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  1. From the first minute we looked like what we currently are, a team toiling with zero confidence and under orders to do whatever it took to not lose today. That culminated in an absolute shit fest of non football that made my eyes bleed and pray for the final whistle so I could get the fuck out of there. Oh and Livi were fucking honking as well.

    But mission accomplished, we didn't lose and manage to get a point that I wasn't expecting today. Can't see the manager going anywhere anytime soon folks and after last season IMO he's due some leeway and further opportunity  to sort it out.

    Believe it or not there are worse teams in this league than us at the moment, I know scary thought but thank fuck.

  2. 9 hours ago, Spiderpig said:

    Don't talk shite, it's about police Scotland taking the easy option and not doing their jobs, 1 person committing an offence or 100 people doing it should not matter, but the shitebags that are the police and stewards let the old firm fans, especially Celtic away with it time after time.

    Celtic care the most fined club in uefa for all that political banner pish, but every big occasion the same stuff happens and the stewards and police stand by and watch, instead of wading in and ripping the banners down. Oh and when it's all finished the Media give them an easy ride for it.

    Glasgow's finest getting the absolute pish ripped out of them yet again by Celtic fans during their open top parade. Bouncing on top of their Police vans not giving a fuck doing whatever they like. Think a guy has been charged afterwards. But as usual the great unwashed think and can do whatever the fuck they want and they evidently can time after time.

    Utter shitebags. They have no interest or intent in doing fuck all about it.

    You let flares off, smoke bombs, crowd trouble the club are given a punitive fine in relation to the clubs size not sure how you would calculate it.. number of season ticket holders? average home attendance?..that increases in relation to the frequency of offences. Think the club and fans would show more interest in self policing than they currently do if that was the case seeing as our actual Police are not up to, interested in or capable of taking care of.

  3. 5 hours ago, maxywell said:

    I heard one of the busses beeping in an increasingly irritated sounding fashion, guessing that was yours. :lol:


    The busses were poorly organised from the start to be honest, they were all mixed up outside the ground and left people with no idea where theirs was parked.Clearly somebody thought it was a good idea to put the numbers on them before they got to the ground.

    At least your's made it there. Ours broke down at the battlefield roundabout.:lol: Chant's of the "the bus is on fire":lol:

  4. 1 hour ago, linsey12 said:

    I had my ticket but I can’t go as I’m now in hospital! Absolutely gutted as I have missed a lot this season due to ill health so I have been building up to this one! I am taking the fact I am being forced to miss out as a sure fire sign we are winning this!! Everyone that’s going just get right behind the whole team for the full game - let’s bring this one home. 

    Get well soon mate, all the best.

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  5. So the guy who feels that it is acceptable to talk about and comment on every other team and player in the leagues feels that he has enough moral high ground to have a pop at us, the irony is painful.


    They really are not enjoying the media spotlight being pointed back on them and their lack of professional integrity, their wanks fans and players. Out wee diddy team really have managed to get right under their skin and it feels great. It's about time that somebody stood up to these wanks and got some focus on what they are all about and how they are being allowed to effectively run and control the league.


    Who really cares if they have an issue with us or any other team in the league, they do not care about the league but they care about being the only big fish and their easy access to the Champions league year after year. They complain about the quality of opposition but do nothing to help improve the quality of the league they are all about themselves. Do we really care if we are on their good side or not, fuck them.

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  6. I really couldn't give a flying fuck what some Celtic twats on twitter or Celtic in general think tbh. We have provoked a debate, lets see what, if anything comes from it.


    The club were in a no win situation with their own support.

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  7. You throw away £60 per season to park in a school next to the ground (I assume it'll either be Knowetop or Fir Park primary) when there is a plethora of places and streets you can park a car within 5 minutes walking distance to the stadium (and they cost £60 less than your "season ticket").


    You must have plenty of money to play with if you can piss it away like that. I also see next to no benefit, considering if you go straight to your car after the game, you'll need to drive through a big crowd of people who are walking out of the very ground you've parked next to.

    I pay the £60 as well, but I do have a nice big Bentley..

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