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  1. You must have a short memory, or time is a great healer Stevie Woods was fucking horrendous, never forgive him for some of his cock ups especially the one against Rangers last game of the season at FP when he fucked up and gave the ball to Gordon Dury to score. Maybe he didn't seem as bad as he had some decent defenders around him. Unlike Dan who has been hung out to dry by our defense all season.
  2. So basically if we ever win or do well, we're lucky and we don't deserve to have the bare faced cheek of having success. If we dont, everyone down to the Managers dug is a useless cunt, and history is rewritten in that old Managers and players who were regarded as shite at the time are now the best we ever had. Just fuck right off, Get behind the new manager and support your fucking team, who the fuck said that supporting Motherwell was easy.
  3. People have short memories, Gunnar had a good run and was awful.
  4. Going but not exactly looking forward to it. Fuck it, things can only get better. Get in about them.
  5. Think that you can pretty much guarantee under the new boss that he will give the young guys a go if the current players keep performing in the way that they have been.
  6. If you were at the game yesterday and had a better experience than me then I'm delighted for you.
  7. Totally inept yesterday were unable to or not interested in combatting the weather, pitch or the other teams tactics and determination. Sitting in the pishing rain, watching it rolling in over their main stand the whole game, it was such a depressingingly rediculous spectacle that me and mate spent half our time lauging at how bad it was and how stupid we were to have spent money to sit there, get soaked, and watch that pish. Losing count of the number of times we have taken a large, optimistic away support and it's fallen flat, but never quite as bad as yesterday. Looked like a pub team. Hopefully I've learned my lesson this time. On a tangent but that Stadium is a fucking joke, sitting at the back of the stand looking at Sainsburys in the distance, Morrissons to the left. Two shite stands one wedding marquee, the ball getting lost under a burger van, ugly, plookey teens serving shite and expensive pies and bovril with rain water dripping onto them and they wonder why football is fucked and people have stopped going. Total red neck, anybody from elsewhere on the planet must think that they have arrived in a third world country filled with stupid people that put up with these types of surroundings. Also people at the front of the stand getting totally soaked but the sad jobsworth yellow coated wanks wouldn't open up said wedding marquee, just fuck off you sad useless cunts you provide no value at all to anbody...
  8. Did us a favour by obscuring the utter pish that was happening on the park for a bit.
  9. You coming the cunt? or just thick as fuck?
  10. That's the sprit, Your miserable face won't be missed.
  11. Easy, Dan was indeed the fucking man.
  12. Best performance I've seen from the guys in a long while, two honking goals. For all the pish Dan get's aimed at him was was absolutely outstanding today.
  13. As usual on here random pish being posted by people who know fuck all about what is actually going on, bad mouthing and putting the boot into all and sundry through no basis of fact See when some actual information comes out then feel free to fill your boots with this pish. See until then why not just shut the fuck up?
  14. Who actually gives a flying fuck what they manky cunts think about anything.
  15. Nice touch with the display Bois, well done,
  16. dosser1886

    Dundee Utd

    Dan for me, some absolutely outstanding saves.
  17. Pretty gutted to hear that he has resigned, one of the best that we have ever had and has given me some of my best times as Well fan. What he has managed to achieve with the resources at his disposal over the past few years has been nothing short of miraculous. Despite the state that we are currently in I was optimistic that he could turn it around and would have wanted him to be given at least until Christmas, felt that the had earned that. Sign of the man's intergrity that he has decided to resign and walk rather than waiting for a payment. Cheers Stuart, you go with my very best wishes, thanks and total respect.
  18. Maybe the dodgy cunt that was looking to take us over before is still floating about.
  19. Can't afford to pay off the current one, can't afford to get a new one.
  20. As if I wasn't hacked off enough with matters on the park. It now looks like we are royally fucked off the park as well. A perfect storm indeed.
  21. Starting to not really give a fuck.

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