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  1. The ladies lined up against an unbeaten Cumbernauld Colts side at Broadwood on Sunday, a tough challenge following a very disjointed and uncharacteristic defeat at the hands of Hibs last week. It was clear from the start our girls had a real sense of intent and were fired up for the match, It took 19 minutes to break the deadlock and it was first blood Motherwell, goals from Suzanne Grant Helen (Disby) Templeton and Sophie Gallacher led 'Well to a worthy 3-0 lead before an unfortunate OG with the keepers momentum carrying her with the ball in her hands back into the goalmouth. A great team performance all round spirit fight and determination served up in spades. Motherwell Ladies sit top of the league by virtue of superior goal difference.
  2. I have the fear about this, Accies will press and harass us when we have the ball giving no time to get it down and play, we on the other hand will stand off them or run alongside them giving time and space to do what they will. Combined with the horrible plastic pitch and their physical presence( they will get away with far more against us than they did against Celtic) we'll be fortunate to come away with a point, we've looked less than convincing most of the season and have to go back to December to see us win more than one in a row.
  3. They must have counted all the non attending ST holders there is no way there was 42k people in that stadium, lots if empty seats
  4. I was surprised we got something from the encounter, for all that we are easily bullied both on and off the ball, we have a few capable of "meaty challenges" however a few who seem scared to tackle/be tackled sometimes.
  5. Can't see anything else other than an easy win for the Jambos, kinda glad I'm working on Saturday
  6. Fair comment, I suspect though that in general this was one of the driving factors in moving from traditional "Minutes Silence" to whatr seems more commonplace "minutes applause". That having said I would bet the farm that every single 'Well Fan as you say will observe a minutes silence impeccably, and for my money the silence is more appropriate
  7. My first concern with the minutes silence was rightly or wrongly "Its Celtic" will they observe it. In that respect perhaps applause more fitting?
  8. Thistle boss a bit rattled by the prospect of a big away support https://m.facebook.com/partickthistlefc/photos/a.749434111787983.1073741928.208968199167913/901384436592949/?type=1&source=48 Message from Alan Archibald: Saturday’s match is now vital and, with the visitors making noise about their biggest travelling support of the season, I need you to turn up and out sing our rivals for the final push towards safety. Share this with every Thistle fan in your phone book, tag any of your pals who haven’t been to Firhill for a while, email every Jags fan you know and get them to Firhill on Saturday. Get behind me, get behind the team & together we can do this. Mon the Jags,
  9. Never fails to amaze me how easily some players are either not criticised or defended, the above argument was frequently made for Dan Twardzik and was roundly shot down in several instances. Every player in every game is responsible for winning that game, and when they do not must be equally culpable.
  10. How did Lee Erwin play today? He is generally full of running and seemingly industrious but did he contribute significantly?
  11. I'll gladly indulge in misdemeanour's such as this medium rare
  12. A few came over and stopped a few metres back from the fans but to his credit John Sutton came right over and engaged with the fans.
  13. Kinda depends on her/his true identity as to whether I am among the "Droves of fans"
  14. Kinda depends on her/his true identity as to whether I am among the "Droves of fans"

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