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  1. Why does he play like one as well?
  2. Does he actually practice passing to member of his own team at any point during training, or are his hoofs up the park just a nervous twitch? What one of the players wifes has he actually pumped, never mind wanted to? How old actually is he as he looks about 50? How good does it feel to give someone like Novo or McGeady a right good boot? Any idea when Buzz's voice is going to break?
  3. dosser1886

    Mark McGhee

    I'll be there on Saturday, they may (currently) be shite, but they are my team and I'll always support them no matter what. Better days ahead I'm sure and boy am I looking forward to them. McGee is a good manager imo, but he really need to start proving it. No good signing in January continued lack lustre performances and I'll seriously be doubting him and be beginning to write him off as a one season wonder - something that I thought, and hoped, that I would never be doing.
  4. dosser1886

    Maroš Klimpl

    Though Krimpl and Saunders were the best of a bad bunch last night. Krimpl looked as if he was doing just about everything he could to try and persuade McGee to keep him by running around everywhere trying to do everything, will hopefully settle down if he gets a longer contract - which I hope he does. Would be good to see him and A N other in the centre of defence and Reynolds moved into midfield which is supposed to be his best position anyway. Saunders looked promising, some excellent tackles. As it was his first game for the first team it was understandable that he made some mistakes and was a bit nervous but his crossing when he calms down a bit could be really useful.
  5. Don't have a problem at all with the Well Boys, at least they made an attempt to get behind the team last night and they were a good distraction from the drivel that was happening on the park. I'm totally behind what they are trying to do and unfortunately for them they seem to be a good place for some people to direct their anger and frustration. I was more botherd by the booing to be honest, appreciate how bad it was last night and peoples right to voice their feelings after spending their hard earned cash to watch that rubbish but I never feel that booing helps anyone in particular the players who I'm sure are well aware that we aren't happy. Just my personal opinion.
  6. Ok, I'm a tit too. or should that be two!!
  7. Oh dear, the school teacher is marking my substandard English and he can't even spell. I just love it when that happens. Your avatar will always remind me of what a tit you are and just for your benefit and as a way to help you remember two t's in tit only one in literate. Main Entry: 1lit·er·atePronunciation: \ˈli-tə-rət also ˈli-trət\ Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English literat, from Latin litteratus marked with letters, literate, from litterae letters, literature, from plural of littera Date: 15th century 1 a: educated , cultured b: able to read and write
  8. I really don't expect us to be pushing for europe or top six every season, what I do expect it some tactical nonce and the ability to play some decent football now and again, and what the hell get a half decent result and performance now and again - not too much to ask for in my opinion. Maybe if you actually were a fan you would give enough of a shit to actually care just how bad we are at the moment and how worrying it all looks.
  9. My turn to vent me spleen guys and gals so please indulge me. Complete and utter spineless, clueless embarrassing crap tonight. What EXACTLY do they do in training all week?? Same bollocks tactics (or lack of) hump the ball up the park, lose it in the air give it away. No-one has any confidence or showing any of their alleged football ability at the moment. They don't actually seem to give a shit and just give us the same pointless aimless crap week in week out. Teams know exactly what to do against us, pressure us all over the park and we will crack, we'll then start to hump the ball up the park and just give it away all day until the other team inevitabilly score. Absolute fuckin torture to watch. At the very least I expect the players and coaching staff to actually give a fuck and demonstrate that they are trying to do something about the current situation. No ability, no physical strength, no confidence, no tactics we are totally powderpuff and just get rolled over ever week it is all so predictable and I'm getting fuckin sick of it. I'm basically bricking it every time I go to watch the Well at the moment as I can't see us being able to beat anyone. Inverurie must be counting the days until they play us. McGee - what the fuck are you on man, can't you see the shit that is being dished up, what the fuck are you doing about it - fuck all that's what. The players that you brought in are a fucking joke and will get us relegated, I'm losing confidence in your alleged coaching ability to be able to do anything about it. You better start to pull it out the bag in January or you and most of your team can get to fuck. Can still finish 3rd or in the top 6 you must be smoking something good mate and I want some of it. Tell me one more time in the press that we can turn it around, or we are due to give one of the other teams a doing and I'll jump into the bench and give you a fuckin doing. Thanks for listening - that at least gets it off much chest. Apologies for the language but sometimes only swearing can sum up the utter disappointment and frustration that you feel.

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