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  1. I'm going to start hanging about with nethertonwellfan in Daniels during home games for my own safety.

  2. A fine picture you've got there Jay. Sair face for you soon though.

  3. That is absolutely hilarious that hat. I don't see what the point is really, it just seems like a waste of space putting it in any MFC publications. I'd say the same about a young boys team as well although argueably there is some difference in that a young boy could maybe have the chance to actually play for Motherwell one day. It would still be pretty pointless though and hardly anyone would read it. So basically they pay the club for the use of the name aye?
  4. DonGoodman

    Don Goodman

    I hope you taped it.
  5. To be fair it probably doesn't seem the hassle for the 5 people who would actually read about it and care. Good luck to them and that though, are they actually ran by the club in any sort of way?
  6. According to the email I got its across from the Gavin Hamilton Sports Centre mate. Although I've only ever played the town hall as part of the Darvel music festival so to be honest I won't have a clue till the day. Here's another quick lynx inspired effort. Someone has to be good at this surely, mines have been pretty shite so far.
  7. Maybe he'll begin to think he's a paedophile and actually start shagging kids. Its definitely a new excuse anyway. Im not even suggesting its an appropriate (or even funny) chant, but fucking hell this has been blown way out of proportion.
  8. Alright but just speak into your hands or something. Cheers Fatley.
  9. Damaging To be fair i'd imagine its quite hard for you to get your words out in person Bryson seeing as no c**t can stand talking to you for over 2 seconds as you spray a small fountain from your virgin lips. So on this occasion i guess it makes sense for a man of your age to resort to name calling over the internet. In all seriousness though is it some sort of extra saliva problem or are you just a complete downer? Edited to also point out the fact you're specky and ginger.
  10. And your post was mature Bryson? A lot worse could be said about yourself but i'll leave the personal attacks over the internet for the arseholes that wouldn't have the balls to do it in person.
  11. Last minute addition to Sparras mob here. Accomodation seems to be a bit of a problem, anyone needing a room mate?
  12. Agreed. An experienced manager please JB. Learn from your past mistakes.

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