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  1. if we need a goal score we should have a wee look at the boy who plays wae airdrie top scorer in scotland so far this season , or try and get a wee loan in from a premiership or championship team
  2. Rumour has it that david clarkson is trying to get released from bristol city , if so we should defo hold talks with him in trying to bring him back to club !
  3. What about randolph hateley craigan hutchinson hammell humphrey lasley jennings murphy jeffers sutton that way we have two wingers that are capable of beating full backs and putting decent balls in the box for big john or for franny ? plus if murphy does what he done against st johnstone and cut inside and get a shot away ?
  4. Love to see Chris Porter back in a well strip However sutton must stay !!!!!!!!!
  5. easy wee 2-1 in the pokey .... murphy with the two goals
  6. Orite Scotty boi! Few cans the night mate?

  7. Theres a party on the 21st of may .....

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