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  1. I would not be surprised if some of those whose deals are up and played last night have moves agreed already yes i am cynical.
  2. At the risk of being posting knee jerk stuff i think the players who are out of contract should not be played in the team unless they are going to sign new contracts.At this moment i am very fed up with Motherwell fc The head butting icon does not even sum it up.
  3. the fox


    Cant disagree with anyone Randolph all day although i wanted to give it to the ref for blowing the final whistle.
  4. Wont be going near it my son almost got hit with a coin there and that was years ago Good Luck to anyone going you will need it.
  5. the fox


    Could only be Higdon sometimes he misses chances but he works selflessly and never ever hides
  6. When someone leaves Fir park they become a non person in other words i could not give a flying feck what Jennings or any other ex Motherwell player does.
  7. I could put in £25 or £50 at a push
  8. A lot of people will go for a superb solo effort like the Humph at East End park but for me the goal of the season thus far has got to be Bob McHugh v Aberdeen for total guts and determination remember he still had a fair but of work to do once he got clear what do others think?
  9. While some good points i need to know what this lot intend doing to combat bigotry /sectarianism make no mistake this is not going away nor should it.
  10. If Motherwell sign Stephen Hughes will he fit into the formation the way it is or will the team have to change to accomadate?
  11. I dont like the club associated with this way back from Easter toad last week and stopped talking to some guy cos he said his 1st team is Rangers.Im fed up with the h**s without bus fares stuff on the Royal Family i used to like Princess Anne "naff orf!" bet she has done it with a horse
  12. Loved Bob McHughs goal his determination and attitude also way all the players worked for each other at Easter rd would like to see more of Bob on pitch
  13. the fox


    Im surprised with low vote for Keith Lasley thought he was outstanding dont disagree with anyone about Jenno,surely there nothing in all this bet palava how could he play like that with a cloud over him?

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