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  1. Does anyone know what or if Celtic are doing something too?
  2. i take it though if you turn up to pay at gate then it will be full price or will we be able to get in for 5£ ??
  3. i could see blackman going maybe a few of the decent youth players?
  4. haha it was just an idea, maybe a bad one, but id rather see anything than the paedophile chants Mcghee got
  5. just an idea.... met next to the train/bus..march to stadium up union and king street...?
  6. il start this off and say im travelling up from Dundee 1
  7. im happy at the game being called off since losing "them" (shall not be named) At the same time though here in dundee, had the police waited till friday there was a proper thaw on, and its well on road to all snow and ice being gone ( hardly health and safety issues anyway)
  8. Hey mark I was really up for going but my +2 pulled out today, im pretty annoyed but im seeing what i can do around some mates, atm i think its a no bud but il send u a msg if anything changes Kev

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