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  1. Felt that Barraclough's formation looked ok yesterday, much prefer Erwin and McDonald up front and bringing Sutton on later in the game. Just wish someone would look to attack the ball in the 8 yard box, time after time some excellent crosses were put into the box and no one seemed interested to really try to get onto it, apart from McDonalds goal. Midfield looked better with Grant in there, and O'Brien in defence showed a lot more dig that Laing, fuck up apart I thought that he had a good game. Wish I could say the same about McManus. Erwin and McDonald in particular did a lot of good things yesterday. They just continually follow the good bits by fucking it up, taking one too many touches and losing the ball. What the fuck is Motherwell's problem with throwins?
  2. During the game I thought that he was too easily beaten for the header that led up to the goal. Seeing the highlights I'm taking pish.
  3. Special mention to Grant, but went with Hammell brought some stablity into the defence and won more headers that McManus managed all game, not really saying much. McManus really can just fuck right off takes no responsibilty, crap in the air. Can't believe that this guy has won international caps.
  4. Out of his depth and just not good enough, like a lot of guys on the park. O'Brian is getting pelters for the goal but Law was as culpable.
  5. dosser1886

    Baraclough Out

    Never thought that I would say this but after 5 months he really can just fuck right off.
  6. dosser1886

    Display Tonight

    Big game, big away support, excellent display. The fans do more that their bit and as usual the spinless cunts on the park never ever rise to the situation.Saving my time, money and effort for the playoffs.
  7. If the spineless cunts put in a shift the fans will keep coming. The way it looks it is now just an excuse to get out of the house and have a few pints.
  8. dosser1886

    Baraclough Out

    Utter Pish, nowhere near good enough. We are exactly where we deserve to be. Down we go.
  9. Laing is a fucking bombscare.
  10. Yeah but the goals were all scored from weakness down our right hand side not the left.
  11. Really poor tactics and performance. Last to every second ball aimless punts up the park. Really poor stuff. Playoffs bound. Optimism + big away support = defeat.
  12. dosser1886

    Mfc Podcast

    Been really encouraged since I heard the very first interview with Les on the Radio and the podcast was no different. His willingness to make himself available and be as honest as he has been is very refreshing. The business acumen and structure that he is bringing to and setting up at MFC is really encouraging and will hopefully stand us in good stead no matter what happens at the end of the season. He is putting his money where his mouth is, guess it is fair that us as fans do the same, as best we can. Also hats off to all of the guys involved in the podcasts, asking the questions we all want to ask but without starting a barny, well done guys.
  13. Not looking for scapegoats. Just professional footballers able to do the basics.
  14. Accies are in free fall. County will win tomorrow.
  15. Didn't see him either yesterday, but if every player is labelled as being "The worst Motherwell player I've seen" after just 45mins of his first game then the pish on this forum has sunk ever lower than I thought that it possibly could.
  16. Might be making this up but is that not the name of the new owners daughter?
  17. Must have been quite an emotional day for him. Total respect for the guy and fair play to him. IMO he always did his very best for the club that he obviously loves. To the point of personally losing some serious amounts of cash. Made some mistakes but believe that we are lucky to have had someone such as him owning the club.
  18. dosser1886

    St Johnstone

    Most of them especially Erwin and Thomas in the second half were excellent. Going for Reid, gets some amount of shite on here but he fills in all over the park gives 100% and never really put a foot wrong in stepping in at centre half.
  19. Really like Thomas, tried a few tricks but lost the ball a few times but he kept on trying with no fear beat 3 men for Suttons goal great to watch.
  20. dosser1886

    Willie Collum

    Thought at the time it was more of a tangle of legs rather than a deliberate foul. But would really need to see it again. Hardly surprising for his first game but Laing was turned a fair few times today. Gollum is shite, has been as long as I can remember but then most of them are.
  21. Henrik had an increasing frustrated look about him, was unfit when he arrived, took a bit of time to get fit. The touch that he had during his first stint with us wasn't quite there and more often than not he was trying to do a bit too much, possibly in order to try to compensate for the lack of effort and ability of others around him. Not suprised he wants to give it a go elsewhere. All the best Henrik
  22. McManus is rank but we need to be preventing the crossed going into the box.

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