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  1. Sounds good to me chum im on the bus lol.
  2. Correct my friend, Mr Brown and Knox's clearly had more time to look at the boy. A fans favorite is about to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I assure every supporter Esteban Casagolda will be unvielled by the club tommoro and i would like a pint from every genuine fan as i supplied the info for this thread and i now propose we keep the thread going for the season..... Esteban Casagolda will be a legend
  4. Ill be owed a few pints i think after all the negativity thats been put my way lol
  5. Be announced tommorow mate. I dont lie have a close contact.
  6. Be on the site tommoro lads. Signs and medical tommorow, unvieled tommorow.
  7. Motherwell Player tommorow!
  8. You wont make it cause your on a curfew and tag jimmo!!! Shouldnt be stealing out o naveeds grocery bins looking for the remains of some mad dog 20/20 for your mam!!!
  9. You's are takin the pi** now ha ha. I like a laugh lads. Sadly i wont make it tonight but will see ya all soon.... Hammerfist
  10. We will need to get renta-kill into clean Eddiemunsters teeth with all the sh*t he been talking! Yer breath is like bin laden's dangleberrys!!!!!!
  11. I Agree, what a pathetic thing to say in regards to someone signing and being pu** p**h. Your defo supporter of the year. Its raining is Esteban still in the country??????
  12. I wouldn know mate, Be nice to see him attacking against the first 11 to get a clearer picture on him and the french winger.
  13. Be good to see some fresh faces on display.....
  14. Esteban for Mayor!!! And for N 10 Jersey!!! Ya all coming down to watch the game tommorow!!!! Be a good game with all the talent on view!!!

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