding a Motherwell scarf above his head down there earlier when I was walking past.
  2. I'm not really anyone is talking up TW as "the next Klopp" however you're a bit harsh in your St Johnstone summary. You missed out the multiple qualifications for European competition, which resulted in a 2-legged over Rosenborg, and a Scottish Cup win. Like I said, he's next the world's greatest manager but he's a known quantity at this level, and well proven. Considering the mess we're in just now, I fully understand why many are looking towards him as an ideal candidate to sort out our current mess. If you're of the opinion that club should go for the lucky dip option of Alexander or Grayson, you're more than entitled to do so. It might end up being an inspired choice, like McGhee first time around or McCall. Or it could be a disaster like Gannon or Baraclough. Seems a strange time to take a gamble though. We'll just need to see who came out on tops in today's interviews.
  3. What's a St Johnstone style performance? One where they come from a goal down against us and win 2-1 regularly? Come to Fir Park and play us off the park in a 5-1 win? TW is by no means Guardiola, but this "terrible football" myth that follows him around is bizarre. The same lazy reporting that labels Motherwell as "hammer throwers" for the last four years or that the Fir Park pitch is full of sand springs to mind. Looking at that alleged shortlist. Lasley I do not want in charge, Grayson hasn't been successful in a job in a good few years and Alexander, whilst relatively experienced for a manager of his age, has zero experience of Scottish Football. We could do a lot worse than Tommy Wright as our new gaffer.
  4. Nah, top 6 is gone for me. I'd like to see a couple of fresh faces in for this one. Don't want to give too much away ahead of the semi final. Carson Kiprè Aldred Dunne Cadden Bigi McHugh Turnbull Hendrie Main Ciftci (if fit) Motherwell 1-1 Aberdeen
  5. Great ball in from Rose. Excellent set up play from Main.
  6. Good to see you've given both him and yourself plenty of time to come to that conclusion.
  7. Robinson will get criticism everytime we fail to win, particularly at home, because our tactics are horrific.
  8. Tomas Cerny continuing to be Tomas Cerny I see. The timewasting is absolutely pathetic.
  9. Just call this a draw and go home. What a pile of shite this is.
  10. We'd probably start qualifying for stuff but make multi-million pound losses along with it.
  11. Pretty much this. Can see this being similar to the County game. We'll get the job done, but I doubt it'll be pretty. 2-0 Motherwell
  12. Tam Scobbie can do a job on the left of midfield...

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