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  1. For me, I'd add third option that ties into both other summaries...they aren't held accountable.


    This allows incompotence to fester and go unchecked and allow a degree of morale corruption to seep in.


    Far greater transparency is needed...post match comments from referees, post match review panel, public rating system from SFA, VAR where possible, having refs wear a mic, etc.


    This will allow a far better understanding, and dare I say sympathy, for the role of a referee and could almost immediately end any festering corruption and bring some positivity to what is a veru hard role.


    The state of our refs lie firmly at the SFA's door and something has been needed for a long time. Only on song with us right now due to two horrendous penalty decisiona in 4 days.


  2. although I didn't expect too many chances after we went down to 10 men. I thought up till then at 11 v 11 Celtic didn't have too many chances either. Also thought we were responding well after going a goal down.

    I fully agree - By no means am I criticising the boys today. Gave everything and fought for every inch. We nullified them very well, but in doing so, we restricted our own options a wee bit going forward. I think it was the correct choice, but sometimes, sadly, shit happens.

  3. Nor would we if it was in our favour, in all fairness.


    Thought we competed well in the first half, but created little of note (Moult chance aside) for 90 mins. I'm disappointed with the result, but if you don't create, you don't score.


    Yet more piss poor officiating, which shows zero prospect of improving. I look forward to Kipre having his card rescinded, Thompson getting the 'punishment' of a lower league game, and zero censure for that diving wee fuck.

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