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  1. Just you stick to delivering mail and let Michael Higdon continue to deliver goals for Motherwell FC.
  2. Jimmo


    Decent team performance yesterday. Thought a point wouldn't have been undeserved.
  3. Grown men acting like weans.......
  4. Must have been the same train. Older polis officer with grey hair was on a mad power trip, pushin folk about n that. I stood up to the guy and told him that he can't just push folk around for no good reason and ended up having to sit at the front of the train by myself for the last hour n a half, was like being back at school! They also questioned me about what some guy I was talkin to was taking, didnt even know the guy but he just appeared drunk to me anyway, officer power trip was convinced he was oot his nut on something. We were absolutely fine on the way up, sat drinkin with our carry outs on the table in front with no trouble at all.
  5. I got caught drinking on the train back down, got a letter from the polis and from the club warning me that my behavior was "tarnishing the Motherwell fan's good reputation". My mate got a £60 fine from the polis, 2 months after the trip. Bad end to what was a good away day last year but enough to stop us going up this year.
  6. I'd rather folk played Motherwell songs with their flute band behind closed doors instead of the Nazi pish that has been associated with Motherwell in the past and to some extent presently.
  7. I totally agree. I think Hutch is one of our best and potentially one of our most valuable assets and we have to use him when we can before he inevitably moves on sooner or later. Hutch adds another dimension from Craggs and Clancy with his pace and physicality.
  8. Couple of minor changes to that and i'd be delighted but we all know McCall well send out pretty much his perception of his best 11 which doesn't match the above. We will really struggle if he doesnt start rotating players to some degree depending on injury's, form or need of game time.
  9. I'd be reasonably happy with that team although I really think Page deserves his chance, defence has been looking shakey recently to say the least and maybe Page is the man to sure it up a bit. We all know that Stuart McCall knows his strongest 11 and likes to stick to it but although we dont have the biggest squad there are backup players who I think could make a difference to the team and if they keep getting little/no game time when there are injury's and players out of sorts I think it is detrimental to the club and the development of these players.
  10. McCall in the paper today saying that he will be starting with the same team as he did against St J, not what I'd hoped to hear.
  11. Must say that Forrest looked like a very good player on Sunday and cant really understand why everyone on here is so against him, maybe time some people took off the claret and amber specs. I think overall Murphy and Forrest are at a similar level although different types of players but the main thing they both need to work on is consistency.
  12. We are all Stuart McCall. Well done boss!
  13. I was chokin to get Airdrie but I'll take Hibs, could have been worse.
  14. As has been mentioned, Humphrey came good when he got dropped last season. Solution: - --------------Las----Jenno------------------ Daley-------------------------------------Law --------------Murphy----Higdon------------- I think Daley would be a great addition as he can play on both wings, as a striker or a right back
  15. No need to when some mug like you scrolls through the pages and gives me the answer I'm looking for!

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