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  1. Enjoyed that yesterday, pleasant surprise, despite the conditions thought that both teams served up a right good game of football. Would have bitten your hand off for a draw before the game. McGhee's influence on the team hopefully beginning to show.
  2. McDonald for me, best performance since he came back IMO. Special mention for Grimshaw as well.
  3. Never thought that I would hear all of those words in the same sentence.
  4. Exactly - found their level and good luck to them.
  5. Sounded much better than the usual stuff we have had to put up with, well done the players, and expecially McGhee.
  6. Or people are just talking shite on a football forum and have been going all along.
  7. Think that it is a shite appointment but will be happy to be proved wrong.
  8. dosser1886

    Baraclough Out

    Liked the guy and was really hoping it was going to work out for him and us and as others have said I don't like to see anyone losing their job, but Football doesn't give shit if you are a good guy or not, results and performances have been really poor, some baffling team selections, formations and signing have all led up to this and it is the correct decison at the correct time. Thanks for the playoff's Ian and the joy of beating Rangers home and away and keeping them down, but I for one won't miss the post match platitudes. Focus now switches to the players, time for them to get their respective arses in gear.
  9. Total guff, feck knows how we managed to get an equaliser. Way too much loyalty being shown to players that are either not good enough or off form. Constantly using the same failed formation and system that gets us nowhere. We must be one of the worst teams anywhere at throwins and dead ball situations in general. Usually results in us losing the ball and having to defend. The aimless long ball game is going to land us in deep shit again this season. From my point of view, drop Law replace him with feckin anybody. Kennedy back in to partner McManus Laing is too easily pushed around, Chalmers at left back, Grimshaw in for Taylor, Robinson given much more game..
  10. It's like a Gannon retrofest. Good eye for a player but a poor manager.
  11. Same story as last year, not getting humped but just not good enough and getting exactly what we deserve. Really worrying seeing as the manger has been supported by the board, his excuse of not being his team is gone and it is still the same old pish.
  12. Yet another hard luck story, the 6 goals we have lost so far this season have been an absolute joke. Not outplayed today but we really need to stop shipping such god awful soft goals. Hell of a lot of unforced errors putting ourselves under unneccary pressure. To watch us having a free kick in their half ending up in a goal to them was soul destroying. Really likes the look of Moult.
  13. dosser1886

    Aberdeen Motm

    Moult by a mile, hard working, great hold up play and some intelligent passing.
  14. dosser1886

    Hearts Motm

    The man that put the tam into team.
  15. dosser1886

    Baraclough Out

    3 games in 2 good performances 1 no so good. Goals lost OG, last minute keeper up for corner, penalty, keeper error. Hardly a disaster and not even close to the scuddings that we were taking game after game last season. Very early days, keep the faith.
  16. Really enjoyed the game today, two decent teams playing a good brand of attacking football. Poor result but a lot more enjoyable that what was on offer last season.
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    Somebody else has said this already. But a drunk man trying to punch a seagul that has nicked his kebab summs it up perfectly for me.
  18. I was done with him after the Thistle game, only had one aim at that game when he came on as a sub and that was to get himself sent off.
  19. Fucking outstanding result tonight, congratulations to all of them.
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    There was a Video up titled Motherwell 3 Rangers 0 on YouTube which seems to have been removed by the poster. It was filmed from the Main Phil O'Donnell stand. Quite long and really good quality, some good shots of the Bois in full voice. It also has myself and my mates celebrating the goals in the POD. Looks like the guy taking it was in row F or G In the vain hope that the poster reads this any chance that you could put it back up or give me a copy?

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